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    Patriots! Enter the Militia Members' Music Contest and Get Rocked!

    Militia men get rocked

    Are you a patriotic militia member that’s fighting Barack Obama’s illegal communist regime that’s forcing the U.S. into a tyrannical New World Order that will enslave us all? Are you in a band?

    If you answered “yes” to those questions, then we want you to “Get Rocked!” in the Third Annual “Militia Members Get Rocked Music contest!” Why join? With a grand prize of $50,000 and a record deal from Fox News Music, you and your band will be on your way to greatness!

    But there’s more! The “Militia Members Get Rocked” music contest is looking for all patriotic militia members that sing, write songs or even just enjoy music. This is the contest for everyone who believes only a full overthrow of the U.S. government will get things back to the way our Founders intended! And prizes will range from recording gear and equipment to hundreds of cash prizes!

    Why are we doing it? Because we know patriotic, god-fearing Militia Members love their music and have the chance to break through. Edgy lyrics and chaotic beats are the wave of the future, and we want to catch that wave with you. Mostly though, we firmly believe that armed militias in the U.S. don’t get the attention they deserve. We know there’s a lot of you out there and we want you to Get Rocked!

    Entering is easy. Just send a letter to contest headquarters, including a tape of your band, why you love music and telling us what you’ve done personally to overthrow the nation. The crazier the better! Just make sure to sign the letter. Send it to:

    Militia Members Get Rocked! Music contest
    J. Edgar Hoover Building
    935 Pennsylvania Avenue,
    NW Washington, D.C. 20535-0001

    Patriots, this is your chance. We know you aren’t all about trying to cause racial wars and violent overthrow of the government with your well-armed militia. You are also about the music. So enter the contest and Get Rocked!


    Thanks to Angelos for official “Militia Members Get Rocked Poster”

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    Truth is stranger than satire: http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/story/14021621/teenage_holy_war

    Here's my own take (exceprted from my book proposal):


    So ends a typical Acquire the Fire Christian rock festival as thousands of ecstatic teenagers shout in unison. The chant may seem like a strange way to conclude a show, but Acquire the Fire is no ordinary music event. The annual nationwide tour is produced by an organization called Teen Mania Ministries as part of its “BattleCry” campaign to recruit young culture warriors. In addition to the rock concerts cum spiritual revivals, Teen Mania runs summer camps, global missions and a yearlong “Honor Academy” to train young Christians how to resist the influence of the anti-Christian media and infiltrate godless “strongholds” like Hollywood and Manhattan without risk from secular infection. The language of its doctrine is militaristic, angry, and paranoid, with references to “culture wars,” “virtue terrorists,” “stealth enemies,” and the “enslavement” and “rape” of American teenagers. Jeff Sharlet, best-selling author of The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power, calls the BattleCry campaign “one of the most militant fundamentalist youth movements in U.S history.”

    So what’s with the concubine cutting? The allusion may be familiar to Old Testament buffs. The tale of the Levite and his concubine from the Book of Judges is one of those charming Bible stories they don’t teach in Sunday school. An Israelite from the tribe of Levi, traveling with his beloved concubine, spent the night with a hospitable old man. After dark, a depraved gang from the tribe of Benjamin gathered outside the house. Pounding on the door, they demanded that the old man deliver the Levite to them so that they could sodomize him. The old man, being a gracious host, refused, but he offered the mob his own virgin daughter and the Levite’s concubine as consolation prizes. (Violent homosexual gangs were a common menace in Biblical times, and the old man’s answer comes straight from the Old Testament playbook on “What to do when a depraved mob threatens to sodomize your guests.” In Genesis, Abraham’s nephew Lot offered his two virgin daughters to horny Sodomites who had demanded his guests for their pleasure. Hence the term, “sodomy.”)

    When the gang ignored the offer, the Levite chivalrously pushed his own concubine out the door. The men, who were not very particular after all, gang-raped the concubine until she collapsed dead at the old man’s door. When the Levite found her body in the morning, he cut it into twelve pieces, one of which he sent to each tribe of Israel. At God’s urging, the other eleven tribes of Israel then made war on the tribe of Benjamin and slaughtered everyone they found—men, women, children, and animals.

    There are many disturbing tales like this one in the Old Testament, but it’s an odd choice, to say the least, for a teen revival. The concubine story works for Teen Mania because it offers a fitting allegory for the organization’s militant agenda: to deliver a figurative call to arms against a depraved mob. The mob consists of modern secularists in positions of power: the media, the courts, government officials, corporations, and liberal nonprofits like the ACLU. The sexual appetites of the Benjamites are particularly apt in the context of Teen Mania’s fierce opposition to homosexuality and sexual liberation. In the view of Teen Mania’s founder, Ron Luce, the very future of Christianity and morality is at risk from “TV and movies laced with blatant sexuality,” “perverted lyrics in today’s most popular music,” “the fight for gay marriage,” and “the Internet laden with pornography and other garbage that is used to shame our society.” In other words, websites for Benjamites.

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