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    "It takes two to Tango..."Your child kidnapped? $5,000,000 Demand? Her murder threatened?

    Among the most infuriating frameworks enunciated by the wise and profound who claim time on TV is the trope that by refusing to give in to utter blackmail, Pelosi and the Dems are part of the problem.


    Why not just split the difference at 2,500,000, opine such diverse pundits as David Brooks and Chris Wallace.


    The manifest stupidity and racist motivation of the demanded WALL!!! is besides the point, I guess.


    While you might well make a counteroffer in the interest of saving your child's life, you ought not be excoriated as a morally equivalent to the kidnappers if instead you went all Liam Neesom on them.


    I say, "Nancy, cut his (tiny) balls off, and wear them for a pendant".



    Yeah, that was one of the atrocities that triggered my post.

    Would that make him "de-pendible"?

    "Trump threatens to hold his breath starting Tuesday 6 am, if Pelosi doesn't give him the Wall. Guiliani and Squirrel Lady both say Trump is not kidding."

    I could support this plan but for two problems. First even if Trump could hold his breath until he passed out when unconscious he would start breathing and not die. Second Trump lies so often I suspect he'd only pretend to hold his breath.

    good one!

    If he gets his way here, why wouldn’t he repeat the behavior with the debt ceiling?

    Why did "The Ransom of Red Chief" pop into my head all of a sudden?

    I think you have the germ of an idea there.
    Make him pay to be free of the hostages.

    I was thinking of him as RedChief - ok, not 9 years old, but all the other traits are there.

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