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    This Hannity thingy just got to me!

    This Cohen guy just got caught with his hands on ....his balls or his client's balls?

    And, of course Hannity suddenly cares about lawyer/client crapola.


    Maybe the Cohen thingy is just a smoker, after all?

    I would take a bullet in defense of my President?



    I am sick and tired of Trump and the media on Trump and the idiots who defend Trump and Trump in general.

    I have written before that when POTUS shows up on TV, I mute the TV....

    I would rather listen to Mr. Ed....



    But no matter how I try, Hannity still survives?

    For years I had this thing about Rush.

    Then I had this thing about Beck.

    Then I had this thing about Alex Jones.

    But for some reason, I end up with Hannity?

    And who is one of the top advisors to our current psychotic POTUS?

    It appears to be Seany?

    My god I named my son Seany. Of course I never heard of this craphead since Hannity was born 16 years before my son!


    I am losted.

    I only post this because Seany got caught with his finger in the cookie jar. His attorney's cookie jar.

    Of course this FOX Defender lies every goddamn night.

    Of course this man is just a shill for this criminal POTUS.

    Of course this man has not told the truth in two decades; or more?

    But, he has a soul.

    He thinks that he is 'working' for the greater goooooooood?

    Of course, the greater good involves his own economic good.

    When I think of Hannity, all I can think of is this song.

    And I do not know why?


    I thought about this.


    Hannity decided; well shit.  I mean they put bread in my jar.

    And Hannity decided, I need more in my jar?

    And Hannity decided; who gives a shit about the truth anyway.

    And Hannity decided; there is no truth anyway.

    Except for bread in my jar?










    They say taking apart and destroying a nation can be very profitable for traitorous lying scum.  Let's hope he fails and self deports. Vote out Republicans in November!


    But NCD, it is getting to the point where I'm no fun anymore?


    Thank you for reading my drivel.

    I am close to giving up.

    But what would I really give up, anyway?

    the end


    You'll like this "faux news":

    Good one AND THE TRUTH!!!!

    Saw this tweet:

    “I have the right to privacy,” the multi-millionaire TV pundit who puts up fake bulletin boards of current and former government employees he goes after night after night on his show says after his name is spoken once in court. …

    yeah,I saw that elsewhere on Twitter, as it freaked Seth Ambramson out. Doesn't surprise me cause it's just so Dershowitz. He's become like a moral robot about what he thinks is right and what he thinks is wrong since like the Bush presidency, he gives a shit about currying anyone's favor. betcha he stabs even Trump in the back some day soon. I recall that recently his once student Toobin said to him recently on tv "Alan, what happened to you?"

    As much as I like him being Mr. Righteous in this situation, people like him scare me, the Spanish Inquisition....or Savonarola reincarnated, Jewish version.cheeky

    No on ever expects the Spanish Inquisition.

    Flavius, over the week end I watched Monty get togethers going back to the 90's and more recently.

    Did you know that they still tour; in their seventies and I think it was Cleese who noted that they all wished to emulate Mick. hahhah

    Anyway, here ya go:


    Calamity Sean
    searched the vanity in vain
    for his magic comb.

    What let him be most savage
    got mixed into the cabbage.

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