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    Enthusiasm Gap leads Race Card, Lady Gaga in new Rasmussen Poll

    WASHINGTON – In a new Rasmussen poll today of people who may or may not vote in November, more than ever are now saying that the “Enthusiasm Gap” is what they are watching for as the mid-terms approach.

    “I think that’s what matters most to me,” said Tim Johnson, of Tupelo Miss. “What this country needs is more enthusiasm. Enthusiasm!”

    The poll – designed to see if people are soaking in the nation’s media narratives adequately – surprised some, who expected “The Race Card” to poll higher, especially with so much attention placed on Obama’s birthplace, as well as the Cordoba House Mosque in New York City. Pollster Scott Rasmussen had an answer for that.

    “Most Americans don’t see hating Muslims as a form of racism. They see it more as a national past time,” said Rasmusssen. “And really, the media has more or less framed it as such.”

    The poll consisted of just one question: “With Obama And The Democrats Being So Incompetent, What Do You Think When You Think About Elections?”

    Coming in a solid third in the poll was Lady Gaga.

    “That’s music to my ears,” laughed Rasmussen. “This could be the most politically divided the nation has ever been.”

    Rounding out the top-10 were; Voter Apathy, Leadership, Approval, Justin Beiber, Terrorism, Glee! and the Economy.

    No Democrats would comment on the poll, though, in an interview with a very obscure Serbian radio station, liberal linguist Noam Chomsky said it was yet more proof that the U.S. currently has the “Stupidest Electorate in the History of Humanity.”

    Chomsky’s comments were roundly ignored by the liberal media, which has thus far framed the poll as more proof that the Enthusiasm Gap is what is really hurting the Enthusiasm Gap for the Democrats.


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    You know that guy Timmy Johnson? The guy whose picture you're always using? Well, I looked him up. Then called him. Told him what you were doing. 

    He says you've never asked permission for these photos. And he's not happy about it. Wants $15 for every time you use that one of him without his shirt. And he'd like black X's placed across his nipples please. Big ones. So they're fully covered. Like so:  

         X                 X

    Now. What were you goin' on about Wolfrum? Politics or somesuch shit? Jesus man, where's your priorities. A man who won't pay to see another man's nipples isn't someone I'm thinking has much political integrity. 

    yer full of it.  i talked to tim yesterday and he's still so happy about his healthcare coverage he's forgotten all that stuff about his nipples.  all he wants is for wolfrum to start using the new pictures, after he put in for having his chest liposculpted. 

    Nothing makes my heart warmer than someone remembering Tim Johnson's other exploits :)

    Wish I could get more enthusiastic about this.  I'd really like to show that Rasmussen.  I'm going to bed.

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