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Colin Powell may well decide this election.

well The 2012 national election is now a jump ball. The Clinton convention bounce is gone and then some. Whether Obama or Biden can effectively counteract Romney's new persona is an unknown. Romney has now established himself as the father figure and Obama as a kid who doesn't know how to defend himself and people are wondering if Obama has just been out of his league all along. It has been suggested that Romney was channeling his own father during the actual debate.

I don't care about women's rights.

Because of Obama's terrible debate performance we are staring a Romney presidency in the face and I am trying to come to terms with the possibility that after living through Bush/Cheney, Mitt Romney's mug will be on the T.V. screen for eight years. My gut is so sore from thinking about a failed Obama and a new Romney presidency that my health may be failing. So I am changing gears and adjusting. Certainly I will cancel my cable subscription. I am also threatening to move to Canada but I already have a house an hour from the border so I'm not sure that moving sixty miles North achieves all that much.

Romney, you want one egg or two?

I nearly laughed out loud when Romney sidekick Paul Ryan said this weekend, "We've had some missteps, but at the end of the day the choice is really clear."  Acknowledging missteps is a useful persuasive tactic---that is, leading with a "negative" sometimes enhances credibility. But Ryan's acknowledgment that this election is now a choice, not just a referendum, is a huge error and joyously so. The Romney crew are now playing on Obama's turf. The irony is that Romney's initial plan to make the election a referendum on Obama probably ended the moment he picked Ryan as a running mate, making the election not about a sluggish economy but about vouchers, vaginas and vehicles---a field of "play" on which Obama is winning.

Romney is not even not dumb.

Romney isn't that dumb, or not dumb enough to launch a dumb riff about airplane windows not going up and down when he's standing right in front of his wife who has just had a near death experience on a smoke filled jet at thirty thousand feet. That's not even not dumb, but worse. Notice she was not looking at him and she was definitely not even not smiling. I hope Mitt wasn't dumb enough to try to collect on his marriage benefits that night.

So what's Romney---the world's walking definition of a smart business guy---trying to achieve by appearing to be dumb and not even dumb, but beyond our consciousness of dumb, a kind of Kenyan dumb---inhabiting an alterative reality beyond the dumb of our own shores?  

Victim-hood fractures the Republican Party

The latent ethos of self-reliance in the American experience has, in my opinion, enabled the Republican party to meld the disparate factions of the wealthy and modest income whites into a successful coalition for the past thirty years. But Romney's broad definition of "victim" includes many in the Republican party who consider themselves to be self-reliant. Like oil and water, self-reliance and victim-hood are not miscible.  

According to Romney a "victim" is a person who receives government benefits---which then must include many modest income whites upon whom the wealthy Republicans have depended to maintain power.  Romney has put the Republican base in a predicament. As victims they are not the strong and self-reliant persons who in such beliefs steel themselves against the reality of their declining incomes and job opportunities. If they are not victims, are they self reliant enough to vote against their own benefits?   

Obama burned in effigy by Muslims

Mitt Romney, our Christian President, Barack Obama, is as we speak being burned in effigy by angry Muslims across the world. In a flag draped coffin, no less. Don't you want to jump in with both feet and claim once again that Obama is coddling them? Pretty effective isn't it? Where is your outrage that our country has been demeaned and insulted by the angry Muslims? Perhaps you might want to have your five sons enlist in the military and go over to Pakistan and elsewhere to protect some American real estate---you might actually own some of it. What about you, perhaps you should personally visit the area, tell them again why they shouldn't be coddled. And by the way, you might mention that we won't tolerate any such actions as burning our President in effigy. Cat got your tongue? It's tough being out there in the ring, isn't it? Any of those white towels left over from the plan level at the Ritz Carleton?

Cousin Eddie is not backing down.

I telephoned my cousin, Eddie, who moved down to a large retirement community in Florida. He's a Romney fan and I try to needle him whenever possible. Because of the recent Romney fund raiser tapes I figured I could really get under his skin this time. If there is anyone on government benefits who does not feel like a victim, it is Eddie. He is single, seems to have more spring in his step than a twenty year old, and is dating three widows.

Romney's 46% gaffe.

In my opinion it's way too early to conclude that Romney's fund raising video is a "game changer". While Romney's comments are reprehensible, the media coverage so far does not parse the victims to include the 50% of Republicans in red states who are low income and don't pay taxes---but distributes 100% of these folks to the Obama camp. Thus, on the media surface, Romney was correct. A lot of people pay no federal income taxes and they all vote for Obama. What else is new?

I am not impressed by the way Democrats are addressing the video. Democrats have not properly responded to the "47% pay no taxes" charge in the past and I can't see that their response to this video so far has improved their messaging. So to turn this video into a game changer, Democrats need to improve their attacks. "Romney wrote off the 47%" doesn't, imo, move the needle.  

Is John McCain abetting our enemies?

On an explosive day in the Middle East, John McCain has just appeared on Fox News telling the folks in Arkansas as well as those in the Islamic world that radical Muslims have properly perceived America's weaknesses.  According to McCain the U.S. is, in fact, weak and it is a known fact that we are withdrawing from the region. Taken at face value McCain's comments could be seen as encouragement to radical Islamist groups to keep testing our embassies around the world. Perhaps our enemies could scale additional compound walls, and sensing the opportunity for a kill, recruit even more radicals and increase the mob violence to a point where it is no longer controllable.

Save your God Coins

I've been worried about how much I'm spending on Obama contributions and had no idea how I was going to recoup the money---which is extra dear because it is "after tax" dollars. Going to Las Vegas is out of the question because the idea of being in the same state with Sheldon Adelson is revolting. I could cut down on the Chick-Fil-A combos but that would take twenty years to break-even. Fortunately Romney and Pat Robertson have revealed Obama's plan to take God off our coins once he's elected. And it looks as if Obama will be re-elected---unless God quickly sends down a Robertson-style intervention in the form of an attack on our Motherland or a hurricane hitting Washington remind us of the Almighty's potential vengeance if Obama were to win again.

With the revelation that Obama will get rid of God coins the perfect bet, even better than Intrade, is to hoard God coins. Once Obama has taken all the God coins out of circulation, any which have been hidden will be worth a fortune to collectors as well as to religious sects. I can see something along the idea of Amish, Shaker and possibly even Mormon sects springing up in which the underground commerce will be conducted entirely in God coins. The Shaker option might be preferable since the sexes would be completely segregated, making moot Robertson's plan for male sect members to take their women out of the country to beat them into submission.  



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