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    L.A. hits 300 homicides and L.A. police killings: tracking homicides in L.A.



    November 20, 2020 -  LATimes

    L.A. hits 300 homicides for first time in a decade

    Amid a rash of weekend gun violence, Los Angeles early Sunday reached a bloody benchmark not seen in a decade: 300 homicides.

    The milestone comes amid growing concerns about spikes in violence this year, not just in Los Angeles but also other big cities across the nation.


    And on the other side of the coin...The data collection below is for a comparison of the numbers of police shootings that are recorded as justifiable homicides according to the LAPD and Sheriffs and the County DA.


    November 21, 2020 - LATimes

    L.A. police killings: Tracking homicides in Los Angeles

    Since 2000, at least 908 people have been killed by law enforcement in Los Angeles County, according to homicide records from the county medical examiner-coroner.


    Almost all of the dead were men, nearly 80% were Black or Latino. More than 97% were shot to death.

    Criminal charges are rare. In nearly all cases, the use of force was deemed legally justified by the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office, which conducts an investigation into each incident. Since 2000, only two officers have been charged as a result of shooting a civilian while on duty.

    Who is being killed

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    Guns and Gangs

    (I used to live downtown -
    it looked crazy last time I was there)


    Interesting project they have there; appreciate you sharing it. I was so impressed I did some screenshots for those who might not be able to access the page; here they are

    From that, doesn't it seem like it would make more sense that  L.A. should have a "Latino Lives Matter" movement? Just asking.

    Arty and PP...

    Thanks for posting those stats. Wasn't sure if
    the bandwidth of the site would go overload.

     "Latino Lives Matter" movement? Just asking.

    Don't you think we don't. And I'll guarantee you
    they can be as tough as junk yard dogs, in the
    true sense of the meaning. Sheriffs really tread
    carefully 'round them, or just shoot 'em...


    As 1 of the graphs show, gang activity drives much of this activity.  And with Latinos at half the LA population along with that gang activity, not surprising the lead in police killings as well. Still, avg deaths by police at 45 a year? Doesn't sound like that many. Greater LA's 19 million people.

    Police confused re: citizen rights

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