2016 election. I sat down with Samuel Glick.


    Just call me Sammy.

    Thanks. You've had a long career first in Hollywood and now in politics. I'm interested in your views on this election and the candidates, Cruz in particular, but also Trump and the others.

    I didn't have two careers, just different audiences. You feed them what they want. They changed, not me. Politicians don't change, the times change. We've seen both Trump and Cruz before. Neither Trump nor Cruz experienced poverty but they're similar to the self made men from the early 1900's.

    There seem to be two kinds of self-conscious self-made men, those who like to dwell on the patriotic details of their ascent....and those who take every new level as if it were the only one they ever knew, rushing ahead so fast they are ashamed , afraid to look back and see where they've come from. One is a bore and the other is a heel.

    I take it that Trump is the bore.

    Yes, and it's overly generous to say Cruz is a heel. But like other politicians before him, say Bob La Follette in the early 1900's, you develop a love/hate relationship with them.

    They rankle, like a splinter festering under the skin.

    Somewhat like Trump.

    No, not like Trump. 

    Trump makes you feel that any confession of failure is on a level with admitting you had a yen for nothing but female dogs and ten-year-old corpses.

    Like a friend of mine said about the secret of success and which I give you at no charge--

    Work hard, and, if you can't work hard, be smart; and, if you can't be smart, be loud.

    But Cruz seems to be stymied, he can't budge Trump out of the lead.

    Well if I had managed Cruz, here's what I might have told him:

    You never had the first idea of give-and-take, the social intercourse. It had to be all you, all the way. You had to make individualism be the most frightening ism of all. You act as if the world is just a blindfold free-for-all. Only the first time you get it in the belly you holler brotherhood. But you can't have your brothers and eat them too.

    Sammy, what about Hillary Clinton?

    Ah, she's o.k., probably be elected if she gets good script writers down the stretch. Speaking about scripts, the two interesting women are Heidi Cruz and Elizabeth Warren. Heidi Cruz because she's being dragged through the mud and doesn't deserve it and Warren because she's the one who deserves to be running on what Clinton is now saying, but isn't running. 

    Warren reminds me of a woman named Kit who I knew in my early days in Hollywood. I loved her. But she was too far above me and even on the top of my game I couldn't imagine having her.

    Kit had a manner of modesty that made me feel like a dope. All she had to do to make me feel that way was just to stand there and smile through me. I hadn't learned to take female superiority in stride. I resented it.

    And you, Sammy, do you think they will ever make a movie of your life?

    For a while Hollywood was Hollywood, I was it, I bathed in it, I conquered it. Now the corporations have ruined it, like they've ruined everything else. Corporations, Political Parties, Hollywood---they are all one in the same---except that the people haven't caught on yet, and when they do, the jig will be up. Hollywood doesn't want people to catch on. They are not about truth or morality the way my life story is. My story wouldn't fit and might give the hoax away. They'll never make a movie about me.

    Getting back to Ted Cruz, what makes a guy like him run?

    We will never understand a guy like Ted Cruz---the self interest, the drive and energy. All we can do is look at the people he runs over and the people he panders to and try to understand them.



    Budd Shulberg, author of "What makes Sammy Run", died in 2009 at the age of 95. I first read the book more than fifty years ago and just read it again as I was was curious to see how my reactions might have changed and also how "Sammy" might look next to his contemporary cousin, Ted Cruz.  


    hahahahah, you know I just got thru reading Mike M, then I thought I hit your blog and then....I thought I missed the mark. hahahaha 

    I can get nutso tooooooo!

    If there is one thing that gets to me it is T-Rump's fingers.

    There is dainty five finger thing and then this dainty okay sign and ...

    They make fun of Ben Carson (the brain surgeon with no brain) and his hand gestures.

    What does this have to do with anything anyway?

    I can answer one question I think:

    Cruz is a megalomaniac with no feelings, no reality, no faith, no nothing....

    Kind of like T-Rump. hahahahaha

    I like Hillary and Sanders and puppies and little children and...


    Cruz and T-Rump do not give one goddamn about America.

    But like I asked Mike M.

    What the hell was the question again?




    Thanks, Richard, we are somewhat nutso. As for an immoral ferret, our subject fits this description pretty well, don't you think?

    "You could feel the machinery in his mind breaking down her comments. I kept my eyes on his face. Sharp, well chiseled, full of animal magnetism that passes for virility, his skin, blue complexioned from his close-shaved heavy beard adding five years to his appearance, he was almost handsome. If it wasn't for that ferret look. In moments like this when he was on the scent of something you could see the little animal in him poking his snout into a rabbit hole."

