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    15 January 2021

    Buy Back the Block L.A. - Los Angeles Standard News

    By Jason Lewis

    The community group holds monthly meetings to teach
    real estate and financial literacy as a way to combat
    gentrification, and they abide by their slogan,
    “Don’t sell grandma’s house!”

    For more information about Buy Back the Block L.A. and for
    information about their meetings, visit their website at
    www.buybacktheblockla.com and follow them on Facebook
    and Instagram.  Videos of their previous meetings are on their
    YouTube channel.

    Los Angeles Standard at Wikipedia

    The Los Angeles Standard Newspaper is an African-American
    owned print and online publication distributed in Black
    communities of South Los Angeles and Inglewood. This free
    publication was launched in 2016 by owner/publisher
    Jason Douglas Lewis.

    The Standard is known for original, community-based stories.
    The majority of the articles portray Black communities in a
    positive light, and Lewis wanted to focus on stories that larger
    publications overlook. It does not feature very many national
    or mainstream stories, but rather stories that are based
    specifically in South Los Angeles and Inglewood. It is particularly
    known for its photography work. All of the pages in the print
    version are in color, and photos are typically run fairly large.




    As SF moves to Austin this model of community self-preservation movement becomes increasingly important - including the Zoom-like tools to simplify organizing and teaching. Affordable housing and maintaining livability will increasingly be huge challenges, ones that people experience every day, rather than the more distant global warming, etc. And not just in the US - Kinshasa is predicted to *quadruple* in size by 2050. The Economics 101 wisdom from my college has been that rent control raises prices, but rampant speculation and the opening up of international markets to players with tens of billions to invest means there's no sane real estate model ahead - it's a scarce commodity inviting in sharks to plunder and extort. How to preserve the local hood? Invest in political power, organizing - the new "neighborhood watch"

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