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    GOP cancels Black History Month party, slices $372.68 off budget

    WASHINGTON – After making campaign promises that they’d cut as much as $150 billion from the U.S. budget, Congressional Republicans could only come up with $32 billion in savings for the remainder of fiscal 2011, a move likely to anger their Tea Party base. However, deficit-hawk Paul Ryan, the Chairman of the House Budget Committee, insisted their work is not yet done.

    “We’re just getting started,” Tweeted Ryan.

    Ryan is set to announce that Congressional Republicans will shave another $378.68 from the 2011 budget by eliminating the GOP’s annual “Black History Month” party.

    “Do we even have any Black people in the GOP,” Facebook’d Ryan. “Seriously, who in the hell is this party for, anyway?”

    Republicans currently have two African-Americans representing them in House of Representatives – Tim Scott of South Carolina and Allen West of Florida. There are no Black Republican Senators, and the GOP has just had one African-American Senator in the past 130 years.

    Ryan said that it was time for Republicans to act more responsibly.

    “Let’s face it – we’re never going to have more than two Black guys in Congress at any given moment,” Ryan wrote on his MySpace page. “It’s time we stop this reckless spending on things that just don’t represent our views.”

    In lieu of a Black History Month party, Ryan wrote on Google Buzz that “We’ll take Tim and Allen out for a beer and let them about Black stuff. LOL”


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    There is a rumor that the folks in charge of Congressional luncheons are going to outsource their cole slaw under new rules promelgated by the new Republican leadership.

    A certain Skippy Moore had been in charge of the cole slaw but it was found that he had been skimming mayo for his own personal use.

    So there is another $13.42 that will be saved each and every month.

    I am so happy these guys are workin so hard for us!!! Woot! 400.00 saved!

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