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    Barry Sanders Jr. - Video + 10

    Yea, he's a freshman in high school.



    A few quick thoughts:

    1. So if he's Barry to his father Bobby Bonds that means....oh this kid is doomed

    2. Looks like the only person who could tackle him is Lawrence Taylor Jr.  Although I believe Li'l LT was out behind the school yard doing blow during this play

    3. "Good game guys, I thought our defense was solid, we did a great job stopping the run. And I'd like to thank the offense for staying the hell out of Barry's way."

    4. 10 bucks says he retires by his Junior year

    5. I admit I'm pumped to see in a few years what a Sanders will look like in a non-pixelated video game

    6. When he's a Senior I think it would only be fair that he play helmetless and covered in bubblewrap

    7. "Thanks so much Coach Stoops for the BMW and this insane case of cash" "I don't know what you're talking about" "You know this Samsonite case of 100's with shiny car keys hanging from it you just handed me a second ago" "I don't know what you're talking about"

    8. I'd love to see this coach's playbook: Handoff, handoff, handoff, play-action, handoff, handoff, play-action, handoff

    9. He should just join the AFL and blaze his own path

    10. "Ok guys, coach wants us to throw deep this time....hahah...Just kidding. Coach wants spin move, juke, leap over two guys, speed burst and minimal end-zone celebration. BREAK!"



    yeah, this is sick.  

    Can I tell a personal side story regarding the Bonds family?  They lived in Belmont when I lived in San Jose.  Right down the street from my ex-boyfriend's sister's house.  Up on top of a hill.  My ex-BF's sister had a dog that looked part wolf.  I had to walk it around the neigborhood while staying at the house.  Down the street lived the Bonds, and they had a dog named "Gage" or "Gauge", not sure of the spelling. 

    This dog was meaner than the wolf dog I had to walk.  The two hated each other.  I'm a big gal, all five foot nine and a half inches of me (I won't mention the lbs) and the wolf dog used to DRAG me over to Gage or Gauge or whatever it's name was, and the two of them would go at it all the time, every time.

    But, the reason I bring this up is, my ex-BF, who was as enthralled with weed as he was with guns -- and local sports -- swore to me that the Bonds dog was named Gage after the nickname for weed.

    I tend to doubt that, but, WTF do I know?


    Hmmm. Few thoughts 1. Your ex-boyfriend sounds like a total bad-ass - a love of guns, local sports and a wolf dog who always wanted to throw down, yikes. Did he also have a wallet that said "Bad Mother F----r" on it? 2. Never really heard the term 'gauge' in reference to weed - if anything I interpret it as a 'shotgun' reference which frankly, I find much more frightening. 3. I'm pretty sure Bonds' dog was meaner than the wolf because his daily feedings consisted of a very lethal combination of B-12, Winstrol and Alpo. 

    gange is a legitimate nickname for weed - not sure what gage would be.

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