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    It is time to discuss racism and gender issues - provided Black people & women stay out of it

    My friends, the United States of America is at a crossroads. These perilous times have seen a rise in racism, misogyny, and outrage. The union cannot survive this level of anger for much longer.

    This why it is vital for White Males in America to begin a serious and mature discussion about these issues. We must be open and honest about issues of race and gender. It is up to us to help America regain harmony.

    These discussions must be held by White Men, and White Men only, as the Founding Fathers demanded. Black people and women are inherently biased, you see. As Betsy Rothstein of Media Bistro said regarding the recent Joe Williams/Politico debacle:

    “If Williams wants to express lack of diversity in newsroom he should present it to bosses and owners, not publicly insult employer,” she tweeted.

    Rothstein is correct. Williams sins are multiple, but making public statements about racism is the tipping point. As a Black journalist, Williams is too close to the story to have an opinion that should be shared. Despite being a woman who should only be covering such subjects as political softball games, Rothstein is correct in her assessment, and as a White person can view such issues without bias.

    The subject of racism is best held by those who have never experienced racism. Only the colorless can truly appreciate and analyze the plight of people of color.

    The same goes for women’s issues. As we saw in Michigan, women often feel they deserve an opinion on their own affairs, due to the fact that they have a v*gina. In reality, the exact opposite is true. Women are extremely biased by their own womanhood, and will often lash out wildly, using terms like “vagin*” to speak of their own body parts.

    We White males have long showed we know what is best for women, as can be seen by how rarely we use the word “vag*na.” It is up to us to have a true discussion about how women can and should live, and we will do so without referencing icky body parts that we don’t truly understand. We come into this discussion sans bias and with the amount of ignorance such subjects demand.

    The United States of America was founded by White Males, and it is time for we White Males to accept the awesome responsibility of telling others how they can live and act. Anything else is truly un-American.


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    Welcome to Race & Gender Club. The first rule of Race & Gender Club is: you do not talk about Race & Gender Club. The second rule of Race & Gender Club is: you DO NOT talk about Race & Gender Club!

    I'm here, ready to wake up and smell the coffee.

    By the way, where's the coffee? I hope you have dairy-free latte's, doctor's warned me about my lacto condition.

    To'o m''any '''of these ' h'a'p'p'e'n'i'n'g'.  ''

    Great post.

    This is Dave Chappell/Steve Cobert funny.smiley

    Don't mind me, I'm just here to serve coffee and hand out these little Petits Fours  I whipped up this morning after painting the porch and washing the windows, which I did right after my bubble bath and makeup session.  Wouldn't want the neighbors to be shocked by any odd hint of ungirliegirlness.

    If you're going to talk about this issue that has nothing to do with me, could you kindly watch your language?  I wouldn't be a bit surprised if steaming coffee didn't suddenly spill onto your netherparts--unintentionally, of course--but it could happen if your words caused the kind of shock that would make me shudder and lose my grip. 

    I would feel just awful if I did that, but, as you're so keenly aware, we little ladies do have a problem with getting your demands just right. 

    We can't help it. 

    We have VA-peepees

    So watch it. 


    It's for your own good that I tell you this: you need to bone up on your Marabel Morgan and Helen Gurley Brown--real men don't eat petit fours, throw way the marzipan and get yourself some barbecue recipes cheeky

    Right.  There's those words--real men.


    I heard that 'real men'  prefer the three meat quiche!

    Izzat what they call it now?

    You need to be specific - who are 'they' and what is the 'it' you are referencing?  Or are these code words from the real men's lingo dictionary?  You know, the one that 'not' real men can't purchase or understand?

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