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    Martin Eisenstadt mocks me - so I leak his book

    As the world’s foremost expert on Martin Eisenstadt, I’ve done quite a bit of snooping around to learn more about his upcoming book, “One Man’s Wildly Inapproriate Adventures with the Last Republicans.”

    Now, first of all, the title of the book is much better than what it was originally: “One Man’s Barely Legal Adventures with the Last Republicans” (seriously).

    Secondly, using my vast Internet detective skills, I found some of the pre-released book. As normal, Eisenstadt is fairly clueless and left it hanging around his site. And let me tell you, this book could be a political bombshell, as it names name: Sarah Palin, Rachael Ray, the Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears, Bobby Jindal, Dick Cheney to name a few.

    Of course, Eisenstadt got a shot in at me: “And who is this “Wolfrum,” the supposed golf blogger based in Brazil, who since May 2008 has been lobbing absurd online accusations against me?”

    Find out more about the book and about Martin Eisenstadt’s bizarre past by clicking here (note, it’s a PDF). Of course, the book comes out on Tuesday. I’m hoping to have the whole book online by then, however.



    Thanks for your post.Nice webdesign.

    Most excellent saga. Great sleuthwork, and congrats on your imminent immortalization in print.

    PS I like the NYT shout out:

    And then there is William K. Wolfrum, a blogger who has played Javert to Eisenstadt’s Valjean, tracking the hoaxster across cyberspace and repeatedly debunking his claims. Mr. Gorlin and Mr. Mirvish praised his tenacity, adding that the news media could learn something from him.

    PPS You should put together an Eisenstadt timeline, as it's a bit difficult to follow. Also, someone left you off Eisenstadt's wiki page.

    It was a trippy thing, by al means. The first few things I wrote them are all but unreadable, as I was just doing nothing but accumulating circumstantial info until I felt sure I knew it wasn't a real guy.

    So yeah, it was hard to follow, but to me, the main thing was that I focused on was that I had them called out as hoaxes in May. In November, David Shuster was talking about them on MSNBC. A lot of "journalists" and bloggers embarrassed themselves by being unwilling to Google the name "Martin Eisenstadt." My post was the third one you'd see, shoulting "He's a hoax"!" lol.

    We'll see what happens in regard to the book. They are two very funny guys, so it should be good

    "And who is this 'Wolfrum,' the supposed golf blogger based in Brazil, who since May 2008 has been lobbing absurd online accusations against me?” My feelings exactly.

    Brazil???  I guess I will have to stop following your blog articles as I can't read Portuguese.

    I'm so jealous. Not because I want to break a news story and then get ignored by the mainstream media.

    I wanna be based in Brazil. I love, love, love it there.

    I thought that the Brazil golf-blogger comment was a joke, but there it is: http://www.travelgolf.com/departments/authorarchives/wolfrum.htm

    PS Brazil is only a state of mind.

    Brazil is only a state of mind? Yeah, that's what people who are not in Brazil tell themselves. Every day. Repeatedly.

    Where have you been down here, O? I live in Minas Gerais, so I'l only about an hour flight from several big cities, including S. Paulo & Rio.

    To date, I've only been to Salvador, for Carnaval nine years ago. I used to work with international students and I hung out with a bunch of Brazilians. I fell in love with the music, then the soccer, then pretty much everything else. Now, most of my Brazilian friends are back in Brazil, spread out from Manaus to Porto Alegre to Rio. Someday, I'm going back to visit them.

    I've been to Salvador. Great city, great people, incredible history. Did you go under the one market there that still has the slave quarters for people to see. Frightening stuff.

    And the benefit of being a part-time golf writer is that I got to write about my trip here.

    We went to the Mercado Modelo, but if that's the one, we didn't see the old slave quarters. We did see some guys doing Capoeira out back. Also, after Carnaval was over, we took a boat trip to some of the islands in the harbor. One of those is where they processed the slaves when they arrived, so we did get to walk through the old buildings and abandoned churches. Spooky.

    My favorite post-Carnaval day was the day we took a trip up the coast to the Tamar Turtle Reserve in Praia do Forte. The reserve was cool, but the best part was this artist colony community we stopped in on the way. It was on the most beautiful beach I've ever seen--or probably will ever see.

    At the beginning of this year, I wrote a piece on Brazilian music. Make sure to check the comments--Genghis has been to Brazil as well and he posted a picture of himself in a pretty, pretty costume.

    It looks like I may be going again in the spring. Sao Paulo this time. Eat your heart out.

    Looks like I'll be going to Regina, Saskatchewan in February. They call it the Rio of the (Northern) Prairies. Whoo hoo!

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