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    I wish to play this rant provided by my friends at Mediamatters.

    Rush recalls Black Rage and its causes.

    I used to do this all the time, go after Rush, but it has been years? I just kind of gave up.

    I figured that if you give Rush airtime, no matter how silly his arguments seem, you are just giving aid to the enemy.

    It has been some time but listen to this racial rant as I attempt to disprove his suppositions or suspicions or superstitions.

    More African Americans are in prison today than were slaves prior to the Civil War.

    I know this approbation is from a Black Blog, I love that term. I am sure that I am not the only one to coin that phrase.

    But this is an essay fully documented and all the links are present (unlike my drivel at times!)

    Just look at MaryJane arrests in the Black Community vs. the White community:

    And this is the Washington Post for chrissakes.

    Recall when the powers that be let the Rolling Stones off the hook. And the basis of the music generated

    Okay so as to discuss the claim that Blacks get all unemployment insurance.

    Okay, now we know that Blacks receive less unemployment benefits, SINCE WHITE FOLKS AND WHITE CORPORATIONS REFUSE TO HIRE THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE, GODDAMN IT ALL.



    Well, here is a Yahoo answer to this query.



    When I google that question, I get a hundred hits, hell a thousand hits.

    But let us look at Indianapolis, a bastion of liberal causes:

    Well Rush goes on to say that Hispanics are taught English so that they can fill out their welfare forms WITH MORE CLARITY?

    I receive food stamp notices (remember I receive sixteen bucks a month worth of this commodity) and all notices have addendums in Spanish….OH WHO GIVES ONE FUCK ABOUT THIS!

    Oh and rush has to go on and on against Hispanics.


    I do not know why or how, but this piece of racist crap just got to me today. And if I had another two months I could have done a better job of it.


    They took away another song.

    But I know how to fix this:

    http://<iframe width="420" height="315"

    src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

    The post office has been stolen and the mail box is locked.



    In the last few years I have not paid much attention to Rush.  I don't watch 24 hour news on the TV so he don't really cross my mind.  I know he is not the force he once was nationally on daytime radio talk.  Only thing I do read about him is how his numbers are way down. He does have a few pockets in the country that still listen to him. Companies found out that they made better sales on sports radio advertising. Huf Po shows his face once in a while on the front page but I just skip over that.  I am the same way with Billo.  There has been too much of him around lately on the internet to read.  One or two days of his story about he lies about everything all his career is enough for me.  I just skip over the rest of it,  

    But don't worry I will always take time to read your rants on him. 

    The largest group that receives aid is poor white people in this country. The fastest growing group of people entering into poverty is white. I get to see the whole thing with my own eyes and I don't need right wing talk to explain it to me through their racist filter. I don't need any pundit or politican lecturing me on my moral failings. I do that quite well on my own.  

    Oh Momoe..

    Is it me or just folks like Rush...


    Thank you. We all have moral failings of course.

    It is just when the powerful ignore their own failings, I guess?

    one luxury of
    being rich; you can ignore
    all your own failings.



    There is my poet!

    Oh my God, I am heartily sorry for having offended tens of millions of people....


    Yes, they are getting uglier.  

    This week I dug through some MSNBS clips of Morning Joe.  I wanted to see Mica's interview of Tom Cotton.  She was doing her best to interview him but he just kept repeating the same talking point in a different version.  I am watching this and I started hearing in my mind the screeching sounds from the movie Psycho. My imagination had him saying the next time he opened up his mouth, "Mother wants me to tell you....[repeating talking point 4th time]."  All he needed was the grey wig and a dress.  When my brain farts like that, they are scaring the beejesus out of me. 




    Your problem is that you are thinking. Rush's job is to tell you what to think. Thank goodness Republican Governors and legislators are working to cut education funding to prevent future generations from doing unpatriotic stuff like thinking. 

    There is more truth in your statement than might be readily apparent. hahahah

    I must award you the Dayly Comment of the Day Award for this here Dagblog Site, given to all of you from all of me.

    Whether the measures arise in Wisconsin or in Alabama, this attack on education is remarkable.

    Whether we are discussing funding or textbooks or teachers; we see an attempt to propagandize our students, our children.

    Parents must stand up and help educate those children.



