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    Moderate Democrats announce plans to hold off on passing agenda until after 2036 elections

    Following Tuesday’s nightmare elections that saw their party lose gubernatorial races in New Jersey and Virginia, many Democrats have sounded the alarm - the time to pass their agenda is not quite here yet.

    Despite holding commanding advantages in both the House and Senate, many Democrats have said they are afraid to frighten off voters by being too aggressive in achieving their aims. With that in mind, several Red-State Democrats have come forward to announce their plans to wait until after the 2036 elections to further pursue the Democratic agenda.

    “While we understand that we were voted in for specific reasons, we can’t allow our work in Washington to overshadow our need to remain in office,” said Blue Dog Democratic Sen. Ben Nelson. “We believe that after the 2036 elections, we’ll have the super hyper majority that we’ll need to accept that we have a mandate.”

    Other Red State Democrats seemed even more skittish about working on issues like health care reform, finance reform, ending the NSA eavesdropping program, climate change reform and other issues many Democratic voters hold close to their heart.

    “This off-year election was a real eye-opener,” said Democratic Sen. Blanche Lincoln. “There are now two - not one - but two Democrats that are no longer governors. By being so active in Congress, we risk more losses. I say wait until 2042.”

    When asked what Democrats planned to do for 37 years while awaiting their super hyper majority, one Senator who would not go on record said the strategy will be simple.

    “Fund raise and campaign,” said the Democrat. “You can never fund raise and campaign enough.”

    Nelson, an important swing vote in the current health care reform battle, said he thought Obama’s agenda would eventually be pushed through, but that now was not the time.

    “People need to be saying slow it down and don’t add more to the deficit,” said Nelson. “We will pass President Obama’s agenda. But when I say President Obama, I mean Sasha.”



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