"Ok Boomer"


    Brilliant. Love the Patty Hearst cameo. Angela Davis was never so articulate as when articulating proceeds. Probably need a glossary to identify the rest.

    quite an interesting set of 3 tweets on the new generation gap(s):

    Jeezus, was bad enough when Obama was pushing that crap (just cuz it was his only significant Senate work). Why would nuclear powers use nukes when they're getting what they want thru cyberwar, big money payoffs behind the scenes, unlikely alliances...?


    <sarcasm> but but but if "they" would just do "outreach" and beg them all to go and vote </sarcasm>  "They" being some mysterious people who do your politics for you while you do other stuff.

    Let's do an OK boomer thing right here as long as we're being accused:

    I'll tell ya what got boomers in the practice of voting: it was called the draft, Vietnam. But first, they had to fight to lower the voting age to 18! Believe it or not. Yes, we made it possible for you to vote and not to be drafted. And you don't use the first and take the second for granted.

    Do I sound like Spiro Agnew? I think not. You don't know what a Spiro Agnew is? Look it up!

    And Selma, and Stonewall, and Ms. Magazine... (and Playboy earlier - greatly offended the McCarthy+evangelical types)

    And one of the greatest fuckups of all time, running a free love/free stuff/antiwar candidate against one of the most hated figures in American politics, one who'd be impeached & resign within 2 years - and lose by a landslide!!!

    what lesson do you draw from that, snowflakes?

    Then Boomers elected the Tea Party and Trump.

    Gen-X did their damage too :-(

    Hard to believe the 35-40% support in the younger age groups, but there it is. :(

    I talk about the Hispanic girl, young 20's, who was disillusioned with Hillary the week before the election so wouldn't be voting. Someone did a number on a vast swath of people - Pizzagate or Libya or whatever.
    (it should be reminded that Hillary made her Qaddafi comment *before* we found out he died, but just another example how people remade the facts to make her a monster)

    It's amazing how many people talk of Hillary as a warhawk or a warmonger, while Obama who was her boss is just a nice guy, never mind his surge, his keeping troops in Afghanistan, his approving the Libyan mission, etc.  [and Hillary wasn't allowed to pick her own deputy at State].  Even Hillary's call for a no-fly zone over Syria - typically a peaceful, low confrontation move - look at 10 years of containing Iraq - was attacked as inviting WWIII with Russia. Propaganda works.

    well, there was that Trump was an isolationist, until he wasn’t

    While most New Yorkers knew he was an ass and a charlatan and didn't believe his p.r. as many in the rest of the country still did, even they didn't know the real extent of his wack until he started in on arguing about the size of his inauguration crowd.There was an expectation that he would drop the old Trump show as he became president. And do the things he said in the campaign, however ineptly. Also, I'm sure that many thought things like "the wall" was a metaphor.

    I am surprised that you are. Virtually every poll of every kind shows roughly 1/3 of our population to be stubbornly right-wing conservative since at least the Reagan era. That hasn't changed, and though it's common for some to become more conservative as the age, it includes all ages.It hasn't fluctuated.

    Plus Trump sold himself as non-traditional, as blatantly anti-establishment-Republican, and totally open to third ways, something new and different.

    People don't in general change their minds - they're replaced by people with different views.

    in only 2 areas of 8 - gay marriage & marijuana legalisation - did significant numbers within a cohort change their opinion.

    Argument & persuasion are largely futile otherwise.

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