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    McCutcheon: Chief Justice Roberts chooses institutional over party loyalty.

    This is not entirely unexpected, as his title is, after all, Chief Justice.  Still (Taney, C.J., and Rhenquist C.J., egregor), not every U. S. Supreme Court Chief Justice in history as been similarly virtuous.  .
    Roberts , ruling in Mc Cutcheon, has discovered that he does not like the smell of corruption when the stank clings to his own robes (metaphorically).
    I believe that Roberts attempt to deconstruct with such granularity the manifold ways that the self interest of a political being will find to justify a thumb on the scale.  (Or, in his preferred metaphor, a crooked strike zone)will generate jurisprudence that will become a wedge against the eimpact, iof Citizens United.


    It beggars imagination the extent to which  the phrase "the appearance of corruption" has been eviscerated of all meaning, somehow.



    You present this telephone conversation like it might have been a bad thing.

    The really bad thing is how it didn't tank Walker's political career.

    God, I sure thought it would at the time!  The guy is dumber than dirt, and venal to the core.  The fact that it made hardly a ripple is emblamatic of what we have descended.

    Koch controls Wisconsin. Some dude name Brooks introduced a stupid bill to limit what foods people on food stamps can purchase.  This is the 3rd Koch controlled state to do this in the last few months. I have been waiting for it to pop up in Florida but we are headed to a shut down over ACA. The bills restricting food purchase are trying to challenge the program.  Also it just a big insult to the intelligence of people who have to rely on them. I don't think the Kochs are all that sane in their old age. 

    David is crafty...not to be underestimated.

    Hi Jolly!

    Good to see you again.

    I assume that you are referring to regulations concerning the election of judges, statewide.

    I was a little taken back.

    I recall Judge Roy Bean

    I still think the world would be better off with Roberts retiring to some lobbyist firm where he could make a billion bucks a year.

    The telephone call just sends me back to Milwaukee decades ago (or really now) when there was Dem justice in the state but no justice in the cities.


    Hiya, Dick.  Got fed up with my cranky wi fi swallowing posts for a minute, but I'm over it...

    Flower said the same thing about her wi fi.  You just have to keep trying until one sticks. 

    Networks are cranky by nature...we take a lot for granted when we type something on the screen of a machine in our lap and expect a smooth handshake every time the various ends of the network have to find each other out there in the ether.  

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