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    BP Oil Spill: U.S. to take "ignore it, maybe it'll go away" approach

    WASHINGTON – In an extremely bold maneuver today, the White House today made it clear they were going to take on the British Petroleum oil disaster by ignoring it in the hopes it will just go away.

    “What oil spill? The Gulf of Mexico is fine, just fine,” said White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs. “Next question.”

    The move by President Barack Obama replicates the move by George W. Bush in regard to the Afghanistan War. From 2003 until today, Bush has not even spoken the word “Afghanistan.” In political terms, the plan worked for Bush, who just waited out his Presidency and passed the problem onto Obama. Afghanistan is now considered by most as “Obama’s War.”

    Obama has two strong allies in the fight to ignore the Oil Spill – first, British Petroleum has announced that anyone that gets within 5 miles of any Gulf of Mexico or Atlantic Ocean beaches in the U.S., will be shot, no questions ask.

    Try and stop us,” said a BP spokesperson.

    Also, for the most part, the U.S. mainstream media has already been phasing out coverage of the oil spill, so ignoring it entirely won’t be too big a jump.

    “What oil spill?” said CNN’s Wolf Blitzer three days ago.

    Despite not having to worry about the oil spill any longer, Obama still has a great many other worries on the domestic and international fronts. But Gibbs appeared to remove another problem during the press conference.

    “Haiti? Haiti is great. Never been better. Nothing to see there, either,” said Gibbs.



    The Gulf Oil Rupture should enrage all of us.  We can use that rage to change the lax attitude of our federal government.  Need some more fuel for your rage in a tragic/entertaining/informative sort of way:  Please watch:

    Warning: The language is very "crude"

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