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    Republicans Cave Under the Weight of their Own Glorified Ego's

    Poor Orange Boehner, he must have whiplash by now! First House Republicans say fine we will pass the payroll tax holiday. But once that word came down from the leadership, TBags and other Rockwell/Rothbard Libertarian goofballs then quickly took The Orange Boehner to the shower and sprayed off his newest tan.

    "Oh no you didn't", they screamed from their perches as they watched for the 10,000 black helicopters that would be taking over the country for the UN, Mao and Kenya, in that order.

    But they painted themselves into a corner from which they are unable to gracefully extract themselves, and now they have to capitulate, something quite foreign to these yahoos.

    When even their titular propaganda leader Karl Rove and the Republican stenographers at the WSJ tell you to suck it up, you've lost, wow, you've really lost.

    Payroll tax cut has been extended for now, but expect Republicans to continue their attacks on Americans. It is how they roll.


    Well, so far so good.

    But hold the champagne until tomorrow's vote.  Presumably that'll be OK because after all this the Republicans will   just look too stupid otherwise.

    BTW my forecast was wrong. I thought they would play chicken for a few days while going on and on about the Senate's being on vacation instead of  taking care of the people's business. Then settle on Dec 28. To be fair that's what I thought until the WSJ editorial.

     As someone who's completely uninformed  it seems as if that must have been a major factor.Boehner may not care what it thinks. And who knows, or cares,  what the Teapartiers think But the Republican congressmen know that their voters consider an WSJ editorial  slightly more important than the ten commandments. Besides that, who knows ? Maybe every Republican governor has been on the phone to Boehner. Or worse,  the Koch  paymas....brothers.

    Be interesting to learn the full story as it emerges .But first let's wait for the vote


    When has looking stupid ever stopped the Republicans from doing something?

    Oh this was sooooooooooooooo much fun to watch.

    One thing for sure, Boehner is the big victor here. Cantor and a bunch of repub yahoos are going to think twice before they go rogue again.

    At least that is my take.

    In the meantime, the dems look good.

    And that is hard to for the dems to do. hahahahah

    It's an outrage, a severe blow to Banana Republicanism which has been flushed down the John. This could be a slippery slope to gun control, Sharia Law, or avoiding another recession, pre-election 2012.

    Where is the compassion for the heavy lifters, the billionaires and job creators on Wall Street like Bain Capital? They get virtually nothing in this deal, as they pay no payroll tax on capital gains, stock options, carry trades or dividends. How can the self sacrificing patriots of the GOP get their hands on any of this 2% payroll tax cut? Money is speech and it has its uses in the right pockets or PACs, but not if it is spread over 160 million people.

    Zing! Nice one. I Lol'd.

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