Let Mick Jagger’s Dancing Soothe Your Troubled Soul

    By Madeline Aggeler @ TheCut.com, May 15

    [....] On Wednesday morning, the 75-year-old Rolling Stones front man posted a video of himself wiggling up a storm in front of a mirror in a sort of jerky, enthusiastic, improvisational way that reminds me a lot of how my little cousin used to dance when he was 4. It was delightful when my cousin did it, and it’s delightful when Jagger does it — and even more impressive given that he recently underwent heart surgery to replace a valve. I invite you to watch it 46 times in a row, with or without sound (that’s up to you), and feel the stress of your day, your week, your year, melt away [....]

    If for some reason that video isn’t soothing enough, try wandering through the rest of Jagger’s wholesome Twitter feed. Here he is walking in the park [....]


    Dancing with Mr. D.


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