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    Water on Moon: Sarah Palin claims expertise 'I can see Moon from my house'

    When NASA recently send a missile into the Moon’s soil, the event was mostly used for an endless stream of jokes and “Mr. Show” references. Something big came of it, however. They found water. But no one seemed to care.

    “[W]e’ve been to the moon already, and it’s just not that interesting,” wrote noted philosopher Genghis.

    Despite the seeming total lack of interest in the find, Alaska Ex-Governor Sarah Palin came out and claimed special expertise on the Moon.

    “Here in Alaska, I can see the Moon from my house,” said Palin, choking the life out of a wolf cub with one hand while she spoke. “So I know quite a bit about it. Except for the dark side. But you knew that. WINK!

    Palin then used the rest of her interview as a chance to list her enemies, taking bites out of every hand that’s ever fed her.

    “Katie Couric, of course. Linda Blair - she knows why. Steve Schmidt. John McCain. Megan McCain. Levi Johnston. Barack Obama, you betcha, look out, I'm 'Going Rogue'.” said Palin, who finally trailed off to gibberish. “Salmon. Let me tell ya. Salmon. Moose Indian. Energy Independence.”

    Billy Kristol, son of Irving Kristol, said it once again showed Palin’s ability to lead the country. “She is just so freakin’ hawt,” texted Kristol. A snap poll showed a slight raise in popularity for Palin.

    “I mean, she is in Alaska,” said Timothy Johnson, an unemployed welder from Tupelo, Miss. “So she knows the moon. She’s got my vote and the love of the Baby Jesus.”



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