    I remember What Makes Sammy Run.  We are getting old, you know.  Thanks I enjoyed the read. 


    I am going to post my little grand daughter's video on your face book,of her fifth 5K run for this spring. She is eleven and loves cross country running. So we scrape together the entry fee for every charity run we can that she wants to do. She is less then a year younger then her genius brother and also got excepted next year in the same school.  Oh and her name is Sammy.  I know why she runs. 

    Help Lola.

    Trking, thanks for your comments.

    Well, what makes your Sammy run? I'm serious, I'd really like to know. What makes her exceptional (besides you, of course). We hear so much of the other side of things, what gives her the optimism? That special energy which is unique to the Sammy's of the world?

    Sammy's school got a grant to have a running team.  She joined because sports like soccer has become to expensive to sign up for. They would run after school on Wednesday for an hour.  They a had a few meets with a few other schools and were given tea shirts.  After that with what was left over with the grant the teacher talked some of the spring charity 5 K's to let the kids run for a small fee. That started it.  You should see these little kids run with the adults. Sammy won a couple of medals for her age group. 

    The clip I showed DD was to be her last run until fall when she goes to middle school and is part of the track team. This was not school sponsored but she wanted to do it for foster kids. The county we live in has the highest rate per capita of children in foster care in this state. Sammy knows this and wanted to do the race even though she had the flu the week before. She ended up walking some of it and the little girl that walked with her was a foster kid.  I knew she was walking because we time her. She ran the final stretch. She has a big heart and strong spirit.  

    Sammy is a average student but the gifted middle school accepted her. She was sitting in the waiting area one day at the middle school to pick up her brother.  She was sketching in her sketch book when the art teacher came in. The Vice Principle and art teacher talked to her and asked her to apply and she could go to school with her brother.  All her little birds, cats, dogs and flowers must of left an impression along with her couple of medals. She doodles all the time. The art program is accredited by the Academy of Arts in New York City. They receive much needed grant money from that program.  She is feisty enough to pull it off just to prove a point with her brother. 



    (Don't mourn for the soccer team... Heading the ball....scary!)

    Trking, thanks for responding. What a heartwarming story and what a gifted girl.

    I already went to site.


    I pointed out this ad on tv that I saw recently.

    I am old and I tear up to readily.

    These kids who are lost.

    These kids who once in awhile are found!

    Anyway, I am in love with your granddaughter!

    A Jewish kid from Brooklyn? Ya had to ask me about Bernie Sanders, right? What am I going to say? What would Bill Maher say about Larry David? They stick together, right? Sure, Bernie is the brightest of the lot. But soon as I say that, the flags go up. And if I said he was a schlemiel and a fraud they'd go the other way like they did when I wrote a script about the biggest prick in Hollywood and gave him a Jewish name---even though most of the prick's victims were Jewish and he himself grew up in a shit neighborhood where he struggled just to find a pair of shoes and got beat up every day at school by a bully who called him a Jesus-hater....and he took it every day for weeks until the other kid just grew tired of the novelty---and I'm the one who is anti-Semitic.

    What I think about Sanders is that he's the most qualified of this lot to be President and for that reason he'll never be elected because the big bosses fear the smartest guy, as well as the dumbest. The dumb guy could start Nuclear War. The smart guy would blow the whistle on the whole charade of "freedom and individualism" which is a death knell for the big shots and they'll never allow it. By the time the Republicans got through with him his forebears will have been snitches in concentration camps and he will have plagiarized his way through college.

    The thing I like most about Sanders is for an above average guy, who came up through a small, pretentious and ultimately a back-wash state like Vermont, he made the most of every opportunity, let nothing slip through his hands, never looked back, and he reminds me of similar fiction characters who strive for the best of the American dream but in most cases leave dead bodies behind them. But Sanders won't do that and for that reason he'll never become President.

    Yes, Oxy. Yes he will...


    Bernie is the moral choice and that self evident conclusion should command me to vote for him. The period piece reminds me of a time when I could not have done otherwise and I ask myself what is the reason for not making the moral choice in this day and age and the only explanation is that voting in the primary must not be in the realm of moral decisions---at least in my case.

    For the political activist, say for Bernie, there might be a different moral position. We might be talking past each other because of a fundamental difference in how we view the voting decision.  

    Definitely, the Alto. And most definitely the hair-do.

    (Great video.thanks much).


    I can't deny the apprehension of a severe moment of "d'oh!" the morning after a Trump v. Bernie election. that said, I believe that leadership is the process of laying down your marker outside the Venn comfort zone, and dragging the boundary leftward. hence, "Bernie, 2016!"


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