Time for an Emmett Till Photo In 2019

    Nothing is going to change despite the multiple mass murders due to high powered weapons. The country is numb. The NRA is still in control. What could turn the tide? In 1955, the mother of Emmett Till allowed photographs of her murdered son appear in the media. She wanted the world to see what happened to her child. It helped energize the modern Civil Rights movement. Perhaps a photograph of a person slain by a high capacity or other high powered weapon would force a change. Maybe the country would still remain unchanged in forcing changes in gun laws.

    Our President says that background checks would not have changed anything. Obviously, background checks are not a cure all, but it is a start. High capacity magazines deserve attention as well. Something needs to provide a spark. Sandy Hook should have been the turning point, but it wasn’t.

    Link to pictures of Emmett Till from the funeral home


    Link to HuffPost classic article “What Bullets Do to Bodies” (includes postop photos)


    Link to Business Insider article about the children murdered at Sandy Hook (with photos while alive)




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