I was going to filibus......

    ...and I´m not going to yield to the gentleman from Kentucky until they drag me off the lecturn.

    It was  always fundamentally undemocratic, for most of our history shifting what should have been the rights of the majority   to a self elected coterie not usually consisting of Jimmy Steward and his 95 best friends.One could claim it´s payback for Garland but when else fails try the truth:Chuck ¨called¨  McConnell who laid down  4 aces.



    This is probably a good thing more long-term for the legislative process and governmental sclerosis generally. 


    It's a shame democrats didn't get rid of the filibuster 8 years ago

    I recall Jim Allen as Senator was talked about in glowing terms for reviving the filibuster. I'd probably be disgusted to review what he was filibustering.

    Since this only ends filib's for SCOTUS noms & nothing else, I have to ask: has a SCOTUS nom ever been filib'd before? I could be wrong, but I believe that this was the first time. So, this doesn't actually 'end' any problem of procedural obstruction. Rather it stopped one before it could do any harm.

    PS: I'd have been happy to let the DEM's use it - just with the proviso that it be an honest to goodness talking filib. That's have been pretty interesting IMHO.

    The Republicans have filibustered recently, only the Dems let them skip all the blustery all-night talking part, presumably so they could get home and wash their BMWs.

    This http://talkingpointsmemo.com/edblog/opposing-a-corrupt-transaction  gives some good historical information about use/and fake use of the filibuster by Josh Marshall.


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