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    Andrew Breitbart accuses me of sexual harassment

    I truly enjoy Twitter. I find it a great place to locate new readers, a place to meet a wide variety of people, and a place to be creative.

    Honestly, for a person like me who considers the Internet his own personal comedy routine, Twitter is just perfect. I tend not to deal much with writers’ block, anyway, and Twitter lets me just hurl things against the wall and see what sticks.

    Which brings me to my story: On Tuesday, out of boredom, I Tweeted this “challenge” to Jake Tapper and Andrew Breitbart:

    “I want to engage in an MMA-style fight for charity against @jaketapper and/or @AndrewBreitbart. I think Tapper’d be tougher.”

    Tapper (who I’ve mocked in the past but has been quite pleasant to me lately) initially was somewhat confused, but then went along with the joke:

    “You know who’s tough? Rahm (Emanuel). Short but wiry and tenacious.”

    Kudos to Jake. That, plus his reportedly decent job on “World News” essentially means you won’t see any more random attacks on him around here anymore. He’ll have to earn his attacks like everyone else.

    Breitbart decided to take it a whole new direction, however:

    “are you aware you typed your homoerotic fantasy for all to see?”

    I was a little surprised by this line of attack, as I consider MMA to be a decidedly non-sexual type of combat. But fun was being had, so I responded:

    “You couldn’t handle my homoerotic fantasies.”

    Which is when Breitbart went off the rails, responding:

    “technically, my response was to your vulgar dreamworld sado-masochistic sex harassment – and was not a judgment on your sexuality.”

    And that was how it came about that journalist Andrew Breitbart accused me of sexually harassing him. Per my lawyers, that’s about all I can say on this matter.

    Though I will say this: It is a libel with real-world repercussions. One can only hope the media will sternly investigate Breitbart’s outrageous claims.


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    Breitbart. The kinda guy who wants to be the straw that stirs the drink... but is actually the kinda guy who drops the turd in the punchbowl.

    Oh wait. Can I say turd here? Or was that all vulgarly dreamworld of me?

    Yes, you can say "Turd." But "Punchbowl" is not allowed. It's a euphanism of the most homoerotic nature

    I donno. Maybe he thinks MMA is the name of a club or something.

    Like that sports bar I used to go to... Mantang Mantang All-up-in-that.

    Odd place. Lotta Greco-Roman fans. Complete strangers'd get so excited watching, they'd come up and throw some completely freaky takedown hold on you. And then you had to get loose.

    They kept telling me I had talent, just needed more training.

    I guess.

    I'm not a big fan of Twitter, but I clicked the link and now think you should write a post expanding on the bartering Mexicans concept. Sheer brilliance. And not homoerotic in the least.

    Just for you, Orlando.

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