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    To pick up where I left off on last Monday's "history" post, Romulus, descendant of the Alban King Numitor, was the founder and first king of Rome. Initially a tiny settlement on the banks of the Tiber, Rome grew and prospered under Romulus' leadership. Most of the tribe was made up of men fleeing from other tribes: refugees, escaped slaves or prisoners, or anyone looking for a better life. These men were often powerful warriors, thus Rome's strength was least for that generation.


    But what Rome lacked was women. Without females to reproduce with, the tribe would quickly die out. Simple enough--they thought--just propose intermarriage with the neighboring tribes. Problem was, no one wanted to give their daughters to a group of rough bandits. Romulus and his tribe were rejected out of hand.


    Far from being deterred, Romulus decided to add kidnapping to fratricide on his resume of how he built Rome. The Romans cleverly hid their resentment at being rejected and proposed a festival with solemn games, honoring Consualia. All neighboring tribes were invited to take part, including the prosperous mountain tribe, the Sabines.

    Romulus Sanctorum addressed the crowd of repubs in the great arena.

    We must find a new source of repubs or we shall perish.

    Where are we to find these new repubs in this day and age of automatic tweeting and emailing and blogging and texting?, asked Walker.

    Yes Walker has it right, these nubiles only seek their independence and the material world where they hope that they might come into goods that merely enhance their earthly worth without regard for the more ancient desire for family and covenant and our heritage!

    We need more women! Our party is devoid of new women. We are stuck with crones and angry females who no longer lust for the 'life force'; the population must be increased to the point where the barbarians and the Moors and the lesser races are no longer a force to be dealt with!

    There are Sabine Women available for the taking. We might find new baby repubs in these women's wombs.

    The crowd was aghast! And yet as everyone knows, it's a gas gas gas.




    But we have laws against slavery; we have a Constitutional Amendment against slavery for chrissakes!

    We have new legislation less than 50 years of age that in fact gives women equal rights according to our most conservative Supreme Court.

    How might we intrude upon these women's wombs in order to expand our population? And get away with it? (Rusius Lambusius retorted)

    I wish to back a minute before we reach a formal covenant as to how to fix these things that keep us from having more babies!

    We repubs are always willing to feed out pussies, we take them out to dinner and to reward them with jewelry and such. And these barbarians; these communist savages lure these women into baby free sex and social opportunities!

    Something is happening here and we do not know what itis!

    The real problem here is pornography. Pornography has adulterated our morals taken our women's wombs away from us! Pornography must be obliterated so that once again, barefoot and pregnant, the female will once again replenish our ranks with beautiful babes who can be home schooled and Jesuit taught and evangelically adopted by our tribe.

    But there are repubs as well as barbarians who seek the relief from the pornographers!

    Yes, but we take our wars against the anti-repubfamilials in steps.

    So consider this, Romulus Sanctorum continued:

    First we attack all steps in the abortionists' plan.

    We outlaw any attempt by the Federal Government to fund abortions.

    And that limitation must include any chance of funding abortions that were 'caused' by rape or incest!

    After all, in any case, we know that pregnancies are the result of rape; women could not possibly countenance this invasion of their sacred parts!

    We 'take over' certain non profit organizations that feed into aberrant organizations like Planned Parenthood

    Like the Susan G. Komen Foundation!

    We must put our own secret agents into such organizations.

    We must legislate edicts that those who seek abortions must undergo excruciating and tortuous 'tests' that invade the actual province which we seek.

    We must adulterate not only the inside of the womb but the outside as well in order to completely obliterate any chance of the woman achieving individuality.

    And finally we must attack, per state legislation (the Roman Senate is not ours at the moment) any chance of the woman achieving planned parenthood by outlawing her only chance of escaping pregnancy every 9 months or so. Because we already know that women, being of lesser moral constitutional talents shall fall on the sword—so to speak—in order to satiate their evil desires.

    Finally we must enact laws making it illegal for ANY WOMAN to use the birth control pill, and the first step in that war is to make any woman who CLAIMS that she needs birth control for other health reasons; that woman must PROVE beyond a shadow of a doubt that she possesses that diagnosis.

    We shall work hard following the passage of this legislation to finally eviscerate the one substance that keeps us, repubs and true patriots, from populating the universe as is demanded by the Bible!

    Then for the greater good of Rome, we must force the Sabine's legs open to conjecture, open to argument; and open to repubs so that we might once again find the yield that is necessary in order to keep Rome alive, to keep Rome populated, to keep Rome from becoming a race of barbarians, a race of Moors, a race of Hispanics!



    Alas and alack, these poor folks cannot find their way home:






    American embraced the story of the Sabine Women very early on ...

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    You know, if it were not for you and Auntie and Momoe, I would assume nobody knows what the hell I am writing about. hahahahahah

    I am not kidding, I got this idea but could not for the life of me recall the source but I did recall the 7 brothers....hahahahahah

    So then I went to Plutarch and then Livy. hahahahaha

    So you see, at least you know how I think. hahahahh

    Which means you should receive professional help.

    It because we are all born about the same time and that experience has shaped our understanding of this world. It our job to confuse the younger ones. least I don't have to look up words when reading your posts. LOL

    I sorta suspected it was coming but missed it; thanks for the link about the new Santorum war. I don't know if I would have taken it in the direction you have, though; seems to me someone like The Onion could do something more along the lines of "Santorum now trying just as hard to lose male voters after marked success at alienating a lot of women voters"?

    Anyhew, I got a real kick out of the quote from Mitt's  spokeswoman at the end, it's like Romney strangeness par excellance:

    In July, Mitt Romney — Santorum's rival and GOP frontrunner — refused to sign the pledge. It also stated homosexuality is a choice and health risk, banned gay marriage, and called for appointing faithful constitutionalists as judges.

    Romney's spokeswoman, Andrea Saul, said at the time that the oath "contained references and provisions that were undignified and inappropriate for a presidential campaign."

    WTF does that mean? What the heck kind of things was she referring to that were in that pledge?

    I went on the rape metaphor because of the obvious message with that 'internal' uterine sonar device but also because of some speeches Pat Buchanan has been giving the last few years--related to recent book publications.

    He goes on and on about his belief that birth control is keeping his lily white population growth down.

    This old Roman Catholic veto of birth control tech was part and parcel of this strange perspective held by catholics like Pat and Santorum.

    Hopefully this ancient perspective will send women to the polls in droves to make sure the perspective ceases to be enacted into law!

    It makes you wonder why Santorum is so obsessed with sex?

    Well I know one thing; there is a real obsession going on that he cannot seem to let go of!

    Another piece that overloads my head and heart.

    I wish it was pure flights of 'perverted fancy', but sadly it is not.  Satire?  Methinks not so much since it mirrors closely the horrific state of our realm, at least as Repubs and deviates envision and strive to achieve.

    I'm more than a bit frightened about the fact that there are multitudes of women out there submitting to and even endorsing the 'gang rape' of women's rights and dignities.  

    'We must find a new source of repubs or we shall perish.' 

    The 'we' must be acknowledged as encompassing all segments of our society, because if we do not confront, condemn and conquer, without mercy, these actions and all who champion these warped goals, our country is doomed.

    As ever dd, appreciate.

    State legislature after state legislature have passed the most absurd laws I have ever seen.

    I came across an article on Brownbeck and his Facebook. Cynical and hilarious messages on that medium are slamming the governor for being an ass. So much so that his staff has to keep purging the communications.


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