    Thanks DD Earlier this week WaPo's Jennifer Rubin was on "All In with Chris Hayes". The topic was the Iran letter. Rubin talked over Hayes, using run-on sentences. She took the "Winning. I have tiger's blood approach to Hayes' attempts to question. She insisted that the Senators were not backing down, they were merely advancing to the rear. To me, Rubin appeared wide-eyed and fanatic. She told Hayes that we should have firm negotiations with Iran. Rubin then said we should actively attempt regime change in Iran. She acknowledged there was a contradiction in holding both thoughts simultaneously. We are looking for logical thought streams that is not a strongpoint of modern Conservative politics

    I'm happy to say I haven't paid much attention to Rush since the Sandra Fluke junk.  I'm even happier that he's losing sponsors and stations.  Some day soon we'll look back on him with the same mix of repugnance and pity we reserve now for Tailgunner Joe and the like.

    Nasty old anachronisms.  Shaking our heads and moving on.

    I was reading and listening to this Erick Erickson today. I guess that I am attracted to nausea these days. hahahah

    Again, I am caught between truth (or some scintilla of truth) and aiding and comforting the enemy by even recognizing satan's meanderings. hahahah

    We must move on, I guess.

    At this point, if you start watching Fox News you can officially claim the position of Dag's right-wing spy.

    My name is BOND; Dick Bond.


    Just to add that Mediamatters performs this function rather well.

    And none of Mediamatters info is classified. hahahah

    Friday, March 13, 2015

    An Open Letter to the Posters of Dagblog

    It has come to our attention while observing your pathetic postings that you do not thoroughly understand our Constitutional American System of Freedoms. First under our Constitution there is the Freedom of Speech and Money whereby Money plays the significant role of molding public opinion and ideology while squashing or distorting facts. Second, Money has various characteristics. For example, it can be used to buy a politician, a TV Network, a radio station, a political Party, pre-election attack ads, the CATO or American Enterprise Institutes, government laws or policy, or by a combination of the above, another illegal war. Money can never be held to account. This is accomplished by blaming dirty hippies, Democrats and 'those people' for sending this nation on the road to perdition by opposing Money.  Acts such as anointing the Kenyan Usurper as President, who has yoked us with the traitorous idea that citizens need health insurance. 

    Second, when Money is used to buy the above it can create more Money in an endless loop. Presidents may come and go but money stays around. Money and it's ideology can never fail, it can only be failed, by liberals, or false conservatives in sheep's clothing. I hope this enriches your knowledge of the operation of the Party of Money and it's purveyors, such as Rush Limbaugh, the Koch brothers, Sheldon Adelson,Rupert Murdoch and all those who believe the best government, is the one that will do nothing for you.


    Presidents come and go but money stays around. hahahahah

    In the end, Target and Toilet Tissue Companies and Pharmaceutical Companies and... well they all figured out that multiple messages are easily consummed by the masses.

    So in the end, the political results are 'our' fault.

    So 'we' attempt to get our message across. I guess? What the hell is the alternative?

    I get mad at 'independent' voters, but then again, WE NEED THEM.

    So we sell more TIDE?

    Again, what is the alternative? 

    "Let YOUR Kingdom Come" ? 


    Paradise is out there, "Seek and you shall find"


    Obviously, not being well-versed in writing open emails on public servers, NCD, you failed to notice that your last bit of writing was cut off.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but shouldn't the last line of your open email letter to Dagbloggers be:  "I hope this enriches your knowledge of the operation of the Party of Money and it's purveyors, such as Rush Limbaugh, the Koch brothers, Sheldon Adelson, Rupert Murdoch and all those who believe the best government, is the one that will do nothing for you ... but everything for them."

    P.S.  Thank you for the letter.  Our pathetic postings are the better for it.



    You know my brain kinda turned to cotton and ran out of blather before I finished....thanks.

    Actually, Senator Cotton and I did support that Children's Hospital for poor sick Arkansas kids.  Don't believe the liberal media smears....or the roll call vote record

    It turns out that like everything else you can recycle Rush Limbaugh.  As an avid gardener I raise worms to add to my soil in one of those barrel shaped worm farms.  A few years ago I learned accidentally that if exposed to Rush’s radio broadcasts the worms become more active, reproduce more prodigiously and generally display more motility.  Just place a portable radio on the top of the worm farm and leave it on during the radio broadcast.  You will notice that the worms aren’t longer but they are much fatter.  


    No wonder my bowels are not working so well lately.

    And all this time I thought it was the weather.


    No! No! No!  You don't eat the worms.  You put them in the ground.  Have you been listening to Q again?

    But you do drink the Cuervo.

    True dat.

    I had them Worms over once. 

    Hella nice people, Worms. Eat what you give em, hard-working, no complaints, always leave the place better than they found it.

