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    Top Kill stops BP Oil Gusher, produces no Godzillas

    Initial reports out of the Gulf are that British Petroleum's "Top Kill" plan has stopped the oil from spurting out of the Earth.

    From AmericaBlog:

    There is currently no oil leaking into the Gulf of Mexico from the well that had been spewing crude into the sea for more than a month.

    "They've stopped the hydrocarbons from coming up," National Incident Commander Thad Allen told WWL First News. "They've been able to stabilize the well head, they are pumping mud down it."

    Allen says now they have to make sure the heavy drilling fluids, or mud, will hold back the oil and natural gas in the well long enough for them to be able to cap the well.

    Also, there have been no reported sightings of any Godzill-type creatures. As I've said before, if a method called "Top Kill" can't bring about Godzilla, probably nothing will.

    All in all, though, some needed good news for the Gulf of Mexico.

    Update: Never mind. And I’d say there’s still some hope for Godzillas.


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