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    "They took over the airports", If you think your script says that, don't blurt it out!

    As if to minimize his moronic display, explanations of Trump's July 4th encomium to the rag tag rebels of 1775 has been attributed to "trouble reading the teleprompter"...





    I submit to you that the trouble is located squarely under the orange atrocity that passes for Trump's hair.


    No thinking person non-demented  person could mouth this nonsense in a speech, whatever epistemological burden had been imposed by the intervention of raindrops.


    The trouble is in the processor, not the video feed...




    I adore this! America, what a country!

    Whole meme reminds me, what this enquiring mind really wonders about: how come the JFK Saarinen terminal doesn't look equally anachronistic to most people? It's more than half a century old. Yet now it's been made it into a hotel which is the height of global elite hipsterness. People can't let go of the space age/spaceship theme as "futuristic" even though it's really the past? Trump has always had sense of "populist" memes (however poor at using them because it's all turned towards the narcissism) and hence he goes after a "space force".

    What's Trump's fav part of the Terminal? Duty Free, I'd assume - like John Wayne, the jingle jangle of his (bone) spurs. Concorde Hill hasn't been the same since the French discontinued supersonic Atlantic flights. 

    Bringing up Duty Free strikes me as an interesting meme. Why do most duty free shops seem to mostly sell stuff that Donald and Melania would think "classy"? What is that all about? Trump is like the ultimate Hammacher Schlemmer customer.

    Conspicuous consumption, endless searching for status symbols, poor taste paired with overcompensation thru accepted brands... it's a well-trodden niche.



    Spoils of War: General Washington presents Congress with duty free rum cake acquired at the Air N Go gift shop during the Battle of Newark Airfield:

    from Defeat of Revolutionary War Airports Lead to Ease of Passage For Lewis & Clark Expedition by Teddy Meadowlark @, July 5, 2019, scholarly article lavishly illustrated with two other important historical paintings and archival Lewisgram!)

    (The site's motto is "Digging up all things North Dakotan" and is self-described as "a satirical news site". Deserves more traffic!)

    OK, I never have luck posting stuff like this, but here goes:


    Mick Jagger, at Gillette Stadium last night: 


    “If only the British had held on to the airports, the whole thing might have gone differently for us.”



    Oh thank you! I am in love again, they are the best, just the best, the wry humor included, old and crochetedy but still the best evah!

    I caught the Steel Wheelchairs Wheels tour, my first (and thus far only, but we live in hope) Stones gig, and (disclaimer: it might'a been the shrooms..) they were GREAT!

    I remember Lennon sneering about them holding on touring as "The Rolling Bones" some 4 decades ago, but oddly there's probably no old band that thrills me to keep going except the Rolling Stones - and probably it's just Mick - the rest would have snuffed themselves to death long ago. He still carries that grade school enthusiasm.

    Sneering at musicians who make musical choices that Lennon disagreed with was his thing. He was always kinda a dick.

    Sorry, this is John Lennon we're talking about - you're just discovering who he is? And isn't occasionally nice to hear opinions rather than "he's great/she's great" endorsements? I doubt Dylan or Jagger lost much sleep over his comments, and doubt they wouldn't party it up the next time they saw each other. People weren't always so tender, and oddly enough it was a time when Lennon was doing all his therapy so looking at everything. And people were always asking his opinion, so guess he gave it.

    I know who we're talking about. You seem upset. Are you just discovering who he is, fan boy.

    "Lennon was always kind of a dick" is kinda up there with "MLK was always kind of black".
    If it ended there, it would've been quite the disappointment.

    But seems even Mick can't stand these old men still trying to relive their youth - has he lost his edge?

     the rest would have snuffed


    I dunno...there is the commonplace trope "It's time we gave some thought to the world we are going to leave to Keith".

    When they said the only survivors of a nuclear war would be cockroaches, you didn't think that out clearly, didya?

    A generation or so ago they were designing Pirate characters around Keith - now it's Tales From the Crypt.

    As long as he has 2 hands for the guitar and 2 lips for the cigarette, that's the way it's gonna be. I suspect there'll be a philosophical end-of-life decision to pull the tube based exactly on these criteria [if there's a cadaver-like figure of Keith that can't even smoke but can still repetitively hit the 1st chord(s) of Honky Tonk Woman for months, does he really exist? or is it time?]

    The craggy-faced "been around the block some" thing was part of their appeal from the getgo. It was part of their appeal from the getgo that they were not fresh faced boys. The Dave Clark Five, The Beach Boys or The Beatles could not do Paint It BlackGimme Shelter or Sympathy for The Devil.  Hard to synch playing heavy-blues/soul-influenced rock with nubility, youth and innocence.  So it not so much a surprise that the gig still fits their advanced age as long as they can move--that's the "rock n/roll" part. As for the blues/soul part, more's the better the more life experience. I.E., nobody complained B.B. King or Aretha was too old.