    Last time I had em over, I gived em some of the wife's leftovers. Now, I'm not saying she's a bad cook. What I'm saying is, she gives bad cooks... a bad name.

    Nothing sexist about it either, facts is facts.

    Her food is shit.

    ANYWAY, I give her left-overs to the Worms. And we all chatted, and they nodded from time to time, perspicaciously. [Doc Roberts says I got to expand my vocabulary, so I'm using perspicaciously this month. Next month, I'm supposed to slip the phrase "chloroform the penguin" into everyday conversation as much as poss.] 

    So the Worms are eating, and nodding, and I'm mostly talking (and hoping they can't tell I'm not eating the same bilge they're getting.) And it's all good. Until I hear it. This enormous f*cking groan. Like...


    I can only liken it unto the Earth itself becoming a giant intestinal tract, and convulsed by the attempt to heave through some great big wedgy f*cking boulder, right? Or maybe a leftover small continent, one that'd never quite got completely processed, you know? Like Australia. Anyway, I'd liken it unto that.

    And frankly, beyond the sound, the Worms weren't looking too well either, all of a sudds. 

    Their eyes were rolling up, and their heads were kinda, well.... writhing, is the word, I think. Yeah, writhing. And their mid-segments - you know, down betwixt the abdomen and the thorax - well, they had become quite distended. As though your eyes beheld a penguin being chloroformed within them. 

    And so I asks these Worms, "What the hells wrong with you mouthy bastards? Eh? Don't like my wife's foodstuffs? Some kinda f*cking ignorant behaviour, if you ask me, Wormies."

    And they're just doing this writhing and sh*t, and you can see the distension spreading, you know, like down to their lower terminals, as well as up towards their eyes. 

    And I says, "Ohhhh gee, thanks very much, VALUED GUESTS. I guess this is what I should've expected from expanding the parameters on my Air BNB listing from "normal folk" to "impertinent f*cking Worms." 

    And all they says was, "Groan groan, etc. Oh great and holy Worm-God, save us, from what feels like a broken glass and Javex f*cking cataclysm."

    By then, of course, I'm laughing something hellish. Cause I have TOTALLY taken the wife for that $20 I bet her that NOT EVEN GIGANTIC TALKING WORMS, ATTRACTED TO A FREE MEAL THROUGH AIR BNB, COULD HOLD DOWN THE SHITE SHE WAS SERVING UP.

    Anyways, it all ended happily. [NO WORMS WERE ACTUALLY HARMED DURING THE ABSORPTION, PASSAGE AND DEPOSIT OF THAT MEAL. Well, temporarily harmed, maybe. But no lasting damage, ok?]

    So's the wife and me each grabs a Worm and starts hauling it by the tail-end [a bit hardish to distinguish, but it's the end more than usually engaged in squeezing out all that brown icing] and eventually wrestles em out to the garden, where they proceeded to shat us out an entire vegetable garden of Grade A quality compost.

    Says I, "That outta teach the freeloading bastards."

    Wife says, "Yeah."

    I sez, "$20 bucks, baby."

    She glares and says, "How about I just don't cook for you, the rest of this month?"

    "Seriously?" sez I. "None of your castings?"

    "None," sez she.

    "Damn. That's a deal, darling." And I shook her hand.

    Anyways, I donno what brought all this story on. Oh yeah, Rush Limbaugh.

    Or Larry.

    One of 'em.


    More please.

    Hell I really got nothing else to do anyway.

    I rarely have the opportunity to witness a combination of Lewis Carol (I think he played for the Vikings?) and Keith Richards (who really is a Viking of sorts) in one composition.

    I thought LSD had been banished decades ago?

    Just as an aside (really most of the time all I have are asides) why do folks, when they become angry call the objects of their consternation 'assholes'?

    I mean colons are of great importance to all mammals and to many sentences.

    And speaking of colons, worm holes hold a real importance to gardeners and physicists alike.


    (And is it another fiction that some woman actually tolerates you?)

    Well Dick;

    It's like they always say, "At least we've got our health."

    "And our dicks," I always hasten to add, not wanting to in any way appear unthankful to the Creator for His magnificent handiwork.

    As it were.

    And come to think of it, don't you wish, when these TV-preaching SOBs are going on about God and the tender loving care and thoughtful design He put into creation, don't you ever wanna chime in about how well He made our dicks? How incredible it is to be able to achieve an erection and to, you know, orgasm, AS WELL AS PROCREATE, with the same thingie? 

