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    Let us hope that the musical theme for tonight will be:

    Supposedly the first fake returns will arrive in three hours; 6:00 PM EST.

    We shall be looking at Kentucky and some strange Northern Virginia Congressional Seat.

    Kornacki already has his sleeves rolled up.

    Hannity will have his lips curled up.

    Trump might have his pants zipped up?

    Who really knows?

    'They' are already in Texas interviewing 90 year olds.

    'They' are already discussing races that I know nothing about.

    Caravans are arriving any day now, any way now.

    5,000 (or is it 15,000)Soldiers have been deployed on our Southern Border.

    Vigilantes are already on their way to 'aid' in the defense of those borders.

    ICE is already there?

    We already know that homeless mothers and children and....whatever will attempt to sneak into voting booths with fake id's they received from their drug sales.

    Anyway, feel free to chime in.

    I am hoping for more than 100 'hits' tonight?

    Help me.



    How are your districts doing?

    In the end, let us attempt to keep America free from subpoenaing Trump Tax Returns.








    Just remember, 47% of all non voters die before reaching their 78th birthdays due to heart anomolies.

    Lol on the joke

    The troops may be needed to keep the racist knuckleheads from acting out. The racists are unaware that people can legally come to the border to ask for asylum.

    hahahahaha rmrd I did get a kick from this interview of a 90 year old Texan that is all over the net and cable


    That was very moving. I get why she cries.

    The Republicans have created a deep hurt among people who do not agree with their agenda. The tariffs harm people like this woman. Republicans cannot bring us together. They walk in lockstep with the racist Trump.

    Not much so far.

    Man on the street at MSNBC at ASU and all these kids are voting.

    Rachel shows some exit poll for youngsters:

    61% for dems 35% for repubs.

    SEAN HANNITY has accepted nomination as Secretary of Propaganda, Lies and Conspiracy Theories To Attack Democrats, a new Trump Cabinet Department to be formed later this month.

    Not at Politico yet.

    Handshake seals it, last night:

    So he's taking Goebbels old position. Is he planning on being sworn in on Mein Kampf?

    Fox News will at the same time promote him to OberhauptgroppingFührer SS.

    (SS = Scheisse Schlinger)

    And Hannity cannot even admit he is campaigning when he is up on stage campaigning.

    And I thought German wine labels were rough sledding 

    Arthur, there isn’t enough alcohol to get me through tonight. “At least we took Guam”, that will be our mantra.

    Hi Mac.

    I am filled with trepidation.

    Mostly cause I ran out of whiskey.


    Well Bernie is in and so is Tim Kaine.

    According to NBC.

    Things could look worse!

    Skeletor is losing in Fla.

    Pretty good chance we'll get the house.

    9 pm EST. We started down 23. Won 2 so far.Net of 21 to go. 

    In the rest of this half of the country the Rs are likely to win 2 and we're likely to win 14. Net 12.

    Take that from the net of 21 to go and there is 9 left.

    If we've gained 14 to far, says I , we have a better that 50%  chance of doing the same from Chicago to San Diego. i.e. to take control of the House.

    See you in a few hours to celebrate .Maybe


    It looks like we can celebrate right now according to NBC?

    I will take a dem House anyday!

    geez, why would Fox news announce that the Dems had won the House @ 9:45 if they saw there was any chance they would be wrong?!!! That was a sure thing if I ever saw one!


    Well, that was fast. Whole lot more certain than some Ds I've talked to at the DCCC victory party so far!

    — Julie Davis (@juliehdavis) November 7, 2018

    Two tweets of all I collected really stand out right now to me.

    1) Try taking your partisan American hats off for a minute and see what a furriner sees. One who is also an expert in American politics. and who regularly live blogs Trump rallies with mirth and ridicule, Toronto Star's Washington Correspondent:

    2) Jane Mayer, who is not at all a horse race type journalist, notes:

    The there's that Beto is doing so well against Cruz while the GOP governor sailed to victory.

    All three things say that while the country may be terribly divided over Trump and anti-Trump, it is not divided Dem vs. GOP. The trend to Independent voting, and voting based on personality, looks to continue, even through these worst of times of divisiveness. You play old Dem. vs. GOP partisan politics at your peril, the parties apply less and less every day. Trump actually helped speed that along by stealing the GOP.

