David Brooks at the Budget Motel

    David Brooks' mind stopped working when Ronald Reagan was elected President and since that time he has been sitting behind his desk viewing the outside world from the large end of the binoculars. What he sees is a world which, though quizzically blurred, must somehow be getting better because Daddy took charge, removed those dastardly 55 mph speed limits, and blew down the Berlin Wall with the simple force of his own baritone breath. 

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    July 29th. Bernie Sanders' For President House Parties.

    Look at these numbers.  At this point in time 90,345 RSVPS's at 3.344 sites. Some of the site are large halls.  I had to change the numbers while posting this.  They are climbing tonight.  

    Here is the site with the interactive map as to where you can go to attend the Nationwide Organizing Event.  I hope the media is paying attention to this.  You know they are convinced that he is not a major player in this election.  After all he is not going to buy any of their air time so how could he possibly be a serious candidate?   

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    I have come across several sites recently that show Eliz II giving the NAZI salute in the company of her Uncle (Edward VIII) as well as with the future Queen Mum.

    I also recall rendering my theories about the abdication of Ed VIII, in previous unnoticed posts.

    (of course most of my posts go unnoticed, and for good reason. Hahahahahah)

    There are so many sites out there enthralled by a newly released picture of King Edward and the latter Queen Mum and the future Queen Liz II (as a child) giving the NAZI salute. Hahahha

    It turns out that the British One-Percenters kind of liked this ‘new Germany’ in the 1930’s.

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    Marcel Duchamp at 128 - The Big Glass and Chronic Illness

    Twenty+ years ago, I wrote a play that spoofed Performance Art.   As part of my research I read a lot about Art and certain artists. One of those artists was Marcel Duchamp. I had always found his sense of humor appealing, but the more I read about him, the more fascinated with him I became. Fortunately, at the time, my sister and mother both lived in or near Philadelphia, and I got to visit the Philadelphia Museum of Art a number of times, which has probably the largest single collection of Duchamp's work. This morning, a friend, (Photographer Kristina Rebelo, whose work often appears in The Haikulodeon), happened to send me a photograph of a broken window that she had taken the other day.   It immediately made me think of Duchamp's work, The Large Glass, aka The Bride Stripped Bare By Her Batchelors Even. And in doing so, I realized it had something to say to people with Chronic Illness.

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    Destor23 vs. David Brooks

    I got the idea that the next time David Brooks uses his column to write about nothing, I'm just going to blog fight him.  I had this idea like two days ago.  He's already gone too far.  So I will now administer a beating, with gratitude.

    Introducing... Destor23!

    And his opponent... David Brooks!

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    Are Your Religious Beliefs Simply An Accident of Birth?

    Take a moment to consider the following.  All of your religious beliefs are merely an accident of birth?  If you'd been born in Israel, chances are you'd be a Jew; if you'd been born in Iran you'd be a Muslim, or China, a Buddhist.  So your religion isn't so much God-inspired as it is a result of the environment that you were raised in. You were SOCIALIZED into believing what you believe. Thus, if you truly believe that a person born in Israel, Iran, or China is going to Hell because they weren't socialized to believe what you believe, you're stupid. 
    This is a serious problem, because people are doing more "believing" than thinking. Hoards of people are taking MAN'S word for the fact that the Bible is "the word of God." So they're placing all of their "faith" in MAN, not God - and a very evil man, at that. On the other hand, we KNOW that God gave us our minds - and by "God," I mean whatever force is responsible for the existence of the universe and what we consider reality -  so we need to start using it, because it makes absolutely no sense to place more "faith" in what man TELLS us about God than what is obvious that God has clearly done. And man has clearly shown that he has more faith in the words of other men, than he does in the actual deeds of God.
    Take Black people for example. African Americans are some of the most devout Christians in the world, even though they were taught Christianity while they were tied up next to the mules - and every rule, law, and tenet of Christianity was being brutally violated while they were being indoctrinated - yet, they still believe it, that a blond haired, blue eyed Scandinavian was born in the desert with supernatural powers. God forbid that they would point out that if Jesus was born in the desert that chances are he was a man of color; and since they're inclined to lie to us about what the man even looked like, how can we even begin to believe what they claim he said?   
    No wonder so many Black people are finding it so hard to get their act together; they're walking around in a state of zombie-like somnambulism, and it seems that the worse they're treated, the more they cling to that ridiculous myth -  "Oh dear Lord, please forgive the White boy who walked into our church and blew nine of our church member's brains out. He simply doesn't understand your word." What kind of insanity is that!!!? 
    That racist cracker shouldn't have gotten out of there alive, house of worship or not. But the reason he did is very simple. Black people have been conditioned to believe that no matter how bad they're treated, they shouldn't worry about it, because God is going to take care of them when they die.  OH, REALLY!!!?  Then why is everybody else killing one another trying to get theirs now - including the preachers? So it's no accident that everyone who is willing to believe that nonsense are victims, at the bottom of the social chain, and unless they're very lucky, suffering. Because they're victims of the perfect hustle, where the hustlers (Black and White) don't have to worry about nobody ever coming back to say they're lying. How sweet is that!!!?

