Proof that the Cult of Trump and the GOP are not the same thing

    This shit is hilarious-

    .. the Trump cartel is refusing to let the RNC provide any real money for House Republican reelection campaigns, even though House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is begging for money.

    — concretejungle (@NYCjungle2016) July 26, 2020

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    Oh, that is a shame.

    I mean, what could happen if someone tossed a boat anchor to some of their drowning candidates?

    I mean, just pour encourager les autres?

    I wonder.

    — Rick Wilson (@TheRickWilson) July 26, 2020


    Trump scandals in 1 tweet

    yes, a reminder that John McCain continues to roll in grave. On that same front, ran across this Jennifer Rubin column from five days ago How to avoid a repeat of 2016 and the Ukraine extortion plot

    A Russian flunky in the Ukraine parliament has bragged about sending information seeking to incriminate former vice president Joe Biden to the Trump campaign and to a Senate committee headed by Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), neither of which will even comment on the matter. If this sounds like deja vu all over again, that’s because it is — unless Democrats put an end to it.

    The New York Times reports: [....]

    Mr. Painter and the Reagan Foundation chimes in:

    Ronald Reagan was an archconservative, but not a fascist.
    There is a difference.

    — Richard W. Painter (@RWPUSA) July 27, 2020


    Another thing--reminds me of how much his vocal delivery has changed. He used to be so confident and relaxed (the more to fool us New Yorkers that as obnoxious as his acts might be, he seemed to have it all together.)

    So now Trump is a Democrat? Of course, no Republican could be so irresponsible. History begins the rewrite.

    Sasse: "Democrats have done everything they can to ensure Trump could get away with it."

    He's a Stable Genuis, doesn't need a party.

    I just heard him explain to a reporter at his press conference how China is not just going to sell TicToc to Microsoft and other American companies, they are also going to pay the U.S. a commission on the sale directly into the Treasury.

    All these foreign companies, they are like renting the U.S., and they got to pay something for that. He explained how it's only him that thinks like that, nobody else does this, nobody else thinks about it. (Like Trump wine, Trump hotels, Trump ties. I think he thinks he invented licensing of products?)

    It's the Trump Party is what it is. Comes to mind it is where Ivanka has made most of the money she makes herself, licensing.There's not a lot of members of the Trump party, but they work on behalf of Making America Great Again. And of course, along those lines, you all know how Mexico paid for the wall.

    On the libertarian and Federalism front, I heard him talk about how he's going to help cities struggling with crime. He didn't say how exactly, but he said Chicago is open to help. He talked about ICE getting criminal gangs out of Chicago. They bring in guns and drugs. And he's open to helping New York. But he said he won't help mismanaged cities with money, they gotta clean up their act on that front.

    That he wants to help Americans not get evicted. He doesn't want to see anyone evicted.  But the delay is that Nancy Pelosi and the Dems are holding the relief bill up by demanding money to help cities that are struggling not because of coronavirus, but because of mismanagement.

    I learned all that about the Trump Party platform in just a few minutes of listening!

    Nobody loves the DACA youth more than Trump! They're great kids!

    In two weeks he will sign a great healthcare program, better than Obama, because he loves the ones with pre-existing conditions. Loves the troops, but could care less if Putin has some knocked off.

    Dang I missed that part. It's a complex platform, changing all the time.

    Where's our 2016 voter today?
    Priorities were elsewhere - have they returned?

    Question of the day: Real libertarian state's rights Republicans or a fake ones for cult club reasons?

    Tyranny check! Deploying federal agents in 2020 vs. 2014

    — The Daily Show (@TheDailyShow) July 29, 2020

    They are lucky Janet Reno is no longer still alive, she'd come and wrassle them over Waco, the Gonzales boy and the like.

    Devin got an oppo package

    A cartoon view of what Republican voters want:

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