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    SpaceX Heavy Launch: For the Record

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     Feb 6, 2018 | Launch T-minus 2 minutes begins at the 20 minutes mark.





    This was breath-taking to watch.  I saw it in real time and I was so afraid it would blow up. Watching the boosters come back to earth in a controlled, slow ballet was also wonderful to see.  And then the icing on the cake?  That Tesla with ‘Starman’ sitting inside, and a “DON’T PANIC” sign right in front, plus David Bowie singing all the way through space......the only uplifting thing I’ve seen in forever!

    And here is where you can watch Starman’s journey through space:


    Thanks, OGD

    Yeah, when I was a kid space travel was cool, exhilarating. Somewhere after 2001 & before Zaphrod Beeblebrox, the actual program lost its wheels/wings. Where the original was obviously done by committee, it was a committee with a decent plan. Then Congress and everyone else got involved. So yeah, the privatization of space *to some extent* makes sense.

    Space exploration might have been cool but it always had flawed goals, by design. Kennedy wasn't actually a supporter of space exploration. He was a supporter of a race, a contest with Russia, he picked a race to the moon because it had a clear end goal with a clear winner. Once the win was achieved it could be dropped. There was no good follow up goal. That's what Kennedy wanted.

    A serious program of space exploration would see each goal achieved as a step to achieving the next goal. The first goal should have been getting a foot hold in space. We should have focused on building a space station with permanent occupancy and then regularly upgrading and expanding it. Going to the moon would have been a long term goal. Asteroid mining would come before a moon shot. Asteroid mining could produce a viable economy for the space station that could help pay the expenses and could also mine for fuel to further more expansion and exploration. It's much better to find a local source for energy rather than pushing it up to the space station out of earth's gravity well. A trip to the moon early in the game is purely scientific, extremely difficult and expensive. Until we're ready to put  a colony on the moon there's little reason to go there.

    Did you ever see the movie, “Moon?”  



    Nope, haven't seen. Do you know "Silent Running"? Glad I saw it before Star Wars ruined robots for me.

    Ocean-kat... we who are stuck in the past . . .

    Unfortunately for us... We don't see these present day
    accomplishments through the wondering eyes as the
    children in this home video... They are the future.





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