    And don't you also want to ask God why, after all the serious work He put in making our dicks, why He then turned around and told us all TO CHOP THE GOLDURNED END OF IT OFF? 

    Anyway. That's enough politics for one day.

    And Dick, what is it like to go through life with your first name being used as an insult every day, and your last name BEING USED EVERY TIME YOU SAY "DAY?"

    My God, I wish the drugs still worked, eh?

    Anyway, on to my next topic. "Our friend the colon: Or, why grammarians need an enema. And probably, Gramma too."

    But yes, there's a woman, and we're both well, thanks. Well, obviously not mentally, but that side of life's always been over-rated, eh? I mean, I think of mental health as being a bit like the Chicago Bears anyway. Cause I'm a Packers fan, see? And that means, staying in tip-top PHYSICAL shape, year after year, and sooner or later, we get the bounces and win a Super Bowl, right? But the BASIS of that success is physical health. 

    Whereas mental health is like the Bears. I know it's in here somewhere, and I have a vague sense that it's doing badly, but frankly, I don't really give a shit whether it recovers or not, eh? Because even back when it WAS working, all it did was bray all the g*ddamn day anyway.

    Da Bears.

    My Arse.

    Cheers, Dick!

    If God was a woman, dicks would vibrate when erect. Side effects such as stuttering during sex, confusion when receiving calls and the possibility of friction burns multiple times a day would be minor inconveniences.


    After 65 years of this crap, I am now officially RICHARD.


    It was all Shakespeare's fault for crissakes and I aint even a butcher.

    No, you are Arthur. Are you getting senile? Seems like we've had this conversation before. And Barefoot is right. They need to vibrate, otherwise they're practically useless. Oh, except when you have to pee in the woods. Then they come in handy.

    After all these years of calling me Arthur and you make Dick jokes?

    And I have not peed in the woods since I was ten and lived in the damn woods. hahahahah

    And yes, I am senile....otherwise why would I bother to write here?


    You are right, this place is more fun again!

    If god was a women she'd have put the clitoris somewhere on the vaginal wall. Clearly god is male so he just didn't give a shit where he put it. Perhaps like many men he didn't even know where or what a clitoris is.

    You know, this all sounds like a pornography.

    I aint sayin you are a pornography.

    As Brennan used to say:


    Of course Brennan never saw Madonna or Miley or Rush for that matter.

    What exactly is this clitoris thingy anyway?

    I'm sorry, I have to get back to the game.

    Bwahahahahaha! That, too, is true. In fact, if He'd done that, the other thing probably wouldn't need to vibrate. And men wouldn't need to worry about knowing what it was for. 

    Stuttering's a side-effect? I l-l-like my org-g-g-asma-p-p-plasty.

    God is obviously gender confused - which is why he whelped Q, spawn of Satan, strange union that. Did you know Satan stutters? Yep, instead of sitting around whacking off like Q, Satan likes to stutter. And watch the Bears. Satan is very disappointed in his Q-spring. Me, I'm football-nostic - only women should wear tights and pads. Men should focus on what they're programmed for - obsessive, self-destructive behavior done in an annoying aggressive self-absorbed way. Okay, so the Traumatic Brain Injury part of football can stay - perhaps we'll call it "rugby" but take away the ball, so we'll just do a "huddle", which looks like the aftermath of all those war atrocity movies. Now we're getting there. Satan will be p-p-p-pleased.

    OK.  This comment should really be a separate blog post but since I have not written a full post in several years, I don’t think that upon my return to public discourse I want this to be my first topic.

    Preface:  I was raised in a Roman Catholic household and by this birthright I was introduced to puberty by Nature Herself, without the slightest warning or explanation provided by those who went before me on this journey – the adult world of my milieu .  For a Catholic boy the transition from childhood to adultity (not to be confused with adultery which comes much later) is made alone, in silence – a voyage of discovery without parallel.  There is much charm, confusion and even humor along the way.  The most delicious time as I recall it was those few months when I wondered to myself “Am I the only person who can do this?”  Alas in time I learned that I was not alone, not a specially chosen one gifted by God maybe for my good behavior.  No in fact I learned it was a forbidden pleasure, perhaps the most forbidden of all gifts.  And so I slowly learned the lessons of adultity, especially the one that teaches that God is neither generous nor kindly but rather is a mean spirited Power that gives and takes away with the same hand. 