    Sports Reporter Fired by ESPN for Racist Comments

    Colin Cowherd was a sports radio host for ESPN. He was headed out the door to take a job with Fox Sports. The exit was hastened when Cowherd on Thursday questioned how complicated the sport of baseball could be given that a third of the players were from the Dominican Republic. Colin Cowherd took to the airwaves on Friday to address the complaints that came in response to his comments. Attempting to clear up the controversy, Cowherd noted that the Dominican Republic was not noted for its world class academic abilities. According to Cowherd, baseball is mostly instincts.

    The Sudden Unexpected Death of Sandra Bland

    First the medicine. Sandra Bland reported to the arresting officer and to the jail booking people that she had epilepsy. Epileptic attacks are reported by epileptics to increase in frequency and severity when a person with the condition is under stress. Why is still unknown. See Stress and Epilepsy.

    Blacks and the Swimming Myth

    It's summer, and families are enjoying pools and beaches. It is also the time of year that concerns turn to the large number of black youth who don't know how to swim. Black children aged 5 to 19 are 3-5 times more likely to drown compared to their white counterparts. For years, racists have had a field day using bogus studies to describe changes in bone density and buoyancy in blacks to explain the differences in swimming ability. Racists need something to latch onto to feel superior.

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    Midnight Musings

    I was visiting synchronicity's latest post. I left a comment to a comment rmrd0000 made and then noticed DD left a comment. I appreciated his comment. I got a chuckle. Nothing unusual, there. And for reasons I can't explain, I responded to DD's comment which made reference to my comment. DD offered a funny response to that comment and ocean-kat and PP responded, respectively, to DD's comment. Both also funny. (To be perfectly accurate, I think I'd have to include an additional comment from DD.

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    Re Black Lives Matter

    I watched some black women from ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬ along with other protesters interrupt the presidential candidate town Hall on Saturday at Net Roots Nation.

    I wanted them to be heard. I wanted for everyone to connect in that moment to their REAL fear, pain, and anger. It didn't go well and my best assessment is that no one handled it well. The host never got their question asked. The candidates were unaware of why there were there & demanding attention and the emotion of the protesters while absolutely understandable, I feel overcame their ability to be more effective. They did get some attention to their cause and that is better than nothing.

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    There are some things that politicians running for the President of the United States of America cannot say if they wish to win the nomination from either party.


    Well that ain't gonna work.

    And if there is anyone you once knew who actually is quoted as saying that….well.

    Documenting Evil: The Auschwitz Album

    As part of the 70th commemoration of the end of WWII, I went to an exhibit of the Auschwitz Album. While movie directors have done an amazing job re-creating these awful scenes throughout the years, the actual photos of unphotogenic, unmadeup distressed masses being herded around as they struggle to manage their few belongings along with their friends & relatives is heartbreaking.

    What's more astounding is this seminal horrific event came this close to having 0 photographic evidence even at this late date in the history of photography - only by accident did one of the inmates stumble across this unauthorized photo album a few hundred miles away. 

