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    Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin demand people be allowed to yell “Fire!” in crowded theaters

    DES MOINES – Appearing together on stage for the first time, Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney and former Vice-Presidential nominee Sarah Palin had harsh words for the administration of President Barack Obama.

    “By even mentioning that he did not like an anti-Muslim video, Obama has put all Americans in grave danger,” said Romney, smirking. “And when I say Americans, I’m not including troops overseas, because I’m only talking about important things in this speech.”

    Romney added that all speech of all types must be free, lest the United States become a totalitarian dictatorship.

    “Who says you can’t yell ‘Fire!’ in a crowded theater?” asked Romney, smirking. “I’ll tell you who tells you that – communist dictators who aren’t real Americans. People getting trampled by the invisible feet of the free market is what America is all about."

    Palin, known for not making the cut at Fox News, gave an inspired speech that touched on several issues.

    “I’m being censored! Todd! Free Speech! Trip! Salmon!,” said Palin, as Romney smirked beside her. “Bristol! Big Stick! Blargle!”

    The pair were only on stage together for two minutes, speaking to a crowd estimated at 7. Romney later smirkily added that he believes the phrase “Shoot first, ask questions later” should be in the U.S. Constitution.


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