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    I had an epiphany last night.

    I mean there was a star in the east and I looked at it like the vision was being presented to me for the first time!

    Usually I find a truth (in the gut sense anyway) after running into a convergence of scenes, a convergence of characters, a convergence of reported truths.

    Here is how I came to my epiphany.

    First, I love Martin Bashir. He is either the funniest or second funniest pundit on cable today.

    He is naughty sometimes, but you cannot be a true comedic genius without being at least a little naughty.

    He had his normal 'panel' going into his afternoon riff. And one of the panelists discussed a press interview with Governor Christie.

    It turned out that Christie attempted to dump all over the journalist but the journalist fought back.

    Martin says:

    You should pick on somebody your own size.

    I burst out laughing, even more than I normally do at this naughtiness. I mean come on, Martin never uses the 'F' word and never blasphemes my Lord & Savior Jesus Christ for chrissakes.

    But my difficulty is whether or not Martin is as funny as Al Sharpton.

    Now on one level, Al appears to be just terrible on his new show.

    He stumbles around, he has trouble reading his tele-prompters and couple this with his Southern-Black-Preacher delivery and I get a kick out of it. Maybe it is just some racist demon lurking in my subconscious.

    But when he appears on someone else's panel (they play musical chairs a lot at MSNBC) he will sit quietly and seem to be staring into outer space as Scarborough or whoever lets into the political left.

    Somewhere along the line, when it is Reverend Al's turn, he will calmly and rather quietly reply to the nonsense and begin reciting about 15 scenes of record to disprove the anti-leftist rant themes presented.

    And I swear I have had to clean coffee off of the keyboard following this discourse.

    Reverend Al is much much brighter than one would at first surmise. He has a talent and he has a memory and he, at times will tone down the hyperbole and just crush an opponent.

    So I was thinking about this.

    On April 30th I get my normal CQ email. This memo simply supplies me with information concerning the probable actions of the Senate or the House for the day.

    CQ will also give me a rather stilted calendar for the President of the United States.

    On May Day the POTUS had nothing scheduled but a meeting with Biden and his chief of staff.

    I usually scan these emails and then delete them and go on to other things.

    Well the repubs are up in arms.

    Some turd is on CNN talking about how the Prez is politicizing about the death of Osama.

    WSJ and FOX and McCain and Mitt are screaming blood murder about how heroes do not claim to be heroes, about how it is beneath the office of the Presidency to spike footballs in the Oval Office (talk about mixed metaphors!)

    Hell Arianna is screaming bloody murder about the spiking of a ball in the end zone!

    So I am running a bunch of errands and later I discover that the President is on a plane to Afghanistan!

    This trip takes place after Barack has made a number of appearances and giving speeches about what a great leader he is and how Osama has been dead for almost a year and...

    And behold:

    There is President Obama on cable testifying before hundreds and thousands of men and women in uniform.

    He is shaking hands and commending his soldiers for their bravery on the battle field and the deeds they have accomplished.

    And he is underlining how the Seals involved in the attack on the Bin Laden compound were the real heroes

    And he is signing papers with that Afghan leader.

    Now you see what he did?

    He knew damn well, when he was making those 'outrageous?' claims about his accomplishments that he would end up in Afghanistan on May Day.

    And Barack knew, absolutely knew the blow-back he would receive from his enemies (and some of his friends including Lady Huffington and our Chicago Tribune friend). He knew it and he could have easily written these responses prior to hearing them on tape provided by his aides.

    But these morons had no idea that our POTUS would be in Afghanistan performing all these miracles.

    All of a sudden McCain is praising Obama for the trip, praising Obama for arriving at the battle site, praising Obama for the timing of the trip—to coincide with the anniversary of the murder of Osama.

    Mitt reverses himself within hours of his initial bullshite reaction to the bravado of his opponent.

    Barack Obama had this all planned from sometime last week or so.

    He knew exactly how his enemies would respond and he knew that these enemies would have to retract all their previous comments once he showed up in Afghanistan.

    This all reminded me of the Press Ball last year, not this year.

    Talk about timing!

    I mean he somehow got THE TRUMP to attend the banquet.

    Barack then scalded the prick.

    He had just issued his 'long form' affirmation of birth so that THE TRUMP could not possibly have responded to the issue.

    So Barack just roasts the motherf&&^*er making it clear that THE TRUMP has no idea what it would be like to be POTUS, making it clear that THE TRUMP certainly knows nothing about investigations into birth records and making it clear that THE TRUMP's biggest decision over the last year was whether or not to fire Bussey or Meatloaf.

    But it does not end there.

    I mean Seth Meyers spends a lot of time pissing all over THE TRUMP at this gala; which Barack certainly knew Seth would do prior to that presentation.

    But Barack knew that within 12 to 15 hours, the world would be informed that Osama was dead, that Osama was dead pursuant to the order of the President of the United States.

    Now Trump was screwed.

    Funny Hair could not respond the day following the banquet. He simply had no ability to respond. Not only because Obama had published the long form certificate.

    I mean the world's #1 most wanted man had just been killed.

    I mean for the next week who the frick would wish to speak to THE TRUMP anyway?