    I preface with these remarks to set the scene for a thought that occurred to me the other evening.  What follows all truly happened.  I was in attendance at a concert of newly written liturgical music on the subject “Women In The Bible”. Among the pieces was one entitled “The Blessed Virgin’s Expostulation:  When our Savior at twelve years of age had withdrawn himself.”  The lyrics of this little piece spoke of Mary’s fears that her son is entering the wider world to confront:

    “…the more cruel Herod’s way. 

    Ah rather let his little footsteps press un-regarded through the wilderness

    Where minor savages resort: The desert’s safer than a tyrant’s court”

    And so this song was about a woman in the Bible and her maternal concerns for her son’s safety.  I however found my mind pursuing a different thought.  I had never before considered that the Christ must have gone through the same “journey of discovery” that is puberty much as I had.  I wondered “Did He have a moment when he asked himself: Am I the only one who can do this?”  Is it because I am God? Is it some gift from the Father – a compensation for being incarnated?” I have a minor in Catholic Theology and I can say with certainty that this line of thinking has heretofore not been pursued. 

    Just my opinion but I really do not think that minors should be exposed to Catholic Theology.

    Just to be on the safe side, of course.

    Call Stephen King - there's a male sequel for "Carrie" in all this.

    I had a roommate who was groomed for the priesthood & was still emerging from its shadow in his college years. Kept a picture of the Pope over his couch. I kept a picture of a Mandrill to keep him at bay. His attempts at seduction were accompanied by mawkish music apparently designed to keep passion stultified by sentimentality while I forced-to-listen-from-above gouged on my ear canals with dull pencils to take away the discomfort. I can only hope that he was not inculcated in the dark secret that you felt you carried alone, saving us from another line of hesitant aspirants hearing voices that guide them through their preconceived dark nights of the soul. And that "music", aarrgghhh, that "music". Worse than Salieri.

    pencils are one thing.

    But where exactly do they 'groom' you?

    I mean are we talking naughty bits?

    Okay then.


    Sounds to me like it's your book to write, Larry.

    "Jesus: The Jack-Off Years."

    Rather surprising, really, that a major theologian hasn't yet tackled this question. 

    "Tackled," get it?

    Oh never mind.

    You don't get it - he said "I was introduced to puberty by Nature Herself" - this wasn't just master-bation, as I'm sure being Catholic he was well acquainted with pederasty.

    This was Mother Nature herself taking him by the hand/genitals for a roll in the hay-fields-pond-wherever she hangs out and doing what we always hoped those cute school teachers or camp counselers would do. And the inquisitive lad turns it into a theological rhetorical - did she bang Jesus too? and who else? Not that he seems very selfish and possessive about the notion - it seems at first glance to be innocent curiosity. Of course I'm more interested in "did she look like that kinda scary butter vs. margarine woman on the commercials, or was she a bit more nubile and supple as you might hope a wild & uncontained field nymph to be?" Note his growing interest in "Women in the Bible". What better way to draw a burgeoning lad to religion?

    I think Larry's book stands to be a best-seller, especially if he has a ghost writer to spice up the naughty bits. First thing to do is get it banned in Greece as being blasphemous - they weren't going to buy it anyway, and the publicity is great.

    Interesting ... biblical puberty with a Freudian twist.

    kinda like a martini recipe, eh? or did you mean Chubby Checkers?

    Chubby Checkers!!! Why not just say 'fat',  or do you follow the Haiku Hacker apologist who says:

    My checkers are plump

    but while they're pleasingly so

    They're never out jumped


    Here you can check out "Fat" vs "Chubby" (1:43 in). I stand by my man.


    BLASPHEMY? (Thank the Good Lord for spell-Check)


    Definitely a cock-tail, with essence of cherry.

    No teen drink either, definitely hard likker.

    Mother Nature's hooch?

    Or cootch. Bring in the 7 circus midgets dwarves and it's a date. "Loveshack" is what the 52's called it. Hootchie and the Blowfish. Do all 80's band names sound obscene? Now I've got to get this Beatles song out of me head, "Muther Nature's Bum"...

    Of COURSE Larry was introduced to masturbation by "Mother Nature." He's a CATHOLIC. And all Catholics are introduced to satanic sexual practices by some sort of pagan God or prevert or whatever. It's how their system WORKS.

    But what I'm telling you is that Jesus works the Protestant side of the aisle pretty exclusively. So no wonder Larry's wishing he had had some guidance. Too bad, so sad.

    Meanwhile, we Baptists were getting all sorts of useful info. guidance. rules. Commandments.

    #1. Having a dick is a great thing. God made it, it's all good.

    #2. But no dancing. Really. I mean it.

    #3. The Catholics get to think about Mary Mother of God all the time, but you get Mary Magdalene. You're welcome.

