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    Okay, so we now have this irritant known as Political Correctness. Or PC.

    Now just to start off; Personal Computer seems good PC to me!

    But if we move on to Laptop. Well, to tell the truth, most folks have laptops with gigabytes so much more intensive than the old PC's....I mean I have a Laptop with four wires coming out of it and I never ever move it...
    Anyhow, laptop does not seem so PC to me.

    Laptop takes me back to eighth grade history class. I mean the bell rung so I would be cued to leave my desk and proceed to math class....except I realized, even at that age that it would be bad PC to stand up.  So boys like me would end up holding their books (this is way before back packs and such) at crotch high so to speak.
    Kind of like our books were laptop; in nature. I mean the entire mess was caused by nature for chrissakes. But eighth grade boys knew damn well that nature must be hidden for chrissakes!

    Getting beyond boners.....

    I grew up at a time that one could never say certain words at home, like:

    Dad, you should not be drunk as hell and you should not say bullshite and the word 'niggers' in front of one's children.


    Mom, you should lay off the booze and please, please read a new recipe book that includes fresh vegetables and fresh fruit and less lard and less....I mean my acne has just reached new heights and other kids are afraid I will get puss on them.


    Father Ryan, there cannot be three persons in one God and.....oh forget it.


    Mrs. Higgens, Washington was the richest personage in the Colonies due to his use of inside information gathered as he was an employee of the British governors in Virginia and the other colonies. I mean he was a government paid employee at the time. And using this information Washington became the wealthiest personage in all of the colonies; especially when he married the richest widow at the time.

    And Mrs. Higgens, George never gave Congress any information concerning his holdings at the time of his election as the first President of the United States of America and he never put all of his lands into a blind trust, for chrissakes.


    It does not seem to be Politically Correct to point out that Jeff Sessions used to hate black folks and used his position in Alabama a thousand years ago to disrupt inquiries into the lynching of negroes?
    I am losing it. I must edit. Bear with me.

    But the new President Elect has a lot of money and we know little about this money because the PE will not give us any info concerning his MONEY.

    And it appears that it would be politically incorrect to ask for more info concerning the PE's holdings.

    And it appears that it would be politically incorrect to request info concerning the PE's pending appointments that will rule all executive agencies.

    And it appears that requesting more time in order to look into past and present economic ties to these pending appointments would be politically incorrect.

    And it appears that to challenge the PE's idea that his children might man the world wide corporate control of the PE's holding would be politically incorrect.


    I am having problems believing in anything anymore.

    Bill Maher makes fun of the fact that he sold weed in college.

    He even brags about how he shorted his users.

    And yet others, like Malcom X ended up in prison for doing the same damn thing.

    Oh Dick, you are meandering.


    I meander a lot.

    Those in control decide what is PC and what is not PC.

    Those in control decide what is truth and what is not truth.

    Those in control decide what is right and what is wrong.

    Those in control decide what is legal and what is illegal.

    Whether we are talking about family values or community values or national values or patriotic values or religious values or....

    I am depressed.

    And I recall this old song about 'values'




    Fake news?

    I have been chronicling Rush Limbaugh for years. Hell....

    I have been chronicling Fox News for years.

    I watched the Bush Admin for 8 years.


    Fake news; really?

    The other side might call anything, and I mean anything, fake news that disproves the other side's premises.

    We cannot win!

    Pluto is a planet, Pluto is not a planet.

    It never stops.

    There is no end.

    Reagan misinformed all the time.

    Certainly Nixon misinformed all the time.

    But if you come to the realization that there is no information really, I mean if you come to believe that everything is bullshite really and if you come to the conclusion that capitalistic advertisements just reflect this might find yourself in the same place I find myself.


    Live with it.

    Give it up. There is no truth. There is no nexus.There is no hope. There is no salvation. We all are born and we will all die. (Except for Cheney of course)

    And so....













    The Republicans are engaged in a coup. They are now in love with Putin. Putin is in love with white nationalists. The GOP poisoned Flint and want total control of NC. Republican voters are OK with all of this. Democrats are the only rational and patriotic people left in the country. We have to have each other's back.

    Hi rmrd!

    I keep adding to this drivel. hahahaha


    Repubs now 'like' or admire a tyrant. hahahah


    Everyone wishes to cite Orwell.

    Orwell is important and so are so many other authors of late.

    But we live now; we live in the now.

    I shall do all I can to keep your back rmrd.

    Oh, I had this quote in my head the last few weeks.

    You can be in my dream if I can be in yours.


    That is all I got.

    Trump supporters are mesmerized. They will not admit a mistake and will oppose any opposition to Trump even if it hurts them directly. We are in perilous times.

    Uh... Dick...

    The one and only...





    Oh Ducky....

    It's all so goddamn goooooooooooofy.










    But Hillary's email server...

    Modern Midas, everything he touches turns to gold, even the bathroom plumbing. At least this way he could manage to do it twice. "Room service, another Mountain Dew - and make it snappy".

    So the new PC involves a pissing contest.


    I'm beginning to wonder which scenario would fit Putin's long game best:  to control the next president, knowing how irrational and unpredictable he is (even Putin probably does not want a nuclear war), or conversely, to  delegitimize the President=Elect, and thereby throw our country into greater chaos and paranoia.

    Any thoughts?

    Good question, CVille.  My gut reaction is to think the latter.

    Agree with BF. Trump can't be controlled by anyone.

    Chaos in governance, and the certainty of Russian hacks on future candidates, along with unending fake news/disinformation, is the long term plan. Discourages/disillusions possible candidates, and voters.

    Weakens democracy and governance, which the anti-democratic Republicans are 100% OK with, and very willing to let Putin help keep them in power.

    Well I am sure the nation's number one tweeter will keep us informed!

    We have an 11 year old mind at the helm?

    The other repubs will work around him.

    But why should that allay my worries?

    I got carried away with PC whilst writing this drivel.

    So I amended my post with regard to Beauregard!

    It was wrong and I apologize for that.

    I edited it. So I would not look that bad.

    But Sessions does not like Black Folks who think like he does not.

    Anyway, I find my use of the word in bad form.

    Quoting my Dad....well that is the truth and not meant to be anything but the actual truth as I recall it.

    Several times, I might add.



    We all have our bad days and words. 

    I only heard my father use that word once, but it wasn't because he didn't have it in his vocabulary handbook.  I spent calendar-limited time with him growing up, so maybe that's why most of my childhood memories of him are exaggerated movie-of-the-week ads.  My memories are mostly yummy, fuzzy, warm and what every daughter who only has her father when she's desperately missing her mother needs.  But when, as an adult in line at the buffet at his granddaughter's reception, I heard him casually refer to a news article and evoke that word I was astounded.  I'm not even sure what hit the hardest - his casual use of the word portraying himself racist or that I actually understood and dismissed it.  Understood because he was a seventy year old man from the south and dismissed it because I didn't know what to say.  I'm still astounded.  And ashamed ... but not of him. 

    I am late on this Missy.

    Maybe I missed one of my own comments.

    My son reads me. I mean I thought he just was being polite.


    No he reads me, and he called me last month and told me to 'fix it'.

    And later on I found out he even reads the comments?

    I just thought of this today. He called me and he will come see me and bring me a new computer.

    He found 'a deal' and I will give him 2/3 now and the rest in April.

    Honestly, I did not know where to put this thought.

    At any rate, Seany tells me when I have gone tooooooooooo far.

    the end

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