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    N. Korea will kill you all … hello? Is anyone listening? Hello??


    Over in North Korea, Kim Jong-Un has spent the better part of the month threatening to vaporize South Korea, the United States, and anyone else who wants a little vaporization. Now, generally, when a leader of a nation with nuclear capabilities makes wild, outlandish threats, the rest of the world pays attention, for reasons of vaporization avoidance.

    For the 30-year-old Jong-Un, however, the threats have mostly been ignored or outright ridiculed. Basically, Jong-Un could have gotten more notice from the world had he made his threats from Guantanamo Bay. Justin Bieber being ignorant of Anne Frank caused more international waves than North Korea threatening to blow up everything.

    And the simple fact is that the world’s response to Jong-Un’s temper tantrum has been spot on. The young dictator is doing what his dad did – rattle sabers, try to look strong, and hopefully get something out of it.  North Korea poses absolutely no threat to the United States, and very little to South Korea, even. This is not to say an out-of-control North Korea couldn’t cause damage, but the fact is that even a 30-year-old dictator learns something quickly – you can’t be dictator if your country is blow to bits.

    When it comes to nuclear weapons, any threat should be taken seriously. Except for this one. An all-out nuclear attack by North Korea would likely result in North Korea nuking the hell out of North Korea. But even that won’t happen. So let Jong-Un talk. Hopefully, he’ll have said all he has to say before Kim Kardashian has her baby and we can all pay attention to the important things.


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      I wish I could be as confident that Kim Jong-Un is a highly rational man.

    Nobody said he has to be highly rational.  He simply has to be *slightly* rational.  It only takes a bare minimum of operational brain cells to realize that his existence relies on NOT starting a war.

    I think, rather, it takes a TON of confidence (bordering on delusion) to believe he'd do anything to jeopardize his livelihood.

      I don't know, it should have been obvious to Bin Laden that his existence depended on not attacking the United States, and obvious to Hitler that his existence depended on not invading the Soviet Union. Might Kim Jong Un consider the war weariness of Americans as reason to believe he could survive attacking someone?

    Saturday's proposed nuclear targets included the city of Colorado Springs, Louisiana. I also found this part interesting: To a soundtrack of fervent synthesizers and inspirational light rock. Makes me wonder if you have been free-lancing with them....

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