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    The Deportation Squad Rules of the Game

    Just this week in the Supreme Court was argued what may well become, in terms of practical impact on millions of lives over a very short period of time, the most consequential decision of the century, (if not back to Dred Scott).


    Todays op-ed by Cecillia Wang of the ACLU (and if you go to her page and read her bio you will fall in love) lays out the chilling state of the law at present, and the horrifying prospect of its enforcement in the context of mass round ups of the swarthy (and your agitated interlocutor counts himself amongst the same, albeit the melanin is of Ashkenazic not Aztec origin...).


    Incredibly, the current controversy rages over a threshold of six months of arbitrary confinement--the ACLU is fighting to require a judge's supervision should pre adjudication confinement (arbitrary by definition) be extended further--at present there is NO limit.


    That's why they call the detention indefinite.


    Now that Trump has announced his plan to concentrate on deporting only convicted criminal aliens speeding up the removal process should expected. Unless the ACLU and other groups support releasing criminals back into the country or delaying their deportations because of some imagined rights this process could be streamlined. It should be fairly simple, identify the captured rascal, verify their criminal history and kick them out. The ACLU could find work with the legal resident aliens with criminal records who have some rights but they should be stripped of their residency and deported also.We have plenty of homegrown criminals high and low and we don't need to import more.

    Imagined rights...


    You can vaporize imagined rights only after a judge says so...



    Some judges seem to be expamding their rights to impose vaporous ideas that jam up the system and keep detainees in prisons while driving up the cost of deportation to about $10,000 each.  This seems more about attacking the deportation of illegal aliens that protecting their rights and it's become quite the cottage industry with many donors supplying the funding.

    This political agenda has devolved to the point now where immigration activists, lawyers and even city leaders are demanding sanctuary for the criminal illegal alien refusing to give ICE access to or information on criminal aliens their police arrest.


    your comment is innocent of specifics, and thus worthless unanswerable.


    with Trump promises...

     Illegals have no rights in this country. We have the right by law that obama never used to kick their butts OUT of OUR country .

    Wrong. America is not to the point yet where the Dear Leader can make lists of people, force them into ghettos, and then load them in cattle cars for 'relocation camps' outside the Homeland.

    They have a right to a hearing.

    The immigration courts are already overburdened and cannot cope with a large influx of cases. No matter how many noncitizens are rounded up, each one is entitled to a hearing. This is not a mere technicality: Five in 10 of those in immigration proceedings win their cases.

    Meanwhile, there is an average three-year wait before a hearing is completed.

    In addition Obama doubled the number of illegals deported over the number Bush deported. There's a cost involved in deporting people and Obama deported as many as congress made possible given the money they allocated. If republicans wanted more deportations they could have allocated more money. We'll see if Trump and his republican congress were serious when flapping their jaws on the campaign trail or just shoveling bull shit for the rubes if they allocate the billions of dollars it will take to deport all 11 million illegal immigrants.

    So Republicans wanted all illegal aliens deported and Obama deported just as many as he could, as many as available money would allow. Is that a good thing? 

    At this point I, and ncd, are simply pointing out the dennis is factually wrong in what he posted. We're debunking ignorance and/or lies. Getting into a debate on immigration is a much bigger discussion. I expect we'll have a much more in depth discussion on the issue at some point in the future when republicans put forth their plans. Briefly though, Obama increased deportations in the naive belief that by demonstrating he was serious about securing the border the republicans would come to the table and work with him and the democrats on a comprehensive reform bill. While I thought it was foolish in that the deportations would not draw republicans in to compromise on a reform bill I also didn't care much because Obama largely protected dreamers and their families and focused on those with criminal convictions. I favor a comprehensive reform bill with a path to citizenship for those who have lived here for years if not decades. But we're not going to get that because the issue is too politically useful for republicans. It's  just too effective and easy for republicans to rile up their base using immigrants as scapegoats to hate on for their troubles. They'll never give up such a successful political ploy by coming up with some compromise solution to the problem.

    Good answer. That said, there is, to my ear, a sound like speaking to one side and saying we did even more than they did, aren't we good, and to the other side and saying we only did it because they made us.  

    Sometimes I just correct the facts without expressing my opinion on the policies involved. You should realize that since I sometimes do that on your posts. That Obama increased deportations is a fact so dennis is wrong. Whether it is good or bad is an opinion that I didn't feel like discussing at this point. Just as ncd stated a fact that immigrants have rights. Dennis is again wrong. How one feels about those rights is a matter of opinion not necessary to discuss to debunk dennis. Sometimes getting some agreement on the facts is a necessary precondition to debate on the analysis of the policy. I also didn't want to spend too much time discussing the issue beyond debunking because I didn't expect to see dennis respond for any productive debate.


    Every now and again I'm reminded of why I occasionally like you, Ocean.

    Agree 100%. 

    At some point, expect some made for TV roundups of brown people somwhere in America, crass Trump showmanship to satisfy the base.

    I always like you, OK!  You do the research, you are thoughtful, and it just so happens that we agree 99% of the time.  

    As to the issue of Obama deporting specified groups:

    Deporting recent arrivals reduces the opportunity to increase the numbers of those who might develop roots (families and children).

    Deporting felons seems to be a no-brainer.  But all of the above deserve a hearing because the Constitution doesn't only protect citizens.

    Dennis needs to get some facts.  I hope we help him and he becomes a regular contributor.

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