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    William K. Wolfrum's Morning: The Era of Capoeira


    FYI: William K. Wolfrum's mornings will be spent on a beach in Bahia until Nov. 8.


    A Time of Cholera: Death toll hits 300 as Haiti tries to contain cholera outbreak.

    Terror Attacks?: It seems like shooting at the Pentagon and military bases used to get more attention.

    Indonesia: After the disaster trifecta, Indonesia struggles to help its citizens.

    North Korea: Taking shots at S. Korea.

    Iran: Ready to talk nukes again! This time can't fail.

    Playing Politics: Kendrick Meek stands strong (in distant third) and will stay in Florida Senate race. Screw you, Bill Clinton!


    Paul Krugman: As per norm, we'll look back and say the Nobel-winning economist was right.

    Marianne Kirby: Maura Kelly isn't the only one with Fat issues.

    LisB: Does God have an iPod?

    AmericaBlog: Cheap oil trumps toxic illness any day.


    Time to dance the night away, Capoeira style.


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    This is just a bad idea, mixing up dancing and fighting.

    It's like a fish-bicycle.

    Or a sex-disease.

    A Republican with a conscience.

    The two just don't go together.


    Simpler? Do the Twist... and carry an Uzi. 


    I'm hating you just a little bit right now. I know I live in the land of beaches, what with 14,000 plus islands and all. But I love Bahia. And I am supremely jealous. Supremely.

    Krugman's a must read today.  Unfortunately I think he's right.

    I agree...

    It's really too bad that when people are pissed they vote in a manner that defies logic.

    "Things suck. We didn't get the change we wanted. So we're going to vote for people who are even MORE determined not to give us the change we want."

    Only in America...

    Speaker of the House Boehner...  Urp! Oh, sorry, my breakfast just came up.

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