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    Satire killed in suicide bomb attack


    NEW YORK — The writing style of satire was blown up in a suicide attack at its home in the upper West side of Manhattan. Snark and Snide Disregard were also injured in the attack and are currently in intensive care.

    Satire, which gained prominence via writers like Jonathan Swift and Voltaire, has struggled to find its footing recently in the Internet-driven world, as more and more satire is associated with mindless attacks, sophomoric humor and the oft-imitated “Breaking” news story. Satire reached a low point recently when the magazine “The New Yorker” hired Andy Borowitz, who then proceeded to write the exact same story 175 consecutive times.

    “These are dark times,” said mediocre, little-known satirist William K. Wolfrum. “Colbert may be able to resuscitate satire, but the rest of us are just repeating the same crap over and over.”

    No one has yet come forward to claim credit for the attack, but some are speculating that it could be the result of readers demanding more during troubling times. At Fox news, Sean Hannity claimed this had all the earmarks of an Al Qaeda attack, but that he didn’t really understand satire, anyway, so who cares?

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    I miss Genghis. That dude could rock a fake breaking news story. Also, Voltaire.

    Or Amadeus.

    Isn't it ironic?

    Isn't it romantic?

    Are you dancin'?

    Oh, William K., I have had the worst couple of days with the promise of more to come but this made me laugh.  You are a true satirist and why the world doesn't see this is beyond me.

    I guess it's enough that you see it, and maybe that I see it, and those few others who know a fine bit of wit when they see it.

    I have to say though--and I hope you'll take no offense--Andy Borowitz cracks me up.

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