    I was reminded of my old blog concerning all this when I watched Seth Meyers on Letterman last night.

    THE TRUMP was so goddamn mad at Letterman that Dave reported some 20 minute rant on the telephone that his producer had to endure from the idiot following Letterman's satirical take on the banquet the week following the incident.

    And Seth, well Seth has seen THE TRUMP. Hell THE TRUMP was his friend having appeared on SNL.

    Now all of a sudden, for the past year THE TRUMP calls Letterman a third rate comic and depicts Seth as marble mouth! Ha

    And THE TRUMP according to David had appeared on his show scores of times in the past but has not appeared once since the banquet last year.

    THE TRUMP had been destroyed by Barack Hussein Obama and all those who seemed to affirm this fact would be shunned by THE TRUMP till the end of eternity!

    Lastly I would remind you of the 2008 race for the Democratic nomination that split the old Cafe crew into two parts.

    One part was praying for the shattering of the glass ceiling for women.

    The other part was praying for the shattering of a steel enforced ceiling for African Americans.

    I remained neutral because I wanted both contenders to be on the ticket and I did not care who was on top of that ticket.

    Anyway, I put it to you.

    Barack knew, absolutely knew, how many states Hillary would take and how many states he would win.

    Barack knew, absolutely knew the difference between winner take all primaries and proportional distribution of delegates.

    And Barack knew that he could sew up the nomination by working like hell (as Ron Paul is working right now) to get his people in those caucus states and he ended up winning the nomination precisely because of those caucuses.

    Now this is all opinion.

    There are still people here at Dagblog who might feel I missed the point regarding the 2008 Dem fight.

    It is just that Barack plays chess whilst Luntz and all those mothers at the RNC figure they will be victorious per huge money run ad campaigns and rhetoric and placement of moles on cable news.

    And Pudge Luntz and his folks will put wires on people's heads and record 'key words' and enlarge the old Newt list and the revised Turd Blossom list of accepted terminology.

    But Barack is something else.

    Now Axelrod and others (including Biden who might just be planning his foot in mouth habits for effect) certainly are part of the team.

    But I think, when you look at this orphan who managed to get into Harvard Law School, that genius doest lurk.

    I am not certain of course.

    Quantum Mechanics tells me nothing is certain.

    But Barack will act in a certain manner knowing exactly how it will play on cable and knowing exactly how his enemies will respond.

    And then he closes in for the kill.

    I am beginning to think that Barack Obama is a genius on a level we have never seen as leader of the free world.

    This has been just one of my periodic rants with no 'links'. But I feel compelled to at least offer some of the recent articles I read before I reached this strange epiphany.





    Hmmm. Obama as a chess player, I'm not convinced, although it is often written about him. I'd always had him pegged as a poker player.



    So, help me out here if you can. In your use of this clip do you see CW as Obama or is CW reading something which signifies Obama's style. The reason I ask is that either way would seem to fit pretty well.

    Well, neither, LULU. I used this clip because I think CW is way hotter than Lady Gaga in a creepy kind of way and I just wanted to get across the point that Obama has a good poker face and uses it to advantage. That's all.
    I'm feeling  kinda shallow today. indecision

    What is it about Walken anyway? I just love the guy.

    His accent is never covered up. He relishes it.

    I think it is his timing!

    He started out as a song and dance man actually but he would have triumphed as a stand up comedian for sure.

    Yeah, I like him too. His face and speech mannerisms seems to project ironic amusement at almost everything.

    Wonderful link!

    I certainly agree that President Trickster reads his opponents well and knows when to hold them and knows when to fold them!

    Richard, did you see this commentary on Driftglass:

    "If Bush had actually done his job and killed Osama bin Laden, the Right would have cleared room for him on Mt. Rushmore. If Bush had killed bin Laden and helped take down Gaddahfi? Over a single summer? Fuck, the Right would this minute be carving his face on the Moon. "

    I could not agree more.

    And here I was swearing at the tv listening to the rants of the hypocrites and all the while the MAN was headed for Afghanistan!


    I forgot

    I hereby render unto NCD the Dayly Photo of the Week Award for this here Dagblog Site, given to all of him from all of me.


    If Bush had . . . helped take down Gaddahfi? 


    He would have been an untrustworthy prick and hypocrite (again and still): as you may recall, he normalized relations with Libya, and called Gaddhafi "a friend," so he could sell him weapons that Gaddhafi would thereafter use against his own people.


    dd, One of your very best 'rants.

    Trump is such a cartoon figure.  A model image for a sad sack rich guy who without his material wealth is worth less than most.

    I too believe that....

    But Barack will act in a certain manner knowing exactly how it will play on cable and knowing exactly how his enemies will respond.

    And then he closes in for the kill.

    I am beginning to think that Barack Obama is a genius on a level we have never seen as leader of the free world.  

    Not a perfect man, but one who possesses more positive than negative traits (IMO).  Compared to the Trumps, Romneys and their cohorts, he is indeed a genius.


    Your last line reflects my entire opinion of this man.

    And I am biased, hell I admit it and I will give our Prez the benefit of the doubt not having read the entire file myself; ha.

