Don't ask, don't tell is in the process of being repealed

    Wonderful. Finally  joining  the world's other normal countries. "Exceptional" no longer in this regard.

    The vote to limit debate was 63 to 33 with six republicans joining 57 democrats: the 4  announced before :Collins, Snowe, Brown(Mass) and Murkowski plus two additional ones Kirk and Voinevitch.

    The formal vote on repeal  is to come later, sounds like this afternoon.

    It's a good day.



    Wonderful, indeed.

    Hooray!   Past time, but as the Hobbits say: "Need brooks no delay; yet better late than never".  Wink

    Yeah, in about an hour, according to CSPAN.

    So , it's a done deal.

    Hey guys, we really have something to celebrate. The good guys finally won one.

    And if you're patriotic (good for you,sometimes  I wish I were) you can allow yourself if not pride , at least relief that your country has finally joined the civilized world.

    At least in this respect. 


    John McCain, the man who bravely strutted down the pre-surge streets of Baghdad with no security, who endured years of imprisonment asking no special favors, the maverick's maverick, the Senator who showed no panic when our economy faltered, may be so scared he may never again attend a military function or reunion that may have...... openly gay person. Pray for the man!

    Hee.  Just don't pray for him on his lawn...  Wink

    But why would I want to....OH...I thought you said don't PEE on is his lawn. Never mind.

    He's showing his age. He ought to know better. Once he would have.

    I don't like term limits but maybe there should be age limits to prevent people like McCain from hanging on when they  have lost  the mental acuity required for the position.

    As I can confirm.. I'm older than him and , guess what, the mind's not like  a "steel trap" anymore (if it ever was)-more lke a rusty hinge.

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