Counterculture "populism"


    Thank you for this. I wondered what had become of Lind when I noticed there were only very old articles in my news reader. Now I know where he is so I can update my links. Good to see that he is back with a new book. Just finished listening Ezra Klein's interview with Lind discussing it. I rarely listen to podcasts (they are not compatible with my ADD) but found this one worth the extra time and effort.  Link to it below:



    ah Emma, you remind me of the good ole days @ pre-2008 TPMCafe when you and I were part of a very very small group who found columnist Michael Lind's thinking intriguing. (If I recall correctly, he was not so much hated as the neo-libs were, but rather, just ignored. wink)

     This caused me to do a quick "what the heck, lets try it) search on Twitter and I see there is a recent interview with him @ May 15!

    But it was really elitist to give extra powers to people who put time into building these parties -
    everyone should be equal, including independents and people who don't vote - that's democracy.

    The Sanders argument is that he does not have to belong to a party to be it's leader. If actual Democrats voted against him, the primary wasn't fair.

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