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    I M Sanctimonious

    Who'd have thunk it?  I just don't know what to think anymore.  

    More than a week ago, news anchors were predicting this very capitulation ,er... outcome.  I mean, to a tee!  Why not at least be a little mavericky and do something that might surprise even a news chuckler.  If your "strategy is predicted by every 'Who Flung Dung' in front of a camera, I would like to suggest that it isn't a strategy at all.

    I won't repeat myself about letting everything expire and then...blah, blah, blah.

    If giving everyone a tax break for up to $250,000 and NOT borrowing to give tax breaks for billionaire Hedge Fund managers (what jobs do THEY create), and standing up to the Party of NO when they refuse to extend unemployment for those who can't find jobs -- well, if that makes me sanctimonious, then what is our President?  And I will proudly wear my sanctimony for all to see.



    Right now...with the White House...everything is a Study in Foregone Conclusions.

    I don't understand his desire to attack his allies before his opponents.  Sometimes I think that if Obama had been president after 9/11 he'd have invaded Portland.


    Look on the bright side.  At least Obama would have known about the cultural divisions here, between the minority in Portland who like the sun (let’s call the Sunnys) and the majority who don’t (let’s call them Shia, as in “Shia! It’s too hot today”)

    Here is a comment I made in response to the santimonious speech yesterday.

    “Mr. President, you frame reality in your terms that this was the best deal you could make and are 'sanctimon­ious' about this.

    We see you concede everything before you even enter the negotiatio­ns we feel like we are getting short changed in the negotiatio­ns. We want to go into negotiatio­ns without conceding everything first and see what we get then. To me that's not sanctimoni­ous, it's 'intellige­nt'.

    Mr President your leadership style is not working for our country. While it appears to you that you have made short terms gains that are 'best', I see the long term costs for your choices making us far worse off in the long term.”

    Rachel Maddow pointed out last night that the 'concessions' in this bill were not really concessions.  Democratic senators believe they would have eventually gotten the unemployment extensions if they stayed in session longer.  She also pointed out the the other tax cuts the president got 'for us' were concessions made to the republicans in the stimulus bill.

    This bill is very nice for the republicans because they can also blame the expansion of the deficit on the president.  It's all a great big christmas present for the republicans and a big FU to the dems.

    I am done with this president.  I already asked him not to run in 2012 a few weeks ago. 


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