    P.S. The humor, though, that's Brit. And being a person that has always taken delight in cross-cultural oddities, I have always loved that they are a Brit version of all of the above.

    The Lennon interview parrots (sorry, Monty) all of that - while everyone was stuck on Pat Boone or Jan & Dean, there was this pack of Lennon and Jagger and Eric Burdon (Animals) etc. And Lennon notes that while they messed up that cleanness in America (and notes Chuck Berry as being a roughneck outcast wildboy even for black audiences, too crazy rock 'n roll), he also notes the British public was no better - just he and his mates were in their own bubble. (Herman's Hermits? really?)

    Story of a historical elderly badass to tie the whole thread together:

    Honky Tonk Woman, 50 yrs ago today

    Didn't they do a song called "Cockroach Blues" or something similar?

    but how about this one, sooo appropriately titled:

    Maybe it work out for Biden too, contra Michael's title? Mick is 75 and Joe is 76, just sayin'

    Uggh, my head just exploded a little bit, trying to fit Biden & Jagger in the same photo.

    But a more realistic assessment:


    How Joe wants to be thought of (like those ol' Obama days...):


    But if he's looking for his target demo, esp. after those last polls, I think this one has it pegged:


    Great singing, but this is obviously before Tina Turner showed him how to move, lol

    "You don't move your lips / you just move your hips / Doin that hip shake thang"

    Putin's Red Square,

    reflecting Donny's blank stare,

    gave truth to the lie,

    that a brain was still there......

    I am reminded of Jose, can you see? Your poem is far better, tho.

    Crazytown, no one manning the spin room:

    I wouldn't laugh til we check with Han Solo - if you recall, he was also on Aircraft One. And fought his way out, I might add (unlike Joe Biden).

    Does one, in fact, ram a rampart? 


    I ask as one utterly innocent of military experience, yet I confess to a vague inkling from somewhere that a rampart is that crenelated thing around a castle tower, from which, (with any luck) one tosses hot oil n stuff on a besieging force, who might attempt to CLIMB the rampart with one of those ladders that I remember being loaded with orcs in the Tolkein movies.

    In Trump reality, you can ram ramparts now that Trump said it as if it is a thing. I just read this piece on topic by Phillip Bump @ WaPo, interestingly points out how Trump screwed up a lot of the speech, how this is common for him, how he confuses things and then often adds the correct version as an add-on to his mistake. And in the process making it seem like it wasn't a mistake. And then the staff will also come out and support that it wasn't a mistake, rather, it's the new Trump version, better. End message: this is God speaking, he doesn't make mistakes.

    [....] This is Trump’s approach. In speeches in particular, he will often misspeak and, instead of retracting what he said, will just say the proper thing afterward. He’ll generally include the word “and” as though both the incorrect and correct words were supposed to be in his remarks. Like, “it’s raining cats and frogs . . . and dogs.”

    We are not the first to notice this.

    This inability to admit misstatements has no more extreme example than his infamous “covfefe” tweet from 2017. Late one night that May, Trump tweeted, “Despite the constant negative press covfefe.” He’d obviously meant to write “coverage” and, instead of deleting the mistake, accidentally hit send.

    But his administration swung into action defending the word as intentional [....]

    They have gone so far as to edit videos, viz, the infamous "I don't see why it wouldn't be" (Russia interfering with the election) was redone, and now there are numerous false videos seamlessly constructed to have him saying "I don't see why it would be".  Once in a while the fraud draws comment, but all too often it is simply run as provided by the White House hasbara office.

    You can ram a rampart and butt a buttress, neither being sound military approaches to breaching a breachhold, but if you have a gamechanger, like the Turks' Orban Cannon, you just might try something new.

    The subtle issue here was the ramparts were *ours* - we were the defending power on home turf, ramming our own ramparts illuminated under whatever rockets red glare would indeed seem peculiar - maybe just caught up in the Technoparty atmosphere and excitement? the Brits were in boats coming up the Potomac trying to get through defenses (and by burning the White House you might say they did in fact partly succeed, though it's not noted whether they gave a useless speech on the Mall in the rain with the Union Jack and British tanks afterwards - why they didn't take Reagan International is still unknown, but for sure the flight delays at Dulles and extra airport charges would have made it a poor choice, and I'm pretty sure BWI hadn't been built then).

    I suspect that the "ramming" thing piqued his interest implicating, perhaps, an innovative "frottage", combining aggression and "parts"...who knows"?

    You mean his basic instinct reared its ugly head? Boys will be boys. Sometimes.

    Maybe he was just thinking about fighting the Brits again? (Edit to add: I love the facial expression on the picture of him they used here, the kind of thing tabloid media does best.)

    Oh boy. Britain's man in the the US says Trump is 'inept' and potentially compromised by “dodgy Russians”—Cables from ambassador say he is 'dysfunctional'

    — Natasha Bertrand (@NatashaBertrand) July 6, 2019

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