GOP Border Campaign Plan on Cruz Control

    The Republicans don't have the aspiration, motivation or experience to meet challenges facing the nation. What they do have experience at is campaign plans. Republicans particularly love issues that never go away, that will always be there to exploit forever, election after election. If they can make the problem worse so much the better, the TV/media anyway will never call them on it, blaming all failures on 'both sides'. For instance, there will always be women who seek abortions. The way to reduce abortions is to reduce unwanted pregnancies with family planning. The GOP does not support family planning funds, family planning as a concept or women's right to contraception. Ergo, a perfect GOP strategy for a campaign issue they have utilized for decades.

    Republicans have a campaign plan for border security, and the crisis of unaccompanied children coming across our southern border.

    The centerpiece of that campaign plan is Republican Bill 5230.

    Sections of it:



    Section 235(a) of the William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2008 (8 U.S.C. 1232(a)) is amended--

    (i) by amending the subparagraph heading to read as follows: `AGREEMENTS WITH FOREIGN COUNTRIES'; and (ii) in the matter preceding clause (i), by striking `countries contiguous to the United States' and inserting `Canada, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, and any other foreign country that the Secretary determines appropriate'..............

    E) by inserting after clause (i) the following:

    `(ii) may not be placed in the immediate custody of a nongovernmental sponsor or otherwise released from the custody of the United States Government until the child is repatriated...


    Key points, deport 'em fast within a week, keep them in custody, no releasing them to relatives, make them pay for their own lawyers and prove they need asylum, an objective that is very hard to do, failing 70% of the time.

    The Bill has no chance of passing or doing anything to solve the problems of tens of thousands of kids seeking safety or a better life by coming to the US. Ted Cruz, a Senator, was reported to be pushing the House GOP further to the Tea Party 'no compromise' extreme on the Bill. Why does a Senator attend a House in session and influence their deliberations? Perhaps someone can answer. It's been called 'Cruz Control'.

    So Obama is left to try and handle this crisis with no extra funding, while Congress goes into recess for 6 weeks.

    Right wingers claim the migrants are disease carriers and Obama 'spreads them across the country'.

    If this was true, I assume the $3.7 billion Obama requested might be mandated to provide the funds for testing and health evaluations.

    But the GOP has allocated no money. We can assume if any outbreak of anything is detected anywhere before the election, the GOP will accuse Obama as the evil mastermind.

    As it is now, back to the GOP 2014 Campaign Plan. It's a plan for re-election, not for solving the problem. Solved problems aren't grist for getting out the paranoid vote of The Base, who always need something to scare them, or get them mad, to turn out.

    Additionally, the GOP not only wants to immediately deport 70% of the children (the number who do not normally achieve asylum status), they are also moving in the same Bill to deport the 'Dreamers'. Why not go for it all, and ensure Obama will never sign it? If Obama just did, somehow, sign the GOP Bill it would kill its use for the 2014 campaign, so go after those Dreamers.

    These are people who were given legal status for 2 years under a program Obama initiated for children and young adults who were brought to the US as children and have lived no where else since.

    The current Congress, the 113th, has been the most unproductive Congress in modern history, passing just over 100 Bills. what else would you expect when House members are only interested in their own campaigns, and not the nation's problems?




    I agree with you.  They are so desperate to create a new scary bad thing to worry the low information voter.  The rest of us are so tired of it.  We have some really serious things to worry about like global warming.  Cruz is a grifter.

    The Big Scary 80's GOP Campaign Plan was to ramp up fear of the 'Commie' bogeyman Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua. The GOP was going to save us from an invasion of Commies.

    Democrats tried to stop that destabilizing war and shipping of weapons to Central America.

    Ollie North et al illegally armed the death squads of the Honduran Contras, see the Iran-Contra page. Bush Sr. pardoned Secretary of Defense Weinberger before he was even indicted by Lawrence Walsh, for helping run the operation.

    Ortega is still there, he is President of Nicaragua. He never tried to invade Texas.

    Nicaragua doesn't even show up on the chart of illegals, in the US. They are not fleeing to our borders.

    Reports say there are no established Mexican drug gangs based within Nicaragua.

    Most other Central American nations are rampant with drug gangs, and have thousands fleeing violence in their countries. The US Contra operation was partially paid for by using the aircraft and the CIA to traffic drugs back to the US. Nothing like showing them how to run drugs and make money!

    Instead of fighting Ortega we should be using Nicaragua as a model for Central American governments.

    Why does a Senator attend a House in session and influence their deliberations? Perhaps someone can answer


    Happy to help out.


    Cruz is warming up   for what historians will come to call Der Blitzencoup of 2015.


    Thus, when Boehner next stands for Speaker, Cruz intends for his name to be put into contention (oddly, you do not have to be a member of the House to be speaker).

    Once elected speaker, Cruz will ram through articles of impeachment naming BOTH Obama and Biden.


    Meanwhile, cooperating militia cells in states with Repugnant governors will be preparing for a lightning campaign of assasinations, so as to produce multiple senate openings to be filled by appointments controlled by those governors.


    Now the impeachments will result in conviction in the senate


    Thus, with both the president and vice president removed from office, the  presidency will devolve to....


    wait for it....


    Mr. Speaker Cruz.


    you heard it here first.

    President for Life Cruz could bring back the Scary GW Bush Color Coded Terror Alert. With one level added. Too Scary to Have Any More Elections.


    Tickle me Ted...You pull the string and he starts doing his Churchill impression

    He would be a top contender for President of the Confederate States of America. Is it too late?

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