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    Stratofrog Passes

    Dear Friends and Acquaintances, My partner of 20 + years and spouse, Kelly (aka Stratofrog), finally laid down her burdens early this morning at 2:30am. She went through an heroic end on her own terms after fighting a brief but bitter battle with an inoperable brain cancer. She shared her love and warmth with many and those who called her friend almost always formed a deep and lasting bond. She loved the best in each of us without judgment.

    Kelly was a musician, poet, and artist and what she loved the most was her family and most particularly, her children Josh and Cory. She will be missed but not forgotten as she has left her imprint on our hearts.

    Many of you already expressed beautiful sentiments in my earlier post and I shared them all with her several times. To say she was touched would be an understatement.


    Peace be with you! And strong rich memories.

    end on her own terms: something to be very proud of, not at all easy in the current system.

    Such very sad news. My deepest thoughts are with you. Jan Maugans

    I suspect she will be keeping an eye out from the stratosphere at least, not as close as you'd like, but closer than might be - thus out of sight not equal out of mind. Glad she managed this transition like a trooper, and I hope the pain for either of you was at least bearable. Dignity and honor, that's about the best we can hope for. Chin up for now I hope - will be some tough times I'm sure, but at least sounds like you've all had a good example. Best & internet love, y vaya con dios, SF. Des/PP

    I always appreciated Strato.


    I shall miss her.

    She knew how to question things without automatic obeyance.

    I shall miss her.

    I'm so sorry, Rowan. I'm touched that Kelly's friends at dagblog were able to provide some comfort before she left us, and I'm glad that she had so much love around her. We'll miss her.

    All our love, Rowan.

    Love love love. 

    All you need is Stratolove. 


    Much sad, much sad. But, good, too, really. There is goodness in walking on from this existence, there is renewal. Not for us, but for Strat it's a whole new chance. Find some peace, Rowan. And don't be a stranger here.   ~flowerchild

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