    Not only that, but "what's the matter with" Kansas now has a Democratic governor:

    NBC News: Laura Kelly projected winner in Kansas governor. Kris Kobach goes down.

    — Kyle Griffin (@kylegriffin1) November 7, 2018

    and we also have our first openly gay governor, in Colorado.


    Celebrate ! 

    At 10 20 NBC calls the House for theDems. 

    I  guess the West Coast has closed voting (except for those in line) but the logic of the 

    process that has been documented in the East means that it's inevitable.

    Prediction. Trump won't run in 2020. 

    After he maneuvers a pardon from Pence,


    At 10 20 NBC that was more than 35 minutes after Fox called it It will be interesting to learn why that was.

    As far as celebrating what happens next in DC, I don't see much reason to. For at least a year, we're looking at the House fighting the wily president kicking and screaming all along the way. The Senate, who knows what they will do. And the House incumbents will be blamed for not accomplishing anything else. All to get: Pence. And in reaction to much-worse-than-Gerald-Ford Pence will no doubt result in a Dem president in 2020, but with a GOP House because they spent all their time prosecuting Trump and getting nothing else done (supposedly, but not actually, because all the news coverage will be on prosecuting Trump.)

    The only positive thing I know we'll get out of this for sure: government enforced coverage of pre-existing conditions in all health insurance.

    You're too pessimistic. I couldn't have told you what would happen today two days ago. I don't think anyone knows what will happen two years from now. What happened today is what was expected, no more, no less. We'll get two years of gridlock. It could have been much worse. 

    On Kansas, LOL at this:

    Exactly, times they are a changin':

    We've dodged a bullet. Whatever comes will be better.

    Have a drink!

    Kris Kobach lost in Kansas!

    The worst loss was the Attorney General position in Florida. If that had flipped, we'd have a mini-revolution.

    on the Fox early call of Dems taking the House:

    After Hannity’s travesty, Fox News redeems itself (just a tad) with a bold election night decision

    By Margaret Sullivan @, Nov. 7

    Nothing could balance out the journalistic embarrassment of Fox News Channel star Sean Hannity appearing at an onstage love fest with President Trump this week at a Missouri campaign rally.

    But the network’s “decision desk” valiantly gestured in that direction on Tuesday night when it made an early prediction that the House would flip to the Democrats.

    It was a stunning moment.

    Coming just after 9:30 p.m., the bold call blew election observers’ minds.

    For the next 45 minutes or so — an eon in election night time — no other news organization backed up Fox. And it wasn’t until 11 p.m. that CNN made its own similar decision.

    After about half an hour of that special kind of loneliness, Fox’s politics editor came on the set to talk about it.

    “Why are we making that call?” anchor Bret Baier asked Chris Stirewalt.

    “We are just that good,” was Stirewalt’s confident reply.

    The call, of course, turned out to be right — and it was a triumph for a network that had had a terrible week from a journalistic perspective [.....]

    I have this theory AA.

    Some Fox bigwigs got together, saw the writing on the wall and decided to call it early so that they could spin the loss as quickly as possible.

    By the way, did you happen to see and hear the anger and loss from Spanky today?


    Yeah I saw parts of the press conference and it was certainly CRANKY SPANKY all the way. He could have been Sister Mary Joseph having a breakdown in front of her 3rd grade class. On the other hand, it also reminded me of the parodies on The President Show where they long ago already did him as having a third grader type tantrum.

    On Fox, you got me thinking a bit about what the heck kind of writing they actually do have on their wall! They've got this shocking present early on when they found that they could feed a new president talking points in the morning and then hear them come out of his mouth in the afternoon. That he was listening more to them than his own advisors. And they've milked it forever and a day. Did they think it was going to last forever? Better start with some new old controversy. Evil Nancy Pelosi?! Sold before. Yuge meme, actually, always good for getting the viewers to put down their remotes....

    P.S. There is no guilt in talking about Spanky talk, everybody who's somebody  is doing it, hah, strange bedfellows here:

    P.P.S. Geez White House attack on Costa is getting majorly vicious, way beyond their usual jihad, pretty outrageous stuff:


    More: the faux media natives are more than restless, plotting revolution, Jay Rosen might finally get his wish to see a White House press conference without reporters:

    the White House Correspondents tribe is not going to let the Acosta thing go easily into the good night:

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