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    Hell, my dad died on Mars. Hahahah

    I was a conciliation court judge in my mid twenties.

    A mentor of mine sent me down to sign up.

    The gig was once a month and I received 70 bucks for my time.

    Now you have to remember that in those days an 800 square foot home cost $250/month and being an incompetent that was a lot of money.

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    We Might Need (smart) Black Conservatives

    I firmly believe the two party system, as it currently exists, lacks the ability and will to structurally better the lives of everyday people. Much of my critique revolves around the grotesque amount of money in politics and the corporate media's failure to accurately report on economic, political, and social events. The democratic component of our republic has been circumvented, and we (as a nation) need an intellectual awakening (or reawakening) to recover it. Since it would be virtually impossible to remove money from politics or make the corporate media do it's job, I'm led to believe a few moderate changes could lead us down the road to a higher political discourse. One of these ideas is to embrace "authentic" black conservatives. The "authentic" is an appropriation of a thesis offered by Chidike Okeem (a writer and conservative commentator). Chidike calls for authentic black conservatives to push back against the "artificial" black conservatives who parrot talking points given to them by the conservative media noise machine.

    Regime Change and Precedent

    After all the screaming about Bush's botched trumped-up war in Iraq, looks like the left is getting its own takedown in Libya - with the rise of ISIS, inability to form a stable government, oil wealth not covering all the expenses - our over-optimistic fantasies of the future by overthrowing Qaddafi seem horridly misguided 3 years later. Somalia on the Mediterranean is our new dystopian future. After pride comes the fall.

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    Crowdfunding. Has anyone done it?

    I was curious if anyone here has had any experience crowdfunding a project?  I was hoping I could get some first hand accounts from people I am acquainted with.

    Have a project going into launch Monday and if it fails it will only be because we didin't learn enough to make it work.  

    I kind of remember that there was some but it's been a while.  

    If you have experience, I would love to hear from you.  

    Thanks.  Synch

    A Message to You, Rudy

    Rudy Giuliano is the son of an organized crime enforcer for loan sharks and gamblers who spent time in Sing Sing for felony assault and gambling - as the great Casey Stengel said, "you can look it up".

    How Giuliano then gets to lecture Obama on his Hawaiian upbringing is anyone's guess, but yes, Rudy - Obama wasn't raised like you - his idea of "Family" doesn't equal "Mafia".

    Pass it on.

    Can America reach a new equilibrium?

    If our current political deadlock, amplified by the market forces of technology and capitalism are projected without modification into the future, a world of extreme inequality, overwhelming local taxes and religiously contrived restrictions on personal behavior awaits us. The invention of cheap and home made weapons including drones, 3-D printed guns, and cyber blackouts will make an ever angry electorate turn more violent.

    3-D Printer walks into a bar


    "You the plumber printer?", the bar tender asked.

    "Yeah, where are the restrooms?"

    "Down the hall, on the left side", the bar tender said, "I need six plungers."

    "Six?---they told me four", the printer sputtered, "I've gotta go back to the truck and get another spool of resin."

    Sitting at my neighborhood bar in a dystopian society on the banks of the Mississippi I sensed the irony that a vestige of plumber ethos embodied in a common printer could serve as the day's chief remembrance of the distant world which had existed prior to the Missouri Printed Gun and Sex Bot Compromise.

    I am morally humiliated. How 'bout you?

    Chris Matthews says that the American People are morally humiliated when, in Syria, ISIS burns an allied pilot alive, or in Libya a gang not actually part of the Islamic State (but soi-disant nonetheless), beheads 45 Egyptians for being Christian.

    And that's before today's episode in Iraq, where some captured members of the Iraqi government forces were burned alive.

    There is not a moment's introspection into the monstrous hubris this entails.  

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    Evil-Doers Are Not Determined By Race - They're Determined By The Power and Opportunity To Do Evil

    Evil-Doers Are Not Determined By Race - They're Determined By The Power and Opportunity To Do Evil
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    Judge Hanen Has Issued an Injunction Against Obama's Immigration Action

    US Federal Judge Andrew Hanen is of the US District Court in Brownsville, Texas and was appointed by George W. Bush, has issued an injunction against the President until the case has made it's way through court.  Twenty-six states have filed this case stating that the President have over stepped his authority on immigration action.  These are Republican held states. The injunction was just filed yesterday.

