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Texas Republicans and critical thinking skills

The Texas Republican Party is backtracking from the Party platform plank, "Knowledge-Based Education", (that's one for the family archives) which opposes critical thinking skills and has already been approved by a state convention. A party spokesman said the language made it into the platform by mistake, adding that "...the plank should not have included "critical thinking skills" after "values clarification". I'm guessing Texas Republicans will not spend much time thinking about that correction.

Having spent a great deal of time in Texas and doing business in the state, the overall Platform seems well out of step with the many moderates in the state and perhaps even with the more religious and conservative wing of the Republican party.

Romney: "Obama wasted his presidency on Obamacare"

"My opponent, Mr. Romney, said I wasted my presidency on healthcare. That's right, I wasted my presidency trying to bring health care to 30 million people, people in the middle class or trying to get into the middle class. In other words, if you help the middle class, you're wasting your time. 

Mr. Romney won't waste time on the middle class. 

That's essentially what he said, isn't it? Kind of reveals more about him than me. 



Instead of fixing his teeth,

going on a diet,

and quitting the fantasy 

that he is

sixteen again,

he is obsessively

projecting upon me

imagined ills, like

a roof needing repair,

Jamie Dimon as William Holden

Andrew Sorkin had a piece in the NYT yesterday suggesting questions to be asked Jamie Dimon in his upcoming testimony on Capitol Hill. 

For example, "...when you called speculation about outsize risks in your investment office 'a tempest in a tea pot', what, if any, analysis had you personally conducted before making that statement?"

Woodworking Auction



There is a predatory notice

in the limbic eyes of an auction-goer:

Strike now! Take a chance with the drill-press-thing---

or is it a riveter or veneer slicer---

the attached shop light alone is worth the price.


The auction boss sets the stage---

Mitt Romney as a Rescue Dog.

Even though Romney's prospects look dismal by virtue of today's polling matchups with the President, I would not count him out. And anyone who thinks this election will be won by more than a few points in the national popular vote is dreaming. Romney may look like a lost dog but he will be rescued by Karl Rove, Frank Luntz and the Super Pac money crowd, as well as the unlimited wealth of the Koch Brothers funneled into the election on his behalf.

As was predicted on this site previously, the onslaught of negative advertising from both camps will reduce this election to a choice between which candidate one dislikes the least. Having said that, Romney's numbers (if you exclude what seems to be an outlier in Rasmussen's national polling) have deteriorated rather quickly. Whereas for the last three years Obama has been on the defensive, it is now Romney who must make a comeback---particularly with women and Independents. 

Eggs Americana


Whether it's the River Run, Crossroads, or Fay's,

the Polka Dot, Loons on a Limb, or Four Aces,

a new breakfast joint is hard to breach; you're as

welcome as an order of English muffins and tea. 


Shaded eyes from back booths slide off you

quicker than two poached eggs off a saucer;

Mitt Romney is looking Christ-like.

After listening to the Jesus-trumpeting of Rick Santorum for the last week and then having bile rise up in the back of my throat at the obscene remarks of Franklin Graham on MSNBC this morning, Romney, by comparison, is looking like a saint or even Jesus Christ Himself.

The accidental book scout.

Dedicated to our heritage of books.

Foster Friess & viagry for the larynx.

This past week has seen such an outburst of psychologically disturbing sexual and gender references by old white men---and for that matter, old white women---well connected to the socially conservative Republican Party that I have been puzzled as to what chemicals might have been put into their water supply---but I doubt that it is estrogen, because estrogen would presumably make men effeminate and cause prostate cancer whereas the outburst has seemed more like an overdose of testosterone.



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