    #4. Mother Nature's a has-been. You've got combine harvesters. Game over.

    #5. Mandrill posters will keep you safe from sexual harm.

    #6. Yes, the woman in the I Can't Believe It's Not Butter is, in fact, pretty scary. Try not to date ladies like this. 

    #7. There is no 7th Commandment in this particular list. I put some in some other lists, but I never find they're all that successful.

    #8. I'm tired. Resting on this one too.

    #9. If you can't tie a knot in it, use a sheep's bladder.

    #10. I'm not saying I had a 2nd son, but if I did, and He was Canadian, which He would be, He'd be Bobby Orr, ok? So when you have doubts, ask yourself.... What would Bobby do, eh? 

    Heading straight to #10, fire it to the garbage man - "Jesus Saves... but Espo scores on the rebound". Was he Catholic? Does the bear shit on the Pope? and what does that tell us about onanism and the NHL's stick fetish? 

    #9, keep the bladder, I'll use the bowline, even if it is a sailor's hitch.

    #8, yeah, you're tiring me out too. & how can you skip #7, adultery? too busy "ringing the church bell"? #6 I suspect your gaydar's out of calibration - too much time in the belfry. Shit, can't believe I'm doing this - taking Quinn quasi-seriously. If it quacks like a duck and fucks like a duck, must be a fuck... okay, onward

    #5 thank God for Mandrills, you got it babe - color code for "keep the fuck away". #4 Mother Nature has a fetish about combine harvesters. Check out Snopes, you'll see. #3 I was thinking 'bout one of those mother-daughter Virgin/Magdalene Triads - does that combo make me a Protestlick? #2 Just dancing with myself. And Billy Idol. And Emma Goldman. #1 Technically having to de-grout it here and there can't be considered "all good", but Satan built both my pecker and my hotrod, too - got a fine overdrive, bad to the bone, as whatshisname would say. What's next, Numberwang?




    Seeing Billy Idol in such textual proximity to a known Anarchist has me concerned that the conversation may be slipping into apostasy.

    He shoots, he scores - Success!!!

    Apostates of the world unite, you have nothing to lose but your... hmmm, you actually have nothing to lose.

    Hey! Hey! Hey! I thought I was making a thoughtful contribution here.  I mean Jesus is one third of the Godhead LLC – Father, Son and the Scary Guy in the shiny muu muu.  Lots of people before me have examined His human side - Kazantzakis in “The Last Temptation of Christ” for example. And admit it. Jesus does come off as kind of a poor sport.  He is the all-powerful Creator of everything, has always existed and will exist forever.  So He had three bad hours once.  From His perspective it wasn’t much worse than when one of us spends an afternoon at the motor vehicle department.  I was just trying to make Him a more sympathetic character.  But… never mind.

    Peracles says this Mandrill poster will keep you at bay.

    Sensible precautions for sensible times.

    OK. I'm switching back to plain text mode.  See you all there.

    Okay I a late three months but damn!

    Father, Son and Scary Guy?

    I hereby render unto Larry the Dayly Line of the Year for this here Dagblog Site, given to all of him from all of me!

    55 years ago, my exact same thoughts if ever uttered, would have sentenced me to hell.

    Not that hell aint that bad, I mean I am on-line and have TV and a full fridge.


    This line is precious and I just now 'received it'!

    Great piece, Richard!  
    Thanks for all the research. I can use it.

    Oh Eric...

    I was just about to go back to your blog for the fourth time, I mean you do real history.

    You write with real documentation.

    This is all silly stuff.

    It just takes me awhile to even take in your histories.

    Jeeeeeez, how many youth even comprehend what you are writing about?

    My kids grew up with the discussions about FDR and Coolidge, and how many people really understand that Hoover had so little to do with the Great Depression? You find yourself in office for six months (in those days) and the entire system collapses?

    Oh well, enough of that, I love reading you and I am astonished that you take the time to read me.

    You are the real writer of course, I mean you get paid for what you write, and I understand why.

    You have a good weekend. You already insured that I will have a gooooood weekend.

    No snark here. hahahahah


    I had totally forgotten how much fun this place can be...Thank you for reminding me! Heeheehee! 


    I have been going through so many blogs lately.


    Of course, you know, I had a lot of cough syrup as Oxy likes to point out from time to time.

    On the other hand, I am attempting to defrost the fridge, since my son will show up in two weeks. hahahahha

    And that attempt is not that easy.

    I must remain independent. hahahahah

    the end


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