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    Rick Perry does the Spanish Inquisition



    I came here to read about politics, I didn't expect some kind of Spanish Inquisition.

    Laughed and enjoyed!  Well done!

    I can't see this now, but Python's was the first bit I thought of when I watched the debate. "There is no third thing!"

    That's an effing riot!


    But this does not cast aspersions upon Bishop Sheen?


    Michael, I occasionally, fitfully post here because you really are an impressive writer.  But this one let me down, and I know that we all do not hit homeruns every day, sir.

    Sorry to continue, but there is more to be said.  As you know, I am a conservative individual.  So conservative, in fact, I opposed the drumbeat to war in Iraq, because I knew in 2002 it was all a lie.  94% of Americans disagreed with me.  

    To pummel Rick Perry for being stupid is redundancy defined.  We all know he's "Pretty Vacant.."  The choice of liberals for the GOP nod is Romney.  But Herman Cain, like him or not (and I kinda dig he's not popular here), is the guy you need to attack.  But the problem is, when attacking Herman Cain, you are preaching to a choir which has no voice in the matter.

    Thanks for always being a good sport.


    I'm not sure what you mean when you say "the choice of liberals for the GOP nod is Romney". Are you saying he's our favorite from the list of GOP runners? I think for most of us, Romney is often discussed because we think he's most likely to win the GOP nomination (although that might seem a bit premature to predict right now). Now, given Romney, Cain, Perry, or Bachmann, it's probably fair to say that Romney would be the favorite of that group. However, most here would probably prefer Huntsman, and some here would prefer Paul. Of course, it's also true that dagbloggers are not your "typical" liberal.

    I made the mistake, seven weeks ago, of thinking this was a typical liberal site.  I paid the price, psychically.  I am happy to say I am renewed now.

    I say liberals want Romney because that's what I read in the liberal newspapers.  What's funny about that is that liberals don't recognize the news has a liberal slant.  I say that as one, but the old-fashioned kind.

    I'm proud to be a real liberal, the kind who wants as little government as possible.


    Sigh.  I always seem to do this in twos.  But Michael's post is offensive.  That is a white man parroting an Asian voice.  I know it's his website, and I can always comment on Gateway Pundit.  Which I never do.  And I never will.  But someone has to say it's offensive.


    Close, but it's an Englishman parroting a Spaniard. Maybe this will help...

    As for pummeling Rick for the betterment our great nation, well, I was just having some fun.

    Fun is good.  That's why I'm making dinner for Kathy tonight (Kat Nove).

    Keep it up, and you'll be as profane as me.

    Yer buddy, Richard.

    Enjoy. After dinner, I recommend Monty Python's Life of Brian for some good profane fun.

    One thing worth mentioning is that there's a certain species of liberal, the "liberal nerd", which can readily be identified by his/her references to Monty Python (It's just a flesh wound!), Douglas Adams (Don't Panic!), and the Princess Bride (You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.)

    I dare say that species is over-represented here at dagblog (and I think that it's a good thing).

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