    If I step away from the canvas I think there is one big reason that Barack might beat Mitt by a nose.

    I think it is his smile!

    A genuine smile but one that might be attributed to the trickster!

    At some point the "11-dimensional chess" analogy may finally sink in.  The reason most (white) people don't see the guy as being smart, competent or capable is because he's not white.  

    His enormous support among non-white people derives at least partly because we're willing to accept what we see of him... we're a little less willing to believe that just because someone isn't white that they cannot be really smart.  

    Ironically, this gives him a leg up; just like Sharpton who fools me all the time!

    Al Sharpton's great grandfather was also Straum Thurman's grandfather. Sharpton came by that sharp political mind honestly. Sharpton even has the same gate in his walk as Thurman had. I find it interesting that they ended up political opposites because of the color of their skin. Sharpton talks like older educated African Americans here in Florida because he was raised and educated in Florida. They really have a unique way of listening and delivering speech.

    Now that is interesting!

    I knew nothing of this family tree!

    And I certainly agree that Reverend Al has a unique way of listening and delivering a speech!

    Yes, he is a genius for sure.

     From Fridays economic news: "The latest unemployment figures show..."

     The Presidents response; "Hey, look over here, I'm in Afghanistan! We are 'exceptionally exceptional and also great! Blah blah blah terrorism, Blah..Osama, Blah..I killed him, we are winning. We are soon to leave just like we left Iraq, except for the thousands who will be staying for many years We are the Champions"
     Personal pronoun, verb, Osama.  Repeat. Again. And again.

    For a solid week. He made a fool, Romney, look like a fool. How clever is That! Yes, Giuliani, I mean Obama, is a genius for sure.

     For a far better comment on this political diversion check out the always interesting "On the Media".



    Diversions are all we will have until November.

    But I know this much.

    Walker is the repub model for everything.

    All Romney programs will mirror what Walker has done or intended to do in Wisconsin.

    I don't need to see some Romney program sheet!

    He will rob from the poor and give to the rich; he will lower corporate and individual tax rates that will effect only the rich; he will attempt to keep the minimum wage where it is; he will cut food stamp programs, he will cut educational programs, he will cut SS and Medicare and Medicaid benefits, he will fire hundreds of thousands of Federal workers and by withholding funds in other programs force the states to cut another million jobs, he will gut union rights for Federal employees who remain, he will lower the wages of most of the federal workers and raise the wages of the upper echelon, he will tweak bankruptcy laws so the investors get everything that is left and gut employee pension rights even more, he will appoint foxes to run the henhouses like w, he will increase defense spending and put neocons in the top defense related programs including the State Department, he will open up public lands for drilling and mining and will ultimately sell off much of the public lands...

    Unemployment will skyrocket whilst unemployment benefits will decline...

    He will appoint more fascists to the Supreme Court and the other appellate divisions.

    That is enough for now.

    Mitt's PAC's will outspend those of the incumbent by hundreds of millions of dollars just as Walker is out spending his yet to be appointed opponent.

    In short, I do not need to see any pretend white paper lying about what Mitt intends to do.

    You simply look at the harms w bush did to this nation and multiply the harms by ten.

    You simply look at the harms w bush did to this nation and multiply the harms by ten.

    Which of those harms has Obama tried to reverse. I agree that there are some, but do they balance favorably against the harms of the Bush Presidency that he has let slide, continued, defended, or expanded upon?
     If the outcome of the next presidential election were to come down to my vote, I would vote for Obama rather than the Mitt, just like you, and that is because I would vote for the slower decline of my country rather then the faster decline, but I do not intend to ever pretend that it would be anything but a vote for the lesser of two evils. I wish it were not that way. I enthusiastically campaigned for Obama and contributed money I would have liked to use elsewhere.

    Read that sentence using the word 'evil' in its true meaning.

    I have been thinking about this for a couple of days!

    And I have a number of avenues to find my self at the right and proper place in all of this!

    We, as a nation, in my humble opinion, are headed toward corporate oligarchic dictatorship.

    I really know no other way around this mess.

    Oh the private industry (I really do not know what this means) will win out!

    We have no courts to support anything but corporate oligarchy!

    There will be no lines drawn between the corporate oligarchy and our nation's needs.

    All big corporations have nothing to gain by aligning themselves with this country as opposed to the interests of other nations!

    I dunno.

    World domination by one supreme government is silliness.

    And yet world domination by international corporations has already been implanted--so to speak.

    Exxon or whatever it calls itself is in charge, right now!

    All the big corps and all the rich individuals seem to dictate who we are as a nation whilst they plan dominion over the planet.

    Is it warmer lately?

    Yeah it is!

    But Inhofe and his followers will contend that the climate is not warmer even though his constituents experience the worst weather issues in the history of Oklahoma.

    Just as an aside, I have experienced the first time in six years that I am able to walk the entire walking path to the grocery store since I got here in 2006!

    I cannot imagine the fun experienced in Oklahoma over the last six years.

    But there is no global warming, there is no pollution, there is no real scientific explanation for the dirty air or water....

    I forgot the question.


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