Christopher Walken on Seven Psychopaths, His Days as a Lion Tamer, and the One Role He's Still Searching For

    By Julie Miller at Vanity Fair, September 10, 2012


    What kind of character haven't you played that you'd still like to try?

    I haven't played a regular guy. You know, a dad with kids. But I'm not sure I'll ever get that part.


    Walken's characters are almost always fun to watch but that may be because I always think of him as the guy from Who Am I This Time? which kinda takes the edge off his scarier roles.


    I liked him in "The Guiding Light".

    I gave up watching soaps in high school. I am too ADD to keep up with what's going on.  True in real life as well.

    Never made it to the end of "Lost" or "Friday Night Lights" either.  

    Walken was only on from 1954-1956 - imagine you didn't catch those episodes.

    I don't even think we had a tv then. :-D

    Those Guiding Light episodes must have been something to see.

    I too have quirky favorites among the maestro of quirk's ouevre:

    My #1 fav is The Continental, and #2 is Gabriel in The Prophecy (the latter horrendous to the borderline of kitsch in certain parts in which he does not participate.)

    His more serious roles are dandy, but the quirk just blasts them away. ("That's entertainment"? He's the first to admit he's got a show business soul.)

    I like Weapon of Choice- he is the best straight white boy dancer since Fred Astaire. (And me.)

    I will check it out on your recommend! I knew he's a good dancer.

    George Balanchine, my predecessor-in-interest with Suzi, used to say that Fred Astaire (for his relaxed movement ) was the best male dancer ever.

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