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    The high was 22.

    And tomorrow the high is six.

    Soon we will have 10 hours of sunlight in the great white north.

    But it is just toooooooooooo damn cold.


    And forget the goddamn groundhog for chrissakes.

    It just seems that purgatory will keep on and on and on and on...


    It will be cold and cold and cold forever.

    Ten hours of sunlight. That is what I am looking forward to.

    And, when it is cloudy all day, we are warmer?

    This makes no sense whatsoever.

    It just seems so goddamn dark all the time.

    I recall ?

    GW won the election.

    All was lost.

    And then my hero won!

    A Black Guy became President.

    And now......?

    An orange clown is President of the United States of America

    I saw this exposition on CSPAN centering in on Taibbi's new book.

    And what Matt spoke about was the 2116 Presidential contest.

    And Matt had something to say about what the hell he was doing.

    It was not about who won or lost.

    I mean Matt was talking about the process.

    The 'media' (which means nothing really) was there to catch rating points.

    What the hell are we doing here? Matt asked.

    Where the hell is the money? Matt asked.

    Well reporters need money.

    Newspapers need money.

    Internet moguls need money.


    TAIBBI asked the real question.


    Who pays for all of this?

    Well, newspapers need readers and need advertisers.

    Well, blogs need readers and need advertisers.

    Well, cable needs readers and need advertisers.

    So some sombitch says that we need better governance.

    And some other sombitch says we need better fiscal responsibility.

    And some other sombitch says we need more moral fiber in this country.

    And some other sombitch says we need more family values in this country.

    And yet another sombitch says we need to connect more to....whatever.

    And here is this guy who says:



    Except it aint that funny now.

    It was funny then, but it aint funny now.

    Trump spent some money, Trump got a lot of money, but.....

    It never mattered.

    Trump said:





    And, I think Taibbi got it right.

    Just view his CSPAN speech.

    Everybody just hates politics.

    And I am getting there.

    They all lie. They all are filled with hyperbole. They all play with the 'truth'.

    So basically, especially when we are centered in on three or four Midwestern States, we hate everybody and we needed someone who just hated everybody.?

    I am of two minds in all of this as far as the orange haired, orange faced clown we now must kneel down to:



    OR THIS?

    We shall always be foooooooooooled again




    That is all I got today. Not much.









    It's warmer when cloudy as the clouds reduce 'radiation effect cooling' to space. Less cooling at night with clouds, like a blanket keeping warmth in.

    It's the same reason a plant under an eave may survive a freeze while a plant under the open sky may freeze if sensitive. Why your more exposed to the sky front car windshield may get frost but the vertical side windows don't.

    Even the water vapor in the air without any clouds, combined with CO2 keeps warmth in. that's why it gets very cold on mountains, less atmosphere to hold heat between you and space.

    Question related to heat transfer:

    Why was the SR-71 Blackbird, which traveled at the velocity of 2,200 MPH (Mach 3) , black?

    NCD why are you always so nice to me. hahahahahahahahahaha

    Nobody will respond except for you. hahaha

    I get so damned depressed.

    The cold shall never go away.

    But....60 days hence.....I shall bask in the sun once again.

    I get to the point where I am no fun anymore. hahahahah

    But you show up when I am about to give it all up!

    Thank you for being my friend.

    I love this song. Dick,  I have it listed as one of the songs to be played at the gathering after I die.  I have been so sick for a week, that I think your posting it here might be an omen!  Hahahaha!

    Seriously, as if there weren't enough other stuff suggesting the imminent demise of earth itself......

    Thanks Richard. We have a sun problem here in Arizona. Natives are very good at finding the shade!

    Black cars get very hot when in the sun. White is cooler. But not always.

    I learned that the SR-71 was black because a hot black surface gives off its heat better, and at Mach 3 due to air friction, it got hot enough to melt most slloys.

    I'm so pissed too Richard. It's not getting better. I've very much an introvert but one thing I've always forced myself to do is go to the monthly book club at the local library. I haven't gone the last three months because I'm too pissed to be around people. I won't be going this month either. Sooner or later I'll force myself to come back out of my shell but I don't think I'll ever accept this.

    Ocean, I am a hermit for the most part.

    When it is warmer I am out and about four days a week.

    Now I get out three times a week.

    Anyway, there is something about Matt Taibbi that gets to me. He cannot stop smiling. hahahhah

    And then it makes me smile.

    Anyway, today the high is FOUR.

    Four for chrissakes.

    It looks like I will see 30 or more this week end and then the below zero crap will be over for the year.

    November 18th winter came upon us up here.

    Oh well.......

    I have had my air on almost everyday this winter.  

    Donal has been on a roll lately with some very interesting blogs at wordpress about the state of things here and in Europe.  He has been doing some serious reading.  To make it easy for you to find him I will give a link. The last five he has written has a lot to think about. As always he is very rational in his arguments.  Your rant made me think about this.

    Ah, it's the neoliberal bashing - when things go tits up, it will be their fault for never connecting to the common man.

    Yesterday I saw an interesting Swedish or Norwegian experiment on a 6-hour workday coming to a close. Overall very positive, though cosstly to implement - output seemed up, happiness seemed up. Are these supposedly mythical "progressive neoliberals" against this stuff? I was quite pleased - a pro-people experiment but very closely calculated to understand the costs and benefits. I used it as an example of why the EU is exceptional right now, possibly the only region working hard to help its vastly multicultrural, different-situation people out, whatever its flaws.

    And it' disturbing to see the ennui of "oh, it'll fall apart, they didn't try hard enough". My only disappointment is that UK liberals aren't throwing molotov cocktails right now to stay in the EU, but many American liberals seem to think the EU is just some fascist controlling authority, once again missing out on perfectionism.

    Well I hope Le Pen gets pushed back to the sewer, and that Trump makes iy ever clearer what we don't want to happen, but people are tough learners, even a continent that was razed and had a large part of its minorities dragged off to death camps.

    Trump's approval rating is in the 40s. If there were more rational people around, his approval rating should be in negative numbers. There are many people who love Trump's racism and misogyny. They ignore his threats to businesses and to leaders of our allies because he is a "straight-shooter". Trump maintains support because many Americans like what he is doing. Trump and the GOP are putting people like blacks, women, and immigrants in their places. Elizabeth Warren should shut up. Captain Khan's father should just shut up. The news media should just shut up. Trump's supporters are getting what they want. There is very little that Progressives can do to reach them. This is our reality.

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