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    It's Time To Enact A Workers' Bill Of Rights - And Boot out Any Politician Who Refuses To Go Along

    The American people have been sold a bill of goods. We've allowed the one-percenters to convince us that completely unrestrained capitalism (or greed) is "the American way." Says who, the one-percenters? The "American way" should be what's good for America, not just a handful of industrialists, political cronies, and Wall Street manipulators.
    Think about the average American's response to the word "socialism." Corporatists have conditioned us to revile even the mention of  of the word. Most Americans react to it like Count Dracula reacts to a cross. We've been so thoroughly conditioned that it's used as a pejorative to slur President Obama.  It conjures up images of dictators, Red China, the former Soviet Union, the government taking over our lives, and the loss of freedom, but it doesn't actually mean that at all. What it actually means is giving the average citizen a fair shake and not stacking the deck against them by promoting unfettered greed.

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    State Senator Thomas Corbin a repub from SC DOES NOT LIKE WOMEN MUCH.

    I mean Eve was just a rib, a piece of meat as are all women.

    Is this guy still sexually active or does he just pay for a piece of that meat once in awhile?

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    We Deserve Scott Walker

    (NOTE: I originally posted this as comments accompanying a link submitted to the "In the News" section. But in retrospect, I think this deserves its own blog post.)


    Point to ponder:
    "State taxpayers are footing the bill for this junket, which isn’t doing a damn thing for Wisconsin’s economic prospects but merely making Walker the laughingstock of England."

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    The Biggest Economic Issue Republicans Are Ignoring

    How does a producer decide whether to employ additional units of a resource? This question is posed in the 6th edition of a textbook titled "Economics: Private and Public Choice". We (the collective labor force) have been reduced to "units of a resource".

    Another election cycle is upon us, and the crowded field of Republican candidates are pushing the same truncated arguments from past elections. “It will be different this time." “If we stick to our conservative principles we can't lose.” Tragically, most of the solutions they offer don't address the root cause of many of our socioeconomic problems. The labor force (at all levels) has been relegated to being nothing more than an appendage. That's a systemic problem that no one on the right is going to address.

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    President Obama Made an Awesome BuzzFeed Video

    He is really a cool President. He made a BuzzFeed video that came out yesterday.  He has done more to reach out to us on the Internet and pave the way for future Presidents to connect with the people.  Last month he did you tube interview with young you tube stars.  He really looks like he was enjoying himself.  Ha also look like he was having fun last month too.

    The video was about everything everyone does but don't talk about. It is to promote the dead line coming up for signing up for ACA.  Thanks Obama for the ACA.  

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    Raising The Minimum Wage Only Treats Symptoms

    In theory it would be easy to raise the minimum wage and help millions of people in poverty. There is, however, a consequence that comes with doing this: a small percentage of those who need the most help would be hurt as some jobs would be reduced or eliminated. There's enough Prima facie evidence for us to admit that low wages and depressed living standards are a structural part of our economy. Many industries are dependent on a supply of low skilled and immobile labor. I'm not sure if we can untangle the necessity for human suffering from our economic equation.

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    L.N.Tolstoy Prokudin-Gorsky.jpg



    (I found this quite by accident; a day late and a dollar short!)

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    Raynard Jackson: The Cluelessness Of Black Republicans

    Raynard Jackson, Republican Activist

    I've always maintained that I've never met a Black conservative who wasn't either ignorant, self-serving, lacked character, or all three. Here's proof of that:

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    Articles About Race Part 3 Reality Television and Black Women

    In part two I focused on the psychological war being waged by some inside the black community. I intentionally avoided discussing issues related specifically to black women. The level of disrespect they deal with is deserving of its own discussion. I know black men who have never dated a black woman; they love the women in their family, but look to other races to find a mate. I know black men who show outward animosity, if not contempt, towards black women. I often wonder; If black men don't value black women why should anyone else?

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    Take me out to the (fixed)ball game

    Imagine a world series which was fixed. Not by the players  ("say it ain't so, Joe") but- much more efficiently-  by the umpires.

    Which is what was happening in the run up to the Financial Crisis.

    That's the conclusion to be drawn from the $1.5 Billion Standard& Poor's settlement.

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    A Message To White America: Black People Can Teach You A Lot If You’d Just Listen

    It’s funny how ideas about articles come about. Sometimes they just seem to walk up to you and knock on your door, and they’re so simple and obvious that it’s almost as if they’ve been suggested by the universe. The idea for this article was one such occurrence. If the subject matter had been a mugger it could have robbed me blind.
    I recently ran into a guy at the supermarket who came up and introduced himself as I was loading my goodies into the car. He said that a friend of his pointed me out and told him that I was Eric Wattree, and he wanted to tell me that while he didn’t always agree with me, he loved reading my articles because he appreciated the "outside of the box" insight that I bring to many issues. Then he went on to say the following:


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