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    Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus, duh

    Remember the movie Snakes On A Plane? If you're like me, you heard about it on the internet and thought to yourself: This is too ridiculous of a movie to actually exist. Then you clicked on a couple clicks and found out that indeed, it did exist. There is something amusing and attractive about films that push the boundaries of campiness (or is it campyness?).

    With this in mind, I was surfing the net and found the new Debbie Gibson movie. Yes, you heard me right, the new Debbie Gibson movie. Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus, is a straight to DVD movie in which only Debbie can save humanity from these oversized troublemakers with her… um… I’m unsure of the attributes she has that makes her be able to handle both a mega-shark and a giant octopus, but none the less, Debbie Gibson saves the day.

    Like Snakes On A Plane the title of this movie tells you what to expect. A big f*cking shark fighting with a gigantic goddamn octopus.

    Debbie’s plan to defeat these oversized troublemakers is simple: get Lorenzo Lamas and his oversized pony tail and then convince the mega shark and giant octopus to fight one another. She’s gonna go all Don King on their asses.  I can only assume hilarity and mediocre acting will ensue. 

    I don’t think I will actually watch this movie, but I LOVE the trailers. Check them below.

    Hey let's fly to Europe, what's the worst that could happen? Oh, this.


    just totally effin awesome! if debbie - or im sorry deborah - gibson gets naked, this would totally be worth a rental.

    Easily, best dagblog ever.

    Giant Shark would totally kick Octobutt. Because of the teeth. Which would bite off the Octopus' arms.

    Plus, it can fly. 

    You are hooped, Octopus fans.

    You guys make me laugh, and for that I love you.

    But if we're swimming and the giant shark happens by, I'm pretty sure I can out swim all y'all.

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