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Cousin Eddie gives up search for work.

Like every other News host and pundit in the country John King of CNN commented this morning on the terrible job numbers reported by the Bureau of Labor on Friday.. "The drop in the unemployment rate is not good because hundreds of thousands of people gave up the search for work." This explanation of the drop in the labor participation rate has been repeated ad nauseam---for example, "too discouraged to look for work", or "quit because they couldn't find work".

Obama's speech impediments tonight.

Clinton's speech last night was so pitch perfect and masterful that, in my opinion, it is going to be difficult for Obama to follow him---even given the separation of twenty four hours. I thought that Clinton's speech was going to be more hellfire and brimstone than it was. The speech did have a bible belt flavor to it and could have been delivered from a pulpit with an "Amen" at the end. In fact Clinton did give Ryan a public spanking and if Ryan didn't smile just a little bit, it only proves he has no more conscience than a tennis shoe.

Obama's predicament and impediments seem obvious. How does he attempt to add anything to what Clinton has already said better, if not in concept, in technique? For months Obama has been addressing the "Class Warfare" charge with, "'s not about "class", it's about "math". I never liked that line. First off, I had to ask myself, "did he say "math" or "mat", or whatever. Maybe my hearing is bad, but like watching Masterpiece Theater, I hate it when I have to work to catch the actual dialog. Clinton's beautiful lead-up to the word "arithmetic", shows how easy it can be if you have the right word to begin with---not to mention that the folk language meter of this country is iambic--a rith' me tic'.

Clinton, make them like it.

"We will win this election  and make those Republicans like it. Don't you forget that.

We will do that because they are wrong and we are right, and I will prove it to you in just a few minutes.

This convention.....reaffirms the beliefs of the Democratic party. There have been differences of opinion and that is the democratic way. Those differences have been settled....and it is time for us to get together and beat the common enemy, and that is up to you.

....the people know that the Democratic Party is the people's party, and the Republican Party is the party of special interests and it always has been and always will be.

Clint, I'm letting go.

---letting go of a small stash of money which rounds out my contributions to the President for the Primary season. Clint, you didn't weaken my commitment to the President, you strengthened it. And I'm letting go of you as well as some cash which at my age is not all that easy to earn back.

I feel good about my additional contributions to Obama. I feel like the kid in me who spent his last dime at the country fair and came home with empty pockets but with a smile on his face.

Obama, you didn't build that speech!

For four long years Republicans have whined and carped about Obama's speeches. Speaking is Obama's only skill. Obama's eloquence just proves he's an empty suit. His admirers were mesmerized and taken in by pure rhetorical sleight-of-hand. Nothing to back it up. You can't create jobs with a speech. His speeches are all he has going. Yo, Mr. Speech. Speeches, Speeches...... 

Obama, throw a punch already

Two turkey buzzards walk out of a bar. One says, "Now, what do we do?." The other one says, "I think I want to kill something."

I don't think Obama and the Democrats have much understanding of the turkey buzzard resentment and pugilism beating in the hearts of men, particularly white men in this country, particularly those who work with their hands and those who don't have the education to qualify for upper level jobs. Unlike turkey buzzards, marginalized white males don't have actual targets to unload their instincts upon when extinction threatens them.  

Enter, stage Left:  Obama, the Democrats, the "War on Women" and those ever present lazy minorities who are sucking the life out of us.

Paul Ryan runs home to Mommy

Paul Ryan and his mother will be touring Florida this weekend and will be visiting the Villages, a large retirement center north of Orlando. I conjured such a Ryan trip to the Villages in a recent blog post here but admit that I completely mis-underestimated the potential leverage of Ryan bringing his mother along for the ride. In contrast to Romney, who shower-sang "America the Beautiful" at the Villages a few weeks ago, Ryan is likely to generate the best T.V. footage of the campaign there.

Mitt Romney: Embellisher-in-chief

I've been worried the past couple of days that Ryan, Romney/ Koch might be making some headway on the Medicare attacks. The thing that might have gotten some traction was the linking of Medicare reforms to the dreaded Obamacare. I thought Obama was a little slow on the uptake. But what I didn't realize was that Joe Biden set a trap for Romney who just tee-ed up the ball for Obama to hit out of the park. Biden's faux pas was intended to put Romney on a high and loosen his tongue---because Romney can't keep his mouth shut. Especially when it comes to embellishing his argument.

Paul Ryan and Cousin Eddie in the Villages

In case you've never heard of a retirement community in Florida called The Villages, it's a destination plot for Midwesterners who want to sit back and enjoy life, and on most weekends, act like teenagers. Some of my friends from high school live there, including my cousin, Eddie, whose wife died several years ago from a massive stroke. Eddie describes his life now in what could be termed a steroidal wish fulfillment of those Saturday nights when we wrestled with our dates at the drive-in movies back home. 

The Villages is one of the strangest environments I have ever encountered. It eerily resembles the totalitarian and idyllic setting of the Patrick McGoohan T.V. series, "The Prisoner"---which was based in a fictional town/resort known as---you guessed it---The Village. Words have failed to describe the Villages in Florida until the recent appearance of an article by Michael Van Sickler in the Sunday Tampa Bay Times. (link in comment below) It is delicious reading. The writer describes the very much in control Republican owner of the Villages and his attendant bastion of forty thousand reliable Republican voter/residents. As goes cousin Eddie and the Villages so goes the Ryan/Romney ticket in Florida.

Paul Ryan and the age of selfishness.

Why Paul Ryan was picked seems pretty clear to me. Romney was losing and he was being hammered by the right wing of his own party, without which support he couldn't even win the Republican base, let alone the middle of the electorate. Romney's Freudian slip that Ryan "is the next President of the United States" helps confirm, to my mind, that as a party, and given that Romney was losing, the future of the party itself was a major ingredient in the pressure Romney was receiving and his final V.P decision.



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