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    I like Bernie Sanders. He seems to be non-calculating, and he talks common sense. The same is true of Elizabeth Warren, and I think they would make a great ticket. In fact, the perfect ticket. The only problem is, Bernie Sanders is a self-avowed Democratic Socialist, and the American people have a knee-jerk response to the word "socialist."
    Americans have been conditioned by capitalists to revile the word "socialism," even democratic socialism.  They associate it with despotism and closed societies. So the people simply have to be educated into a better understanding of the "isms."  They have to be educated to understand that both socialism and capitalism can be either good, or toxic if taken to extremes - and at this point, capitalism has gone way off the reservation.  According to a Princeton study, unrestrained capitalism has destroyed American democracy.  That's right. Princeton University has done a study that has declared that America is no longer a democracy. It is now an oligarchy, completely controlled by the rich (http://www.bbc.com/news/blogs-echochambers-27074746).

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    I am viewing THE BIG CHILL


    I can hardly handle it.

    Obama greeted by confederate flags.


    Yesterday I might have driven the back way over the Red River in Texas and scooted on up to welcome the President in Durant, Oklahoma---which is usually referred to simply as "Choctaw"---meaning the large casino complex which is the hub of the town.

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    During the sixties we used to say, “I’m Black and I’m proud,” but we never said why we were so proud to be Black. I’d like to correct that.
    I absolutely LOVE being Black - and I'm not just saying that because it's expected of me. While I have the ultimate respect for the unique character of every race and ethnicity, if I'm reincarnated a thousand times, I want to come back Black each and every one of them.
    Being Black in America gives one an education and perspective on life that you can't get anywhere else. That's not widely recognized, because public attention is often focused on the most dysfunctional in the Black community. But contrary to popular belief, that might not be an altogether bad thing, because that allows the excellence within the Black community time to incubate, unmolested by the public eye. That's what allowed Barack Obama to explode upon the world stage as a fully developed powerhouse, and there are hordes of others just like him who are currently incubating in Black cocoons in suburbs and inner cities all over America.
    Another thing that's not widely recognized - even by many Black people - is, what they call  “soul,” that  Black people are so well known for, extends far beyond music. What's commonly referred to as "soul" is actually creativity, and as any cognitive scientist will attest, creativity is a primary indicator of advanced intelligence 

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    Memes: The End of Original Thought

    For me, the saddest thing about Facebook, Twitter, and other forms of social media is the constant use of memes. Too many people have given up on thinking. I understand sharing a meme that's funny, clever, or has a sentimental feel, but to completely outsource your thinking to someone with a meme generating app is troubling to me. The majority of the social, political, and economic based memes I see are blatantly false and designed to be click bait. Information is easier to get now than ever, yet too few are willing to invest the time it takes to read peer reviewed journals, attend talks and lectures, or -at the very least- think for themselves.

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    Economist Michael Hudson Points Out Greece's Debt Is Odious And Illegal

    Michael Hudson is a professor of economics at the University of Missouri at Kansas City. He has been an advisor in helping with this debt crises in Europe. He wrote a very good article for Counterpunch a few days ago and there is a follow up video interview that I think will help explain some missing information that is not being talked about right now concerning the Troika and Greece. 

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    Tumblr and its terrible, horrible, no good, very bad society

    Roleplaying. The word normally conjures to the mind, images of middle-aged men playing Dungeons and Dragons with each other. Not anymore. Today, many kinds of people roleplay as fictional characters online, with brand-new terminology strictly for that fandom, and bizarre rules in societies that only online Internet addicts like myself will understand.

    Bernie Sanders and the Black Vote-July 2015 Edition

    Bernie Sanders has a history of fighting for Civil Rights, but his record is not well known in the black community. Hillary Clinton has name recognition in the community and many black legislators and acquaintances who can serve to verify her connections to the community. little things matter. Joe Biden searching out "Mouse" at the 2012 NAACP Convention was hilarious but sent a subtle message that Biden was connected. Hopefully, we will see similar connections from Bernie Sanders. The black vote is critical for lack presidential candidates.

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    Allen Grayson Announces For US Senate.

    He will be running against Patrick Murphy an other House Rep from Florida in the Democratic Primary. He announced this week with this video. 

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    Florida Supreme Court Orders Congressional Districts Redrawn

    The League of Women Voters filed this case 5 years ago after the GOP held Legislators failed to follow the Fair Districting state constitutional amendment. Instead they held secrete meetings and sent emails to political operatives and pretending to comply with the law. The results was gerrymandered districts.   It has been fought all the way up the court system and now 8 congressional districts have been ordered to be redrawn and submitted to the court for approval.  


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