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    Did Tiger Woods story go from amusing to tragic? Woman rushed from Woods' home on life support

    (FINAL UPDATE: According to People Magazine, the woman taken from Tiger Wood's home in an ambulance was his mother-in-law, Barbro Holmberg. Hospital spokesman Dan Yates told reporters that Holmberg, a well-known politician in Sweden, was admitted for stomach pain and is currently undergoing evaluation. He described her condition as stable. A family member also confirms that Holmberg is in stable condition and undergoing evaluation. -- WKW)


    When news of Tiger Woods` recent women and driving problems came out, I, like many had some fun poking at the heretofor perfect Tiger Woods.

    But the jokes are over now, as this may have taken a much more serious turn. First, the Huffington Post and others are reporting that Woods original accident and trip to the hospital was a result of an overdose on prescription medications. And today comes an even more dramatic turn. From MSNBC -


    WINDERMERE, Fla. - A woman was transported to hospital from Tiger Woods' Florida home after firefighters responded to a medical call early Tuesday, NBC News reported.

    According to Orlando-based WESH, the adult female was taken from the $2.6 million home "on advanced life support" after firefighters received a call at 2:36 a.m.

    A radio log showed an adult female was transported to Health Central Hospital, WESH reported.

    Footage obtained by WESH appeared to show a woman on a stretcher being attended to by emergency services.

    Orange County Fire officials were unable to disclose further information about the incident.

    Time for the jokes to stop and hope everything is OK in the House of Tiger. Will update this story as more information comes along.


    UPDATE 1: Thus far, any rumors that the woman taken from Woods' home was his wife Elin Nordegren aree pure speculation. As are rumors that Nordegren was moving out of Tiger's home.

    UPDATE 2: Fox News has updated the story with this extra piece:

    "Witnesses say an ambulance transported the female patient to Health Central Hospital in Ocoee.

    A black SUV, similar to the one Woods crashed the day after Thanksgiving, showed up at the hospital minutes later.

    Witnesses told WFTV-TV that an "attractive blonde woman" who looked similar to Tiger’s wife Elin Nordegren was driving the vehicle. According to the report, the license plate on that Cadillac Escalade seen at the hospital had only one character that was different from the Escalade involved in the crash."

    Again, at this point, the identity of the woman taken from Woods' home remains unknown.

    UPDATE 3: WKTV and WESH have released this photo of the woman being taken by ambulance from Woods home:


    UPDATE 4: In a story much better suited for the National Enquirer, ABC News has updated a story to add information about the late night ambulance visit. The rest of the story is speculation and talk of the physical attributes of those Woods has been linked to, as well as rumors about Woods' sex drive..

    Update 5: The Buffalo News gives a good rundown of just how little is actually known about the incident:

    "There are conflicting reports this morning about a 911 call to Tiger Woods' home overnight. The Orlando Sentinel is reporting that firefighters responded to a called at Woods' home at 2:36 a.m., but when they arrived, the patient refused treatment. Orlando television station, WFTV, however, is reporting that a blonde woman was taken from the house on a gurney and transported to the hospital on "advanced life support." Witnesses say that a woman resembling Woods' wife Elin drove behind the ambulance to the hospital."

    Again, at this point, there is far more speculation than fact surrounding this incident.

    Update 6: USAToday, The Boston Herald, CBS Sports, CNN, NY Daily News, The Ledger, and others have picked up and began updating the story. There will be no more updates to this post and any major developments in this story - if any - will be